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  • MSI Radeon HD 7870 not working when installed?

    Okay, it's been a long afternoon.

    My brother purchased an MSI Radeon HD 7870 to upgrade from his Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT.

    We have uninstalled the old Nvidia drivers, [we believe] installed the AMD Catalyst drivers (version 12.xx), and still cannot get it to work. When the computer is started with the new card in it, there is no image on the monitor.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what we are missing? We've hit a wall, and technical support is closed until Monday.

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  • Undefined reference, C++?

    When attempting to compile my program, I get an error of "undefined reference to search (char, int, int, int)'. Below is a portion of the program I am writing for my project, so any input on what I may have done wrong would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be my only issue right now with it, and it's anything like my last question it's an obvious mistake I'm missing.

    #include <iostream> // cin/cout

    #include <fstream> // stream

    #include <iomanip> // setw

    using namespace std;

    void search (char, int, int, int);

    int main ()


    int i = 0;

    int SIZE = 0;

    char numbers[50];

    int tally[50];

    int source, num;

    char file_name[16];



    cout << "Enter 1 for manual input from keyboard, 2 for reading from a file: ";

    cin >> source;

    } while (!((source == 1) || (source == 2)));

    if (source == 1) // keyboard




    cout << "Enter a number (99999 to end): ";

    cin >> num;

    search (numbers[i], tally[i], num, SIZE);

    } while (num != 99999);



    void search (char numbers[], int tally[], int target, int SIZE)


    int index = 0;

    bool found = false;

    while ((!found) && (index < SIZE))


    if (target == numbers[index])

    found = true;




    if (found)






    numbers[SIZE] = target;

    tally[SIZE] = 1;





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  • Character I/O for C++?

    So, I have a project that is baffling me. The code I've written works right for the most part. Input is taken from a designated file, lines are numbered, all of that run correctly. However, I cannot seem to understand how to have what is displayed on screen for the user sent to a designated file to be saved. Any input or any help to understand this would be greatly appreciated, as I have about 8 other projects to work on.

    #include <iostream>

    #include <fstream>

    #include <iomanip>

    using namespace std;

    ifstream in_stream;

    ofstream out_stream;

    int main ()


    char next;

    int line = 1;

    char in_file_name[16], out_file_name[16];

    cout << "Please enter filename to read from: ";

    cin >> in_file_name; (in_file_name);

    if ( ())


    cout << "Input file opening failed.\n";

    system ("pause");

    exit (1);


    cout << "Please enter file name to save to: ";

    cin >> out_file_name;

    if (


    cout << "Output file opening failed.\n";

    system ("pause");



    cout << "It worked!\n";

    output not saving to blank file

    cout << line << setw(3);



    while (! in_stream.eof())


    cout << next;

    if (next == '\n')



    cout << line << ":" << setw(3);





    cout << endl;

    in_stream.close ();

    out_stream.close ();

    return 0;


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  • Help upgrading/choosing power supply?

    So I am helping my roommate to start progressively upgrading his computer. We decided to start with the tower itself and power supply, as both currently contain fans that get to be (very) noisy with gaming and just running for extended periods. New fans and regular cleaning have not resolved this before you ask. :P

    Anyways, we purchased the Antec Nine Hundred mid-tower today that we will be using, and are looking for one around 600W to replace the 450W that there is currently. We are looking at the Corsair CX600M:

    If it matters, the graphics card will be next to be upgraded from something around 4 years old to most likely a GTX 660 (non-TI). Is there a better option for us for around the same price, or would this power supply be sufficient and reliable, as well as fit into the case properly?

    Thank you ahead of time. We're learning more as we go, and power supplies are still new to me.

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  • Potential Ebay/Paypal Dispute?

    So, forgive me if this is complicated, but I need insight. Ebay is the polar opposite of helpful.

    December 8th, my mom purchased a 10" tablet from a seller. We received it, it worked, everything was great. After about a month, it started having issues that the charger port was lose and wouldn't connect well. We were still able to charge it via USB, but there wasn't reason for the issue. We contacted the seller via their own website and they offered a replacement (I have this original conversation). The conversation stated a one-week turnaround.

    So, we ship it to them to be replaced. We sent it through UPS (only from California to Arizona) and it was signed for. A week went by and we heard nothing from the company. I contacted them again through their site, they claimed they were backed up in receiving, asked the tracking number, and said the replacement would be shipped in 3-5 days. Sadly, this conversation I didn't manage to keep.

    It's now been another week without hearing a word from the company. I finally decided to make a claim through Ebay in preparation for when I contact the company again Monday (no weekend service). I am completely unable to find the seller nor the listing in the archived purchases though it's still listed in the Paypal. As far as Ebay is concerned, the listing never existed and I am not able to place a claim. On top of that, it's now past the 45 day limit that they seem to allow claims to be filed.

    Backstory aside, does anyone have any input on what I can do about this? Is there a way to dispute this through Paypal without the missing Ebay listings? At this point, I'd be content with a refund, as they have the tablet and have had it for two weeks. Again, there has not been any contact from the company aside from my initiations.

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  • Opinion on MoBo upgrade?

    I have a computer than recently had the faulty motherboard replaced, and consequently the CPU as well. The problem with this was that the guy screwed us and downgraded the parts to ones nearly 10 years old and so the computer runs... well, badly. I'm looking to upgrade these parts (having my boyfriend do the actual work this time) and just need some input on what I've chosen. I'm not looking to make this computer great, I just want it up more up to date on a bit of a budget.

    For the new processor I'm going with this:

    I have a similar processor (A4-3420) in another computer and regardless that this is discontinued, I'm content with the price and that it will perform well enough for basic use.

    For RAM, I'd prefer going with 8GB:

    My concern mainly lies with the motherboard I choose. The original motherboard that was in the computer was an HP M2N78-LA (Viola) which was notorious for it's bad chipset:

    I'm not sure which motherboard of these two would be the better option compared to what the computer originally had in the first place. Again, not looking for great, just more up-to-date:


    Thanks for any input

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  • Opinion on changing my major?

    I'm a student in a California Community College, about halfway through my General Education. I've been pursuing transfer to Cal State San Bernardino for a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Up until tonight, I've been fairly certain about this major. While Business Administration degrees can be dime a dozen, they're generally a good fall back plan. However, that's admittedly exactly what this is; I more or less decided to pursue this simply due to lack of any other known interest.

    After a discussion with my boyfriend about my education, he brought up this fact (I never told him, it's just obvious), and asked suggested I change to something else. More specifically, he suggested Physics. Science has never really been my strong point (hated Biology), but math on the other hand is an absolute passion of mine. I also love learning constantly (nerd, I know), and having a future that gives me that privilege would be a dream, but I'm not sure if that's something a Physics degree can offer me.

    What I'm getting at is I want the opinions of other on this, namely because I have to do a near 180 with future classes to accommodate a change. Would this be really be something I could really enjoy, and should pursue instead?

  • Dual-core or Triple-Core?

    I recently had someone replace a burnt out motherboard, and replacement ended up being a outdated Intel mobo with the worst chipset on the face of the planet, and a pentium 4 to match. Long story short, I'm going to replace it AGAIN myself, with something better.

    I am going to install this motherboard:

    I am aware that I need a another processor as well, and have looked at AM3s, and cannot decide between a dual-core or triple. Would there be a noticeable difference in how the computer runs based on either of these processors?


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