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  • My old 2001 Honda Civic overheats and will just barely drive at about 10-20mph, why?

    I'm pretty sure that its an engine problem and not a coolant one. the thermostat does not actually indicate that the car is in any way overheating in fact it shows that the temp in normal. but if the car is driven for about 30 minutes straight on streets or highway it just suddenly loses all power and wont drive. wasn't a huge problem until recently (it's my spare car and only gets driven every so often) but now with gas prices so high i drive it a lot more because it has good gas millage but i cant really drive it if it overheats. its a decent car but its causing me headaches lately, oh and after it stands shut-off for about 30-60 minutes it will drive normally again for another 20 minutes or so. when i take the key out it is extremely hot and the engine is way hotter than it should be. any ideas why this might be, i don't really want to spend too much $ on this heap by going to the dealer to have them try to figure it out

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  • medics and ffs, worst calls?

    just wondering what my fellow medics and firefighters around the country and the world see. what are the worst calls that you have run, the ones that left a permanent imprint on you and how you do the job.

    personally one of my worst calls was to a child locked in the car with the windows rolled up. it was well into the 90's outside, well the inside of a car with black leather interior got much, much hotter, in fact so hot that the 3 year old twin boys died before anyone even noticed that they were in the car. this occured in a shopping place parking lot, the mother apparently did not want to wake the sleeping boys when she and her older daughter went to the grocery store and the than popped by the toy store. from what witnesses say the car had been in the parking lot for almost an hour when we came and the mother didnt come around for another 1/2 hour.

    it was a particularly bad call for me because my son was 3 at that time and these little boys reminded me so much of my own kid.

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  • Virtual Villagers???

    One of my villagers died, how do you bury the dead?

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