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bruce b

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A strange animal for sure, enigmatic, comedic...great looking guy 54 years old and is on a holding pattern of 12.5 maturity..they say I look 35, so hey talk to me anytime I make a good friend but am hard to keep..must have at least a double digit IQ and be spelling tolerant because why does it matter if the point is made..and why else did someone develop spell if it matters I like politics( I would hate Bush, Harper and Blair if I did not pity the fools they be), mountain trekking and moderate climbing, skiing, biking, anything nuts to be sure..ride the amusement park rides forever and will jump from anything with water to backpack and stay in hostels..did it for 3 months in 05 and am off as soon as the weather clears and my toes warm up..bye and I love to hear from anyone/everybody..especially younger.. if you are looking to emigrate, well Canadians cannot sponsor and if you are looking for money or a ticket relax I am bye ounce again...Bruce