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  • Are wake-boarding boats bearable for fishing/cruising?

    So I am looking to fish/wakeboard from a boat with a 50/50 time split. My gut feeling is that wakeboarding puts more requirements on a boat so must get a boat for this and adapt to make comfortable for fishing e.g canopy, floor mats etc.

    However, are such boats any good for cruising over say 10km to reach islands or are they unbearable out at sea?

    My other option would be to get say a 17ft fishing boat with a >100hp motor and somehow add a wake pole/tower?

    Any experience would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Car Chirpy sound only under acceleration in gear - Toyota Vitz?

    Hi all,

    So my Toyota Vitz makes a 'chirpy' sound when under acceleration/strain in gear. in Neutral nothing. when travelling at a constant speed nothing and when gentle acceleration nothing.

    When accelerating hard, just of idle revs and I think when cold is when its most exagurated.

    Similar sound to this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Any ideas - it doesn't sound like a belt slipping squeek its even more 'chirpy' than that video....

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  • Nz japan car import tips?

    So I am looking for a newish lowish milage small car and it seems Japan imports are plentyfull for this.

    Any tips of what to check? I.e I have heard about a point system (4.0+ seems good) . also heard about radiation concerns... Anyone had experience?

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  • Nz japan car import tips?

    So I am looking for a newish lowish milage small car and it seems Japan imports are plentyfull for this.

    Any tips of what to check? I.e I have heard about a point system (4.0+ seems good) . also heard about radiation concerns... Anyone had experience?

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  • Recommendations for small cars in NZ ($8k budget)?

    My partner is looking for a car ideally max of 10 years old, 150K clock.

    I note a lot of (automatic??) imports (Toyota Vitz, Honda Fit) etc come up and hear good things about the Honda reliability....

    Any tips/suggestions?

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  • Any reason to avoid imports/automatics on small hatchbacks?

    So.. my partner and I are from the UK so the issue of import vs NZ new and large amount of automatics is new to us.

    My partner is looking for a car up to ten years old, lowish millage (150K).

    From a quick look the Honda Fit (Jazz), Mazda Demio, Suzuki Swift and Toyota Vitz (Yaris) come up tops in the price/age/milage bracket.

    Is there any reason to avoid imports/automatics 0 neither of which we would have considered in the UK but seem to flood the market here?

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  • rear wheel bearings whirring noise from 10mph+ Vauxhall Agila?

    Vauxhall Agila 40,000 miles, 8 years old.

    Whirring/humming noise appears to come from the rear right, can be heard from 10mph+

    My first thought was bearings, although no popping/clonking noises just a high pitched whirr.

    Jacked the corner up, no play in the wheel - so perhaps not bearings?

    Although I didn't rotate as I don't have the jack necessary to lift both rear wheels....

    Any ideas?

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  • Mazda 323 1996 possible leak between master cylinder and booster - causes?


    I have just taken my car for a WOF update. They failed it as they noticed a slight leak between the master cylinder and the booster. Its only tiny amounts and looks mostly dry now. The car has been used for a year with no issues, its certainly not loosing much fluid, I just had a few questions on this:

    1)Any way to definitely tell its brake fluid - I know its likely as its in the general area but its all around the seal evenly not just out the bottom and also the cars pretty messy under the bonnet and the leak is so small.

    2) Does it definitely mean a bad master cylinder, or if the brake pads were previously replaced could the push back pressure have caused this small leak?

    3) its an old car (1996) would a part from a wreck do, if not how easily can you get new/re manufactured parts in NZ any supplier suggestions?


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  • Car insurance for 5 weeks - where from at a good price?

    I know Google will happily direct me to tons of crappy comparison sites, but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a cheap car insurance in the UK for around 5 weeks. 28 days offered by many temp companies is slightly too short and probably too expensive, as is a year policy!

  • Slow gas flow - could there be a leak?

    When the gas hobs haven't been used for an hour or so, when I turn the gas on, it takes a while,sometimes 10-20 seconds to flow.

