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  • selling runescape account?

    i have lvl 77 runescape account an wanting to sell it its got very high stats even on members an almst 9 m in the bank anyone know were i can sell it at good

    12 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • about virus?

    ok this person said she got into one of our computers an there was tons an said she had them moved to her computer an it got rid of them in our is this true that you can do this or false.

    because i was wondering how can u get a virus out of another persons hardrive an move it to theres please answer if u can do that

    4 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • should a mother take father to court over child support thats been done out of court but hes not paying?

    the mother an father set it outside of court that he pay only 200 a month he drives a taxi. he has missed a payment allready almost 2. he filed his income taxes with the son on them to pay back the 3,000 he owed plus something else dont know exact what. after all his taxes was done he had like 700-1,000 left he only gave mother 300 after she found out about him doing that. but before she found out he was trying to buy 570 dollar rims for his car instead of paying the child support he owed. he never told her about filing the child she had to find out through a friend. he said he was going to supprise her with the money he owed her. so shes wanting to know if she should take him to court or just wait an see if he takes her to court. his name is on birth certificate but child has her last name if that helps better her answer an never been married child was born out of wedlock an shes trying to basically get advice on what she should do about this so please be serious thank you.

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  • what would happen if a woman took the father to court for child support an the father doesnt show.?

    the mother did it out of court to help father out but he has missed payments an to beat all he filed the child on income tax an only gave the mother 300 out of it. the money he used was to pay his taxes back because he owed like 3,000. so the child was left out of whatever he got back off him besides the 300. an to beat all he wanted to save the 300 to go with his 400 left to buy 570 dollar rims online. what do you think she should do take him to court or just let him pay what is left on child support, an keep doing it out of court. please give advice..

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  • how much you get off a child as dependent this year?

    how much is a person get back filing single with child as dependent? mainly how much should the child receive back from it like 1000 or more or less?

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  • income taxes?

    I trying to find out somewthing. someone filed income an his job does not take out taxes he had to pay in 1,500.

    he said he had 19,000 in gas to take off his taxes to get back. An had 1,200 after taxes an after filing an fees he only got 700 dollars back thats filing single with one dependent which was a child 2 years old. he said the child brought him only 300 doing that. really what im wanting to know is how much do you get back range wise on a child as a dependent he said only 300 i thought it was like 1,000. so did he really get back 300 after filing child or did he get more an just not saying.

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  • does anyone know about how much u can get off a child on income taxes?

    someone i know filed income on there son an told the mother they only got 300 from the child i tried telling her its almost like 1200 a child so can anyone help me thats done taxes this year on a child please be honest an no lies so i can find out what she needs to do because she has never put in taxes an dont know what she could do about it an u know any telephone numbers to give help please tell.

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  • why is my son so violent?

    i have a 11yr old son his dad died when he was a baby he told me today he hates every guy i get in relationship with he also showed me where he scratches hisself on arms and he said he beats his self in head when he gets mad he has awful temper why is this?hes a really good kid not a bully or anything plz help

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