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  • Why do I get motion sickness when playing most video games?

    I have an XBox360 viewed in HD on a 72" (6') projection screen. The image quality is great. But I can't play most first person or third person games for more than 15-30 minutes without becoming seriously ill. I start getting headache within minutes of gameplay and by the end my stomache is very queasy and I feel very dizzy.

    Is this because I'm suceptible to something caused by the game or the size of the screen? Is it because I do something wrong in the way I use the controller to move in first person and third person gaming? Is there anyway to overcome this problem or do I just have to stick with games like Tiger Woods Golf?

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  • What size Nitro MFM Bandera snowboard is right for me?

    What size Nitro MFM Bandera snowboard is right for me?I am 6'1" and weigh 160lbs. My boot size is 11.

    I am looking at the Nitro MFM Bandera snowboard and don't know if I should go with the 157 or 159 length (or something shorter) and whether I need the wide or non-wide. It seems that with my stats I might be able to choose any one of these options, but which is going to be optimal? I think non-wide is better, but I don't know if my boot will fit. I also don't know if a longer or shorter board is best. I mostly ride groomed runs and not deep snow.

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