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  • Does the shade of the bridesmaid dresses have to match the other decor?

    I am having a purple and gold wedding, and I've already selected my bridesmaid dresses. I thought they were the perfect deep purple shade-- classic darker purple, not pinky purple or pale purple. Like a royal purple. But when I took the swatch to match ribbons for the cake I realized they may look a lot darker than I thought in normal lighting. The purple is so dark it's almost a black purple, which really wasn't what I had in mind. In direct light it looks like what I wanted, but otherwise it is very dark. I have no freaking clue if it's just an illusion because the swatch is so small or if this is really what the dress will look like outside of the store lighting.

    Now I am in a pickle. It is not practical to change the dresses at this stage, and I didn't really find anything closer to the color I wanted anyway. But I don't want everything to be black purple, I was planning to have purple ribbons on the cake tiers, purple table cloths, and purple seat cushions. It was never my intention to make everything match EXACTLY but I didn't want it to clash. If everything is the same sort of purple, but the bridesmaid dresses are a lot darker, will it still look okay?

    P.S. If it helps anyone, my dresses are satin and from impressions in "eggplant." Maybe the dresses aren't as dark as I think they are. I have no idea.

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  • What dog breeds to look at?

    I am hoping to adopt a dog in a year or so and I am starting my breed research, looking for suggestions. Here are the particulars...

    -i have owned a toy breed terrier. not a huge fan, but i wouldnt rule it out. i had an affenpinscher and am more interested in a dog that is going to be friendly with more than one person and more willing to play.

    - i have experience with dominant breeds, but nothing that the apartment is likely to ban. no pitties. :(.

    - i will be living in an apartment. small and large dogs allowed, but a small dog is preferred in case i have to move.

    -can commit to a daily 45 min to an hour walk, plus a free run at least once or twice a week in a fenced yard or dog park. plus lots of indoor play in the evenings.

    - don't want to have to deal with hair cuts. brushing, bathing, and nail clipping are fine. just no groomer.

    -breeds that are known to be quieter are preferred, since it is an apartment. i know all dogs bark and i embrace that, but i know some breeds are less likely than others to bark just to bark or because the wind blew, and i am more interested in those dogs.

    - has to be able to live with being alone for a few hours. i work five days a week from 8:30 to 5. i train my (small) dogs to use an indoor bathroom arrangement so that is not an issue, and someone will be available to visit in the afternoon often but i am not sure if i can guarantee that every day yet. i am always home on weekends and in the evenings. i am aware this may mean that any dog is out of the question, but i at least want to do my research before i give up!

    -i am planning on adopting a young ADULT, not a puppy.

    i was interested in whippets but was concerned that i wouldnt be home often enough for their sensitive natures or that the exercise wouldnt be enough. was also interested in pugs but it sounds like they have a LOT of health issues. any thoughts?

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  • Would it be wrong to limit guests' dates for intimate family only wedding?

    My fiance and I are considering having an intimate, immediate family only wedding ceremony and dinner reception at my grandmother's house. This amounts to about 30 guests and is at the very top of our budget just about no matter what we do, money is tight. This is not an extravagant wedding by any stretch of the imagination. Homemade food, semi-formal attire, no honeymoon, all DIY, etc-- we hope to provide a beautiful ceremony and a comfortable, delicious meal-- this is all that we can afford, we are out of places to cut.

    MOST of the guests are single. Since this is just a family dinner at grandma's house kind of wedding and NOT a bar and dance floor kind of shindig, is it necessary to allow guests who are NOT married, engaged, or cohabitating to bring a date? If we allow a date to everyone, that brings our guest list to almost 60, is out of our price range, makes grandma's house way too small, and means we would have to exclude immediate family members from the wedding-- that just isn't realistic. If only married, engaged, or cohabitating guests bring dates, that keeps us at just under 40 and that is just doable if we keep all our expenses to a bare minimum.

    What do you think?

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  • Diatomaceous earth and apartments/dorms?

    I am considering buying this product for my small studio apartment to keep centipedes away. I am concerned because it said it baits them, does this mean that every centipede in the building is going to come to my room to get at the stuff? That would defeat the purpose and be completely unbearable.

    I am open to other suggestions. I am hoping to find something that doesn't necessitate evacuating the room for long and that won't poison my next door neighbors. Must kill centipedes.

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  • Can I connect my wii to the internet through my computer?

    I am trying to connect my wii to the internet in my dorm so that I can use netflix instant watch. I have gotten the impression that it will not work because once you connect to the wireless in my dorm, you have to enter a username and password to use the internet and wii doesnt allow you to do that-- so the couple different usb/lan adapters I bought are useless. Is there any way I can connect to the internet on my computer and then connect the wii to the internet that way? I see there are PC to wii cables and adapters but they look like they are for playing wii on the computer rather than giving the wii internet access.

    Please help. :(

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  • Where is the BEST trash the dress online gallery you've ever seen?

    I have seen tons of beautiful ones in the past, but now that I am trying to explain the concept to my mother I cannot find anything I like-- I have found some really artistic or emotion-filled ones before, but now all I can find are trashy ones (no pun intended.)

