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  • What Peter Kay act is this ?

    It's like set back in the 60s like a little chips in his episodes guys has a family his daughters boyfriend comes to the door he threatens him calls him a wet coat or something like that and the boyfriend says to his daughter I will get you at the bottom of the street and Peter Kay's character says to him Al be down their in 5 mins to knock your teeth out and another one he gets a pet trurle and it escapes from its incloser and knocks down over somthing and Peter Kay says you naughty b+stard yeah you better's silly but I find funny

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  • How can I make it work with my BPD girlfriend I love her we got back together?

    She also has bipolar with broke up back in January we were together 3 month and we started talking again I went to her house I asked her if she ever loved me and told her why I didn't tell her who I truly felt she told me she still loved me we got back together I told her I'm not after sex and she didn't have to do anything till she is ready she said I could sleep on the couch then changed her mind we slept in the same bed I stayed a few nights I am in hospital she said I should vist her soon when I get out my dad is the only visitor covid19

    When we first were together I did everything to make her feel special and loved but she told me when because I was too nice she backed off and then I was a little bit angry I let her know I made her feel guilty I know not to play the blame game 

    I mailed her letting her know if she needs space then it's fine I will let her come to me I let her know today I'm not going to get upset I know she is trying and has took some big steps and I will give her all the time she needs she has been through alot her dad died a few month ago and he hit her raped her and mental abused her too she said he was not a monster all the time and he was not bad to her all the time she self harms too like scars on her arms belly but I don't care about the scars I love her scars don't turn me off and don't tell me to walk away I'm the guy that always learns the hard way I just need to not worry or think about her all the time just she is sensitive very 

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  • How can I stop being so jealous?

    I'm a jealous guy and I love my girlfriend but on facebook I she uploads a picture herself or if she uploads a picture of her dog I'm looking to see how has liked it and then I'm looking in guys profiles I don't even know I just think she's the most beautiful girl in the world and someone better than me will steal her off me one day she's amzaming I have gotten jealous with exes when I was with them

    I'm not going to accuse her of cheating because I know she's like that just she has boardline personitly disorder but I know if I accuse her again and again that will push her away 

    What I'm asking how can stop being jealous

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  • My girlfriend has boarderline personility disorder how can I make it work?

    Right we just got back together and at first she done things that hurt my feelings I made her feel guilty I just thought if I was honest it would be best because if I pretended it didn't hurt then she would think I didn't love her she's been through alot and I'm not gonna play the blame game she also has bipolar I love her I know she's a little messed up but she's not a bad person

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  • Can people end up with schizophrenia or are they born with it?

    I was up all night drinking and taking coke and then I was up all day drinking I was at a friend's house I was down the stairs I thought someone the police were going to get me and kill me because I knew a secert and I hided out someone's back door all night I jumped and broke both my angles I'm in hospital my uncle has schizophrenia and ADHD Bipolar and BPD. I have ADHD I think someone might have spiked me with acid or legal high I ran away without my shoes and left my phone my friend said I took his back door key I but when I was taking cocaine that was the night before

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  • What to say to my girlfriend with BPD?

    We dated for 3 month we hurt each others feeling and I hurt her and made her feel guilty and I have learned not to play the blame game and we got back together on Sunday last time I had contact with her she said she was depressed and didn't want to live anymore she told me that over text I text her back saying I am always here for her to support her and told her she has a lot to live for she hasn't gotten back to me 

    Her friend told me to give her space and let her come to me but I'm in hospital

    I love the girl she broke my heart once I didn't understand as much as I do now 

    Also I'm in hospital I nearly broke my angle should I text her and let her know or just leave her alone I'm worried Incase she kills herself and what can I say to her to make her feel loved and cheer her up and also don't tell me she's broken lost and to walk away I love this girl she's my world

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  • Does she still want be with me she doe not know what she wants?

    I knew still I was 9 I bumpt into her 2 years ago we kissed and I chased and chased her I kissed more than once then she friendzoned and we stayed friends then she texted me asking if I would be her boyfriend didn't text back she called me the next day a told her I still wanted her we became a couple we met at a friend's house she was all over me then she went from hot too cold didn't want to talk to me or be anywhere near me then she sat next to me and we cuddled and then she went hot cold she was acting like she hates me she was talking cocaine and she thinks she is bipolar I dumped her that happened last night she called me today she said sorry for being nasty. I asked her if she still wanted to be friends or boyfriend and girlfriend she said she doesn't know I said well make up your mind if she doesn't want to be with me it's okay I would rather have her as a friend than not have her in my life atall also she told me her older cousin raped her when she was 12 years old I have feelings for at the start but I got over it but now those feelings have came back

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  • Can having sex with felmale friend ruin the friendship?

    Me and have kissed and dine other things but we never had sex I tried to get to be my girlfriend she friendzoned me but when I get a girlfriend she is interested in me she told me she doesn't know what she wants and told her older cousin sexual abused since she was 12 I have catched feeling for her but if we dated I don't thing it would work and she's liked since we were kids she asked me to be her bf but at that point in time I was friends im friends with now but she said she likes being treated badly off her ex boyfriends and I just want take her out and treat her right she still like mes but I don't want to lose her as a friend

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