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  • Should i be worried about an ovarian cyst while pregnant?

    Hello i am 10 weeks pregnant, and last week i went in for a dating ultrasound since my LMP was really bleeding from a miscarriage. Anyways they found an 8cm cyst on my left ovary. I have had no pain , a little bit of discomfort now that i know. I noticed i do feel pressure when i urinate or during bowel movements, even with gas i feel pressure. I figured it was just the baby, and didnt think much of it. I was really freaked out and have read a lot of stories. But should i be worried? btw it is fluid filled and the doc said not to worry, but since ive had a loss, i cant help but to worry. I've read that the cyst will go away once the placenta takes over, but when will that be? We saw the baby, he was getting big, i heard his heart beat which was great! and i was even able to make out his head and legs. Has anyone had any good experiences with this? i'm terrified of having surgery and possibly loosing another baby. im just trying to keep faith. Any great advice or stories will help. Thanks a lot!

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  • Could i be having multiples or am i farther along than i think?

    ok so last month(july) on the 1st which is when my period is due i found out i was pregnant and then had a miscarriage on the 5th of july my period came. My hcg level was 26 which was very low. Anyways we tried again right after. on the 6th of august which was a day before my expected period "according to the doc" my hcg level is 596! could i be having twins or just further along?

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  • Miscarriage, how long should i wait?

    ok i am going to try my best to explain this the least confusing way possible.

    on sunday june 29 i went to the ER for lower abdominal pain, i was not pregnant and was sent home.(we are TTC) No meds, just blood work and urine test.

    on tuesday july 2nd (LMP June 2nd) i went to the clinic to follow up .THey did a pap smear, urine, and blood work and found out i was pregnant. The nurse told me my hcg levels were at 26 that i had just got pregnant but i ovulated on the 18th of june, so i calculated to be about 2 weeks pregnant.

    On saturday July 5th, i began heavy bleeding, like my regular period, went to the ER and my hcg level was at 13, so i had a miscarriage.

    It is still only a day away from the day i was suppose to get my period since my cycle is 30 days long. Since i was so early, the doc said i did not need a D&C. I believe i will still ovulate on the 20th of this month. And we are heartbroken but so positive to try again. I read that a consecutive miscarriage is less likely to occur. Just need some advice. I think i may have been to anxious and things would have worked out better if i would have waited until a week after my missed period. Thanks again.

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  • Clinic said i am one day pregnant?

    i went to the clinic yesterday for abdominal pain and they told me i was expecting. Then to be 100% sure they did a blood pregnancy test and it came back positive. The lady at the clinic said i am a day prego, but i took 2 urine test at home that tested positive. I think she's wrong, i ovulated on the 19 i believe. I kept track of my cycle so i would be at least 2 weeks for my HCG levels to be high enough to detected with urine right? Oh and on sunday night urine test in the ER tested negative. thanks

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  • Signs of STD or possible pregnancy issues?

    Me and my bf are TTC, I am scheduled to get my period in 4 days. Last night while trying to have sex, i began to feel lower abdominal pain, right above my vagina followed by pressure. I stopped and had to go to the ER. I dont feel pain while urinating and dont have discharge or smelly discharge everything seems fine. The doctor checked my urine and said i did not have a UTI, and the preg test came back negative, He said they did blood work and everything came back fine, so i was sent home. Now today after a nights sleep i am not in horrible pain, but i still feel pain in my lower abdomen. Could i still be pregnant? could the test have been taken too early? it was only a urine test. Or does it sound like i should get tested for chlamydia? I have only one sexual partner, i dont know about him though. I have been feeling slight discomfort but only gets worse when i have sex. And this had never happened until these last 2 weeks. The doctor said if it was an ectopic pregnancy i would have shown high levels of HCG , but idk now , i am very confused. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Tanning and lightening cream?