    Your own pics would be great too if you have any that turned out well!

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  • Can I mix CZ with real diamonds?

    Or would you be able to tell the CZ is fake if placed next to real diamonds?

    My father suggested we just buy the setting for our engagement ring and put a CZ in it for now and then save up for the diamond later to swap out, as that makes the ring we want much easier for us to pay for. But since the setting comes with the diamond side stones in it already, will it be obvious that the CZ is fake next to the side stones?

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  • what kind of weather is typical of DC?

    I'll be living there from January to April to intern. I am from the Midwest and have been told the weather is milder there, but I don't know what to expect. Does it snow much? What's the temperature like in an average day for each season?

    I know around here we get a few snow storms per winter that are 1-2 feet of snow, with steady snow falling all winter, temps typically less than 20 and often a bit below zero. In the spring it's in the 60's and 70's, Fall is similar to Spring, and summer is something like 70-80+ with occasional droughts. How will DC be different?

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  • eyeliner solution? nearsightedness?

    I am extremely nearsighted. In order to apply eye make up, I have to take off my glasses and get within an inch of the mirror. This works for eye shadow and mascara because the brushes are small enough and/or I can manipulate the angle enough to make it fit. But I CANNOT fit an eyeliner pencil between my face and the mirror and still get the angle necessary to apply the liner. ... so do really nearsighted people just not wear eye makeup? Any ideas?

    (A magnifying mirror does not correct my vision so that does not work, and I have tried contacts three times and I just hate them. So that won't work either.)

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  • What is an eternity ring?

    I'd never heard of them before coming here, and to hear them mentioned in the same breath as an engagement and wedding ring seems strange. What are they for?

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  • Vomit in the morning if less than 10 hours of sleep.?

    I need at least 10 hours of sleep to wake up feeling normal. Less than 10, I WILL vomit in the morning. I am not pregnant, this has been going on for years. If I get enough sleep I do not wake up with any nausea at all, but less than 10 hours it is pretty likely (8 or fewer it is guaranteed.)

    Any ideas? This is getting extremely debilitating, but I do not have insurance so this is pretty much for my own curiosity, I can't see a doctor for it anyway.

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  • Programs that place autism service dogs with ADULTS?

    Trying to find a program that places autism service dogs that ISN'T just for children. Don't people know that autistic children grow into adults someday? Preferably somewhere in Michigan.

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  • Good honeymoon cruise for first timers?

    What would be a good cruise line and destination to do for two people who have never been on a cruise for their honeymoon? And what should we expect from a cruise honeymoon?

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  • alcoholism and deployment?

    My friend is in the army and he is set to deploy within the next few months. He has recently informed his commanding officers that he has realized he is an alcoholic and he is going to some substance abuse program tomorrow. Will they still deploy him like this?

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  • Do you think your husband wouldn't have married you if you'd "given him the milk" first?

    So many women say "why buy the cow if he already has the milk?" and it just makes me think there must be a lot of women on here with some interesting husbands. Do you think that if you were already living with your partner before you got married, that he would have still married you? Or do you think he would have kept you waiting forever since he apparently already had all he wanted?

    I cannot even begin to fathom by fiance thinking that way, if he were that selfish he wouldn't be my fiance, but since so many women seem to say it it seems to me someone must be marrying these men! Or is it just another backwards way to call each other slutty?

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  • Would you have a wedding at this place?

    It fits my budget and I think they dress it up pretty darn well if you scroll down and look at the pictures on the side, I just can't imagine putting "hole in the wall" on my invitations. WHY did they call it that!? I can't decide if it is a cute little place for a small, semi-formal, family only wedding or if it's tacky.

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  • Are there any women only law programs?

    Not sure if I'd be interested even if there were, but I am curious!

  • Humidifier cleaning, am I doing something wrong?

    I have a Crane cool mist humidifier and it is really starting to give me trouble. The first two months I had it it was fine, I cleaned and refilled the tank every day, never let water sit in it when it wasn't running, and I bleached it every three days. I cleaned the base with soap every week and used bleach every other week. That has been fine. But all of the sudden I have noticed that the base gets this pink mold in it within 24 hours, even after being bleached. I can't bleach it EVERY day! Is there something I am doing wrong or something else I should do to keep the mold away? Would a new filter help?

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  • What brand has these jeans!?

    I am looking for light wash, mid-rise (NOT LOW), flare or bootleg jeans-- if bootleg preferably wider legged as I really prefer the flared look, that would suit a 20 year old. And I need to be able to find it in-store or else very easily be able to return it.

    I've just been shopping and I found some really great dark wash jeans that were axcess brand, and I got some black jeans by vera wang, they are mid-rise and bootleg but the leg is wide enough at the opening that they are still reminiscent of the flare cut. But I really want some light wash jeans. All the ones I found were too old looking for a 20 year old, There are tons of light washes in the juniors section where I used to shop, but I can't find anything but low rise there and that just doesn't suit my body type at all, the mid-rise look ten times better as long as I stick to youthful brands and fits.

    Any ideas of brands to try? I've just been to Kohl's and feel like I've tried on everything in the misses section. I found some great dark wash, black, and khakhi pants but no light wash!

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