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  • 2006 Impala issue with head lamps?

    I have an 06 Impala. I got in the car this evening and the headlamps would not turn on. I was able to get the brights on and drive home. There is no problem with anything else on the car. Everything else works just the headlamps. Anyone have any idea?

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  • Billingsley for Nelson Cruz, would you?

    I was offered My Chad Billingsley for his Nelson Cruz. 12 team H2H Starting five pitchers and 3 OFs and DH

    My other SP are Gallardo, Dan Hudson, Hellickson,Gio Gonzalez, Harang Chacin, and Bud Norris. My other OFs are Mike Stanton, Choo, Ichiro, Heyward and Tabata.

    My pitching has been awful with Billingsley over the last few weeks so I figure without him can't get much worse and I can just run out the best matchups. and with my OF I'm hurting with power so I can run Cruz out there instead of Stanton.

    What do you think?

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  • Adam Dunn, why is he rated so low?

    I'm in a 5X5 mixed league with OBP instead of Average. Am I overrating Dunn? I don't think he is as good as Pujols, Votto, Fielder, Cabrera, A Gone, but I would put him in the next group. We do an auction style draft and I think he can go for right around 24 bucks. Wouldn't I bet smart to get like Dunn for 24 or 25 and then spend money big at SS or at third? Am I wrong on this and just overrating Dunn because he will be much cheaper then the big name first baseman?

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  • B. Jackson, Welker and Jennings for Foster and A Johnson?

    Ten team league. We start two RBs, three WR and flex that can be either a RB/WR, which is typically a third RB.

    My RBs are

    M Turner

    L. McCoy

    B Jackson who starts in my flex











    I was offered A Foster and Johnson for Jackson, Welker and Jennings. I'm thinking about do it as I can replace Welker and Jennings with Collie and A. Johnson and Jackson with Foster. I think it is a good deal. Not worried about Johnson injuries. Seems to be same thing he deals with every year.

    What do you think?

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  • Randy Moss, Micheal Turner and Kevin Walter for Andre Johnson and Arien Foster?

    Ten team leage.

    We start Two RBs, three WRs and one flex that is typically a RB.

    My RBs are

    Brandon Jackson

    Michael Turner


    LeSean McCoy


    Clinton Portis


    Randy Moss

    Wes Welker

    Greg Jennings


    Michael Crabtree

    Kevin Walter

    Austin Collie

    The above trade is being offered and I didn't know what you think. I'm not a big fan of having both a WR and RB from the same team but I think I get better at WR and in my starting RB. I would prefer this other deal that is being kicked around

    Randy Moss, Kevin Walter and Brandon Jackson for Andre Johnson and Jamal Charles.

    Do you like the first deal? I think I'm going to do it.

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  • Moss and Brandon Jackson for Arien Foster and To?

    I play in a league where we start Two RBs, Three WRs and one Flex which can be either a RB/WR/TE so usually a team will start three RBs.

    My Three RBs are Michael Turner, Lesean McCoy, and Brandon Jackson with Clinton Portis on my bench.

    My three starting WRs are Randy Moss, Greg Jennings and Wes Welker and I have Michael Crabtree, Austin Collie and Kevin Welters on my bench.

    I was offered The about trade, Moss and Jackson for Foster and TO and I'm thinking about doing it. Not sure about Jackson, and I think I have enough depth at WR that I can afford to trade Moss.

    What do you guys think? Does this help my team?

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  • Two big trades. What do yout think?

    Ok, I play in a 12 team standard 5X5 Head to Head league with Keepers. I have been offered two trades.

    Dustin Pedroia for Justin Upton


    Jon Lester and Jason Kubel for Matt Holliday

    The first one is must do. Pedroia is my DH because I have Utley at second. So With Upton my OF would be Upton, Adam Lind and Matt Kemp.

    The second one is the one I'm debating about. We start 5 SP, but I have been starting Morales from Col as my 5th starter to get his Ks per nine and Saves. My SP are Lester, Gallardon, Nolaco and Weaver with Kuroda on my bench. I could move Kuroda into my SP. Sure I would lose Lester buy my starters are all still must start pitchers. Plus my lineup would have Fielder, Utley, Sandoval, Kemp, Lind, Holliday and Upton. If worse came to worse later in the year I would just trade one my OF for another starter.

    I have to do these two deals, right?