    So, i am a very pale person. Recently i decided to start tanning. ( I DONT NEED ANY ANSWERS ON HOW I WILL GET SKIN CANCER, TANNING IS A PERSONAL CHOICE, AS SMOKING,OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL CHOICE)Anyways, before i started tanning, i was using a skin lightening soap for my "problem" areas. According to some articles i read if i use the skin lghtening lotion it is suppose to stop the production of melanin in those areas. As for bronzers that i use when i tan are suppose to increase the production of melanin in my skin. Is it possible that i can tan and use the skin lightening lotion at the same time? or will the lightening lotion work the opposite way and make me darker? i am not going to tan for life, maybe just during the summer, because i can literally see my green veins on my thighs, and i dont like looking that way specailly if i plan to wear shorts. Anyways any great advice would help. the lightening lotion will also be temporary until my skin is an even complexion so i can finally not be shy and wear a bathing suit. Thanks

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  • Secured line of credit, how does it work?

    so me and my bf have been trying to establish credit. We got a few electronics and other stuff we put on his credit to help build it. We recently went to southeast financial where they offer a secured line of credit, We only added $100 and they charged $50 for the "processing" or application, or whatever fee. Now we got the card in the mail, but i am confused as to how this works exactly. For example we have a balance of $100 of credit, after we use it we get a monthly bill for what we use right? what about the balance? say for example i have $100 and use $50 on gas, we get a bill for a minimum payment of $10 but what about the balance? after we pay is our balance $60 or still $50? i dont understand and i want to so bad, so we can figure out how to use the card. I know these credit unions will boost your line of credit depending on how you pay, so i want to make sure we are doing it right. THanks for you help.

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  • Guys perspective needed, Should i take the risk?

    So me and my bf have been dating for 3 years and 2 months to be exact. He just turned 26 and i am 23. I have a son who is 5 and we live together. I have always told him i want marriage and kids from the get go. He agreed to want the same things but needed to see if we "work out". We have had our ups and downs. We have brocken up once and only for 2 monhts. Anyways long story short, thorugh our arguments and good times together he has grown to love my son. He recently told me he might be ready to have kids. I kept asking him about the subject and he changed his mind the next saying he is not ready yet but def thinking about it. He has had many relationships, ive been his longest. I feel confused because i feel like it shouldnt take a man more than one year to determine he is in love and this is the woman he loves, am i wrong? i dont know if i should take a risk at continuing our relationship if eventually we are just going to break up. I feel like we are not on the same page and its my time to move on. Just for extra detail, my sons father is very much in his life, my bf does not have to do anyhting or pay anything or raise my son. and yeah thats my question from a guys perspective i would like to know if this is a normal feeling? Now he says i am pressuring him into marriage and kids but the whole 3 years i never mentioned it until he decided he was "ready" now he says he does not know when he will be ready. So any advice would be nice. Should i move on and find someone wang

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  • Somebody please help many ?? abt my new tattoo?

    I got my tattoo on the 19 of october, it was done by a professional, however after abt 3-4 days it began to peel. I kept it moisterized by using aquaphor washed it 3 times a day, it took 2 days to peel compleatly and after it peeled it looked very shiny. After that i switched to eucerin non scented lotion, it has been 2 weeks now, but my tattoo feels very rough, I wonder if it healed wrong? my color faded slightly, it never peeled like my brothers tattoo i saw a thin layer looked veery white and flaky, mine came off in patches and since i kept it very moist it peeled off every time i rubbed the aquaphor my lining is slighly sticking out, i can feel the lines and the whole tattoo still is this normal? will applying lotion and washing fix this? or is it scared?

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  • Wondering if my tattoo is healing properly?

    I recently got my first tattoo in color, pink and red, roses on my shoulder, i got it saturday night, i have been following after care instructions washing it twice with soap and using aquaphor to keep it moist, im sure it gets dry while i sleep, anyways this morning it has been very irtchy and when i put lotion on it i noticed it began to peel, the peices coming off were a dark red, i know tattoos are suppose to peel but when it peeled on the pink area the skin under it was a very bright pink, is that normal or did i ruin it ?

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  • Credit question/ if you have nothing nice to say fu** off?

    So i am currently an illegal immigrant, and i am working on establishing a visa. I have court next month and i will most likely be legal in a couple of months. Ive been here all my life. Anyways i have past due court fee's that have now been passed on to a collection agency. i called the collection agency and set up bi- weekly payments. Now i went to court because i heard i can file for indigency since my son takes up most of my money and i do not make a lot. However i have a court hearing for that until almost 2 months from now. The collection agency said if i dont make payments (even though i filed for indigency) they will send it to the credit bureau, Since i dont have a ss# what will happen? Once i do have it will is appear and affect my chance of estabishing good credit?

