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  • Former Employer?

    I'm trying to sue my former employer for wrongfully terminating me in reference to my disability. I was only there for 3 weeks.

    I requested my personnel file in writing to my former employer. 

    They responded yes, no problem. 

    But then they asked me if by chance I could provide them with "all copies of text messages and e-mail communications" between my former supervisors and I during my employment.....

    Am I legally obligated to provide them with any information whatsoever?

    I highly doubt that I am but I want some reassurance. Why should I help them. 

    I have a feeling that they have come to realize that my "personnel file" is quite small, considering I was only there for a few weeks. Now they want documents from me to try to juice it up..

    I live in Illinois. Employer is also in Illinois.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you all.

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  • Wrongful termination/Retaliation ?

    I questioned my compensation to the Payroll manager on a Friday afternoon, because I believed that my paycheck was 1 hour short of overtime.

    He told me that recorded payroll hours are usually accurate. But that if i want to take it up with the owner of the company, I am more than welcome to do so. 

    So, I text the owner. He responds by saying that he is out of town, and that he will call me on Tuesday. I said ok.

    I get a phone call from the production manager on Sunday morning at my house. He goes "i heard you were complaining about your paycheck", I said that's correct. 

    He goes "Well, i'm sorry to hear about that. But I also am sorry to inform you that due to numerous customer complaints made against you, we have decided that we have to let you go."

    With that being said:

    I was with this company for only 3 months. Never was I once reprimanded or ever made aware of these supposed "complaints". Never received a single warning about anything at all during my employment there.

    1 week later, I get a Notice of Dismissal in my mailbox from the company.

    Now they are trying to say that I was terminated due to performance issues and that I was refusing to perform tasks when asked....

    Someone please tell me that I have some sort of retaliation claim here.. because I find it very coincidental that I never had one bad review and no disciplinary actions, then suddenly i'm now terminated because I made an inquiry about my paycheck? 

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  • Crank shaft position sensor?

    I just installed a new crank shaft sensor into my 01' Chrysler Town & Country. I did the following prodecudres: Disconnected battery, both negative and positive. Removed old crank sensor, lightly coated new sensor with some oil and installed it. Put everything back together, then before attempting to start the car, I hooked up a scanner to it to clear any module codes. In conclusion of this whole mess, now the car doesn't start at all. My cluster says that the transmission is in Reverse when it's really in park. So I can't start the car at all now. Can anybody tell me what went wrong?

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  • Reprogramming a ECU/PCM ?

    I'm looking to buy a ECU from AutoZone for a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. I had the car at the dealer, and they confirmed that I need a PCM replacement because it's not sending signals to the brand new oxygen sensors that are in the van. Anyways, they of course, want to charge me like 1000 dollars for the part and programming. AutoZone says they can do it as long as I supply the VIN and accurate mileage. My question is, is it imperative that they need accurate mileage to reprogram the computer? Because I know the cluster has been changed on the van before i bought it

    3 AnswersChrysler3 years ago
  • 2001 Chrysler Town & Country?

    The van starts perfectly fine when the engine is cold. Once it warms up within 15 minutes while still in park, The rpm gauge gets out of control. It swings up and down without accelerating and you can hear and feel that the engine is struggling to stay on. It eventually stalls within seconds. Once you restart it, the motor quits within 4-5 seconds. It continues to do the same exact thing after restarting it 4-5 times. I have no idea where to start with the diagnosis. Also, there is NO check engine light on. I had AutoZone test for codes and there is not a single one. Someone please help!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • 2001 Chrysler Town & Country?

    This van starts up perfectly fine. But when you go to shift it into reverse it just dies instantly. It does not do the stalling feeling as if it were a manual trans, the engine just quietly dies. And it starts back up instantly, but before restarting it I put it in Neutral and started the car that way to see what it does. I put it in drive and the car drives perfectly fine! What is the issue here? Thanks.

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  • 1999 Honda Civic LX Cooling System Issue?