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  • Pedoria for Garza, is this a good deal?

    12 team H2H. Scoring of AVE, HRs, RBIs, RUNs, and SB. Wins, Kdper9, ERA,WHIP, saves.

    My lineup is

    C Montero

    1B Fielder

    2B Utley

    SS A. Escobar

    3B Sandoval

    OF Kemp

    OF Lind

    OF Kubal

    DH Pedoria

    SP Lester

    SP Gallardo

    SP Nolaco

    SP Weaver

    SP Morales(I use him here until Street comes back)

    SP Wagnor

    SP Nunez





    N. Feliz

    B. Gardner

    I would get Garza for Pedoria then mix and match my DH between Korneko and Gardner/Borbon. Would this be a fair trade? He would be my fourth or fifth starter and I'm not to worried about DH. What do you guys think?

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  • How loaded is this team with in a 12 team league? Loaded is the answer!?

    Catcher Miguel Montero

    1B Adrian Gonzalez

    2B Ian Kinsler

    SS Hanley Ramirez

    3B Ryan Zimmerman

    OF Shane Victorino

    OF Adam Jones

    OF Carlos Gonzalez

    DH Justin Morneau

    SP Clayton Kershaw

    SP Ricky Nolasco

    SP Matt Garza

    SP Roy Oswalt

    RP Rafael Soriano

    RP Billy Wagnor

    B Ben Sheets

    B Scott Kazmir

    B Chris Coglin

    B Corey Hart

    I have one other bench players, but I don't recall who he is. Tell me in a 12 team league that is a loaded team? My Infield is going to hit about 120 HRs, throw in my DH and I'm going to be pushing 150. My OF doesn't have any studs but I have two 20/20 guys at the as my 1 and 2 and between the other three one of them will be able to be usefull. My starters form a great bunch that are going to get alot of Ks and win some ball games. My closers are two studs. I don't see how I don't win this league. Loaded!

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  • Keeper Question in Salary baseball league?

    In my baseball league we can keep up to three players but we must add 5 dollars onto what they cost last year. Our Salary cap is 260 My best options are

    Prince Fielder, cost 28 to keep

    Matt Kemp, Cost 28 to Keep,

    Jayson Werth, Cost 12 to Keep.

    Victor Martinez, Cost 15 to Keep,

    Tim Lincecum, Cost 34 to keep

    Because of the great deals I have on Prince and Kemp, I have to keep them, but I'm torn on Vmart Werth or Lincecum. I think Lincecum is going to go for more then 34 but I also know every year there are quality pitchers out there I can get for cheaper. I think Werth will easly out perform his 12 dollar value, as well Vmart at 15

    I'm thinking Prince, Kemp, and Vmart at 71 bucks. Gives me a top 3 1B, top 3 OF, and top 3 Catcher plus leaves me money to spend on 3B or 2B which are shallow. What do you think?

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  • Can someone explain to me the set up of RW/RR Challenge The Ruins?

    Some friends and I are doing a fantasy league, but none of us saw the show, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how it is set up. I know there are two teams, how are the winners picked, by team or individual? Just an overall idea of how the game is set up and scored would be great. Thanks.

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  • Would you do this Fantasy Football trade? Includes Tom Brady.?

    I mean I clearly lose at QB, not WR.

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  • If there is a loss in an S-Corp how do you spread out the loss?

    If There are ten shareholders in an S-Corp, and one of them owns 90% of the shares, do you still spread out the lose between all 10, or does the 90% owner get more of the lose?

    Also, let's say that the loss is 100,000 can he pass all that through to the next year or is there a limit, perhaps even higher then 100,000?

    Not a homework question, just wondering.

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  • Would this trade improve my Fantasy baseballe team? Warning: Team is loaded!?

    12 Team HXH standard 5X5 scoring

    Here is my Lineup:

    C: Victor Martinez

    1B:Prince Fielder

    2B: Dustin Pedoria

    SS: Clint Barmes

    3B: Jorge Cantu

    OF: Matt Kemp

    OF: Nick Markakis

    OF: Jayson Werth

    DH: Mark Teixeria

    SP: Tim Lincecum

    SP:Roy Halladay

    SP: Joel Pinero

    SP: Matt Garza

    RP: David Aardsma

    RP: Francisco Rodriguez


    OF: Nyjer Morgan

    SP: Zack Duke

    SP: JA Happ

    SP: Clay Buckholz

    SP: Ricky Nolasco

    DL: Jose Reyes

    As you can see my team is pretty loaded. I'm in talks right now to acquire Felix Hernandez for Matt Kemp and Matt Garza. Is this a deal I should do? I have Morgan on my bench, who can start for anyone in the League, so I can put him in there for Kemp, and Garza is just a guy that isn't even a must start for me. I can go with my big three, Lincecum, Halladay and King Felix everyweek for the rest of the year, and then just mix and match with my other 5 SP for who ever has the best two starts that week.