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  • can i receive a refund with a 1099?

    so ive been working at this job since sept of last year, this was going to be my first time filing, but i am a bit confused. My job gives me a check and deducts taxes,soc,med all that, so my bf said i should receive a w2, however since i do not have a social security# i use my tax now my employer said he cant issue me a w2, but he will give me a 1099..he also said he will add whatever was deducted in my 1099? so is that possible? and if he does since i am a single mom (1 child) is it possible for me to receive a refund? i only make 425 a week after tax i would receive around 380.00..

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    ok so i was reading recently there are apps that can hide text messages or even calls from specific numbers you dont want to be visible to others aka your spouse or lover..Anyways ive been wondering lately if my bf has any of these apps but im having a hard time figuring out how to even find them, since they are hidden. I installed a sms tracker on his phone (i think he is cheating) but the only messages i see are ours, which leads me to think there may be an app hiding any other messages since he is almost always on his phone. I always see icons in the notification bar, one that says advanced task killer and the other one sign in error for his old gmail and updates available(things like that) My question is, how the hell can i find out if there is a hidden app? most likely it wont show as its true identity, does anyone know the hidden app name for any of these? and are any of those apps you know show an icon like the one i see? i dont need the "if you dont trust him leave him talk" i know that, i just want to make sure he is unfaithfull before i make a move.

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  • Is there more i can do in this case?

    ok so not too long ago to be exact last week i went home on my lunch break to a flooding apartment. Someway somehow the water heater broke and flooded all my carpet and half kitchen... (this had happened before with the bathroom sink, they fixed it but never did anything to my carpet) Anyways the maintenance people said they would replace my carpet , but i had to move everything out of the way, so i did. I had eveything in the kitchen, bathrooms,etc. The next day they said they could not replace it b/c it was still too wet . They offered me to move into a different apt that same day, i agreed but had to miss work so i was out a whole day of work. Anyways my bf keeps telling me that there is more i can do about this. Rent is coming up and he insists i should be entitled to a free months or something i think the apt exchange was enough but again i did miss work and had to transfer lights/cable etc..which makes me real angry. luckily it did not damage my furniture..but any suggestions before rent time?

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  • How should i react? is he right?

    So me and my bf have been together for abt 2 yrs now and i love him i care abt him, but down the road on a "break" we had and problems we been through i have lost my trust in him. I dont want to break up bc im sure we can gain it back , at some point he lost trust in me too, but we worked on it...Anyways this weekend he wants to go the bar with his friends, and i hate it! He doesent even drink and i even have a hard time believing him.He says im overreacting and says if he wants to hang out with his friends he has all the right too, but i dont ever do that . i like to be at home with my son. The thing is he wont invite me, he says he wants to go alone and im really thinking abt just breaking up if he cant stop going to this bar/club to make me happy...Should i let him go? or work on the trust? am i overreacting or do i have a point? i meen he is the type of guy thats flashy and thinks so highly abt himself it pisses me off to think hes gona b flirting w some girl...what should i do? i am very secure abt myself i know what i have and i know im a beautiful girl but he doesent appreciate me bc he knows i love him. Its not insecurity but idk what it is,

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  • Is a set up really considered cheating?

    so the other day i discovered google voice and decided to txt my 2 yr boyfriend pretending i was a girl named ashley he had been trying to hook up with when me and him broke up for about two months a while back ago. So he gives in like i thought he would. At first hwasn'tnt sure who it was he called me and said someone is messing with me, and even texted back back off whoever you are i have a family now....but eventually once convinceded him i was her he was cool and txtd back. I got him to say he wanted to fu** and meet this ashley girl behind a gas station, i was hearbrokenen....anyways i told him it was really me, he lied abt it and tried to say it was his friend playing with him and even at one point got mad and said why would you set me up and do this? I really belive he should have stuck with leave me alone i had a gf im commited too but he didnt. Should i forgive him? he says he was only playing along bc he didint know who it was but really only he woul d know his true intentions. He has never cheated on me before i think and hope but im still a little skeptical about keeping him around. I love him very much and really cant see myself without him but i think i deserve better, and yet someone i feel i brought this upon myself?

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