    My upper radiator hose busted out of nowhere, replaced it and filled the radiator with coolant back to the normal level. Now, the car is overheating and I have no idea why. I never had a single problem at all with this car until the upper radiator hose busted. I noticed that the radiator fan is not turning on as the temperature gauge maxes out, but when you turn the A/C on, the A/C fan turns on perfectly fine but the radiator fan still doesn't do anything. When I turn the key to ON position (engine off), sometimes the radiator fan turns on and it never did this before. I then start the car and the fan doesn't come on anymore. Any ideas and pointers would be greatly appreciated thank you!!!

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  • Taxi independent contractor?

    I would like to be a cab driver for the first time in Illinois. Since I would be an independent contractor, do I honestly have to be prepared to owe the IRS a good amount of money at the end of the year? This is really my only concern. Someone help. Thanks

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  • Do I have a legal claim?

    I went to my local medical facility for physical therapy. Leaving the building, I fell flat on the pavement due to no salting or snow plowing. Do I have a claim?

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Delivery job Employment?

    I applied for a job to be a local class c delivery driver, and I do possess a class c license. But on their ad as far as benefits, one of them state "Insurance Reimbursement". What does this exactly mean? I know a company vehicle is provided. Thanks.

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Class C Delivery Driver?

    I applied for a job to be a local class c delivery driver, and I do possess a class c license. But on their ad for benefits, one of them state "Insurance Reimbursement". What does this exactly mean? I know a company vehicle is provided. Thanks

  • Illinois Unemployment?

    I was working 3rd shift for a towing company for 9 months, i voluntarily quit because i could not work nights anymore and they would not work with me to give me day shift. So i went to another towing company applying for first shift and i stated that's the only shift i could work. I was employed for 2 weeks there and 2 weeks into my employment i was asked if i could work 3rd shift. So i refreshed the owners memory about how i said i couldnt work nights during my interview, and he said ok well unfortunately im gonna have to let you go. So i filed for unemployment stating that i was discharged so they sent me a letter saying i was required to have a phone interview to find out what led to my dismissal. So i told the rep everything that happened and he said my case was pretty cut and dry that he would most likely have no problem making a determination in 48 hours. So i got a letter 5 days later stating that i am required to have ANOTHER interview because i voluntarily quit my other job at the first towing company. My question what does the first company have to do with this? The first company would not be my last "chargeable" employer so i dont understand why it matters if i quit there.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Unemployment Question?

    I was fired from my job because my boss asked me if I could work 3rd shift so I told him to give me a day or two to see what I can do. He asked me again 2 days later before I could even tell him myself that it was not going to work out, so I told him that I could not work nights when he asked and he said "ok then we are going to have to let you go". So I requested my reason for termination in writing and he completely refused. So I filed from unemployment and I got a letter a week later and it said "Since you stated on your application that you were discharged, a question has been raised therefore you will need to have a phone interview. Misconduct applies to your eligibility in this case". So does this mean that my former employer is trying to fight my claim or does unemployment just want to know what happened? This is IDES. Illinois.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • 2003 Ford Taurus?

    I have a 2003 ford Taurus. When you start the car and your just parked and turn the A/C on OR defroster the car just dies. I have NOT tried this yet while driving and I don't want to because im afraid its going to just suddenly snap my serpentine belt or something. What is wrong? Someone help!

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  • 2002 Ford Mustang issue?

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  • 2002 ford mustang?

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  • 2003 Mercedes Benz CLK430 issue?

    The trunk has to be electronically opened by the remote and it quit working. The button inside the car by the shifter does not open the trunk either. I looked for fuses in the car and under the hood and I could not find anything. The manual said the trunk relay is inside the trunk. I have tried numerous times trying to get the trunk open manually with the key that comes in and out of my remote. I've lubed it really good and it just won't turn. It goes in fine. Also, I noticed when the trunk stopped working..the convertible top stopped working as well. Somebody please help!!'

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • 2002 Chevy Tahoe LT Engine Question?

    i have a 2002 tahoe that hasnt been driven in a few years. ive started it throughout the years and have let it run for 10 minutes and it had no problems. Now when i start it, the engine is reving at 5,000 rpms and continuously staying there and im not even accelerating. Please help if you have an idea on whats going on, thanks!

    3 AnswersChevrolet7 years ago