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  • Why can't we protest the illegal aliens coming into our country?

    Everyone else seems to protest. We can do the same to begin to get attention to this problem before it evolves into bloodshed. One way is everyone begin not going to work on Fridays. Use a vacation day, one at a time but let people know what you are doing it for. If that doesn't work after a month, lets add Mondays to this. If the movement was to catch on and the production of this country began to wane, the upper management would notice and start putting pressure on the politicians they have in their pocketbooks to do something quickly. I would think that if this was to go on for about 3 months, that would do the trick. All you folks that say stupid things like "they will just hire the illegal aliens etc." I don't believe that would happen. Also, don't just sit around on that extra day off. Get out and express your concerns, picket known places that hire illegals. You know they want to keep a low profile and they will do what they can to stop it. Be legal about it though.

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  • Carnival Conquest?

    Any tips on excursions or things to do onboard the Conquest that leaves from Galveston?

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