    No smell but I wonder if there is an undetected leak the other side of the gas valve, such that it has to build up pressure before it flows?

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  • Oil at throttle body air inlet vauxhall agila 07 limp home mode?

    The car was functioning normally with no obvious issues. On the next journey the engine starts in limp home mode with the engine light on. A mechanic reset the warning system as he believed it was due to debris floating about from a recent fuel and oil system clean. However the next day the same thing has happened, was driving fine, turned engine off, on next restart its stuck in this mode.

    Disconnecting the battery for a day did not reset the warning light, its permanent until a tool resets it seems, unless on each start the fault is detected.

    I got an error code of 1523 from the computer which from a google relates to throttle sensors. From a quick look I can see some oil present at the air inlet on the throttle body (EGR stuck open?)

    There were other error codes but they might of been historic as they don't reappear after the battery was cut.

    Any ideas?

    More details which may help if you have the patience to read more:

    So... a month or so ago a fuel system and oil system clean was performed by a garage as part of a service, I'm not entirely sure what that included.

    Recently the car has had a couple of breakdowns the the first time the engine management put the car in 'limp home mode' a mechanic noted the thermostat wasn't opening, so the radiator was not being used and overheating occurred. This was replaced and the car worked again.

    A month later the engine light came on again and it was once again in limp home mode. The mechanic assumed it was due to debris/gunk floating around because of the cleaning that had been performed, so cleared the error and the car worked again.

    It then failed again (car works for hours/miles, but at next re-start the limp mode is engaged).

    I got an error code readout using a 'pedal trick' and several error codes were present (1523,0443,0403,0135,0141,1113) but I didn't know which ones were historic. These apparently relate to O2 sensor heater, throttle sensors, evaporative emissions control system. I wonder if these have been generated due to a wiring fault or if they were historic, I assume over years of use you expect the odd error to collect up.

    I disconnected the battery for a day and on reconnect the engine light is still on so some fault is obviously detected at start up or stored in memory, but now the only stored error code is the most recent one 1523 which from a google relates to the throttle sensors.

    After a quick look under the bonnet, there is oil at the air inlet of the throttle body, could this be due to the EGR being broken/stuck open?

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  • Is slack fishing line a problem - is it because I don't have enough weight?

    After trying surf casting I noticed my line continually became slack a few seconds after making the line tight. I assumed this was because my rod is too small to cast outside of current.

    I then tried casting from rocks at a river mouth and the same thing happens.

    Does it matter if the line is slightly slack (curved between rod end and water)?

    Is this because I am not using enough weight?

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  • Few Beginner fishing questions?

    So I have recently taken an interest in fishing and want to get started in the Napier area. I am not sure of the costs involved but would like to spend around $100 if possible.I will likely fish probably once a month for a few hours or so...

    I am considering fishing in the mouth of the river from a wharf point, or anywhere else within say 15min car journey from Napier.

    I ultimately am looking to cook and eat the fish I catch, so just the tasty ones to keep.

    What setup would people advise - bear in mind my knowledge is limited for this. I noticed in Kmart there are a range of rod/reels for around $50 with varying sizes. I'm not sure what significance the rod size has or if these rods are even acceptable for a beginner.

    I also don't know what weight/hook/float to get - apparently there are Gurnard, KY and lemons in the area...

    Lastly but probably most important, what license, if any do I need to sit at the river mouth/sea and drop a line out for a couple hours or so a month?

    Any help gratefully received.

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  • Metallic Squeal on hard turns in one direction, Mazda 323?

    On a 94 Mazda 323, if you turn hard (fully) right and drive forwards slowly there is a metal on metal type squeal from the front left wheel - almost as you would hear running your finger around a wine glass. This is the only way the sound is made. Not in reverse, not at speed, not in a left turn, not if stationary. This is occasionally a slight 'rattle' when turning a slight right at a more considerable speed but again probably only 10mph or so - bearings???

    Any ideas?

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