    Is this a deal I should do? I think that with five pretty good pitchers on my bench, I can trade one of them and one of my OFs for a bigger power OF bat if it is needed later in the year.

    What do you think?

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  • Which of these two deals would you do? Fantasy baseball.?

    I get Josh Beckett

    I give Nick Markakis and Matt Garza

    We only Start four pitchers and getting Beckett my starting four would be Beckett, Matt Cain, Chad Billingsley and Tim Lincecum with Joel Pinero, Aaron Harang and Clay Buckholtz on my bench. Markakis has not been that good for awhile and I can slide in Hunter Pence to replace Markakis.


    I get Zach Duke, Cole Hamels, and Matt Kemp

    I give Matt Cain, Matt Garza, Nick Markakis and Hunter Pence

    Clearly I would hope that Hamels is better then Cain the rest of the year, Duke is better then Garza and Kemp is better then Markakis/Pence.

    Which one do you guys like better?

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  • Two deals, fantasy baseball what do you think?

    I give Wainwright and Dunn

    I get Texeria, Garza, and Harang


    I give Gain and Dye

    I Get Texeria, Garza and Lee

    I can use Tex as my DH, and move Pence into my OF to replace which ever OF I trade, but the Pitcher is what I'm caught up on. Which one is better. I'm leaning towards the first one, but it is close.

    Any help

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  • I need 3B help, would you do this deal?

    I get Mark Texeria, Matt Garza, and Aramis Ramirez

    I give Chad Billingsley and Adam Dunn

    We only start four pitchers, so that would leave my starts as Joba, Lincecum, Josh Joshnson and Garza, with Hanson, Clay Bucholz and Washburn on my bench.

    Currently I'm not getting a ton of power numbers, despite having a good lineup. I have Cantu at third. I think Dunn will put up numbers close to Tex so that will be a wash, and I can afford to lose Billingsley because I get Garza and I have still have a solid staff, but Ramirez is a huge plus over Cantu and if Cantu stays hot, I can always trade one of them for another SP later.

    The other offer is instead of Billingsley I put Johnson in, but right now I like Johnson more then Billingsley. What do you think, seems like a good deal to me.

    I would drop McCutchen from Pitt, but he would never play for me.

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  • Fantasy Baseball trade, would you do...?

    Corey Hart, Josh Beckett, and Mark Buehrle for Dye and Lincecum?

    I would be getting Beckett and Buehrle. I like this deal because I also have Billingsley and Josh Johnson, so I have two aces and I like getting solid number twos over 1 more solid 1. I think Dye and Hart is a toss up, but I really need some SB, and Hart will do more then Dye.

    What do you think?

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  • Fantasy Baseball trade. Am I giving up to much?

    I'm offering Josh Johnson, Adam Dunn, Jerome Dye, and Tommy Hanson

    I'm getting Matt Garaza, Cliff Lee and Mark Teixeira

    I don't like giving up Johnson, but we only start four pitchers and right now my issue is I don;t have a good fourth.

    Here would be my starting lineup if I did that trade:

    C:V Martinez

    1B: Prince Fielder

    2B: Dustion Pedoria

    SS: Clint Barmes(Jose Reyes if he ever comes back)

    3B: Jorge Cantu

    OF: Andrew McCutchen

    OF: Nick Markakis

    OF: Hunter Prince

    DH: Mark Teixeria

    SP: Matt Garaza

    SP: Tim Lincecum

    SP: Chad Billinglsey

    SP: Cliff

    This is a standard 5X5 12 team league.

    I really think I'm giving up to much, what do you guys think?

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  • Would you do this trade in Baseball?

    I get Papelbon and Matt Kemp for Dye and Georger Sherrill

    My closers are the worst part of my team and Kemp and Dye are pretty close, Dye is better. What do you think?

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