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  • Who Should I Choose?

    My bf and I had broke up and I went out not too much longer after that and hooked up with another guy..long story short I got pregnant by the other guy (more than likely..its either him or the bf). The other guy wants to start a family if the baby is his (i dont know what he plans on doing if its not) and I like him, he is a nice guy. My ex and I dated for 2 years with alot of bickering, cheating and lying. We still love each other, but right now it is hard for me to be in a relationship with him because I dont trust him as far as I can throw him. But i get jealous when I hear him talking to other girls and spending time with other people even though we are not together. If I get with the other guy I will be moving out of state. If i go back to my bf he says he will move with me. Im getting feelings for the new guy and wouldnt mind trying to see what kind of relationship we could have, but on the other hand I am not sure I am ready to give up my old bf....what the heck should i do????

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  • How do you teach a hard headed child numbers?

    my son plays way too much to pay attention for five minutes. how the hell can you expect him to learn anything? he's four what do i do???

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  • Are there any Cyber Cafes in Durham, Chapel Hill or Carrboro NC?

    I want somewhere I can take my laptop to, Im tired of playing on it at home...need a change of scenery...

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