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  • Is there anyone 20 dpo with a bfp?? Do you have sore gums?

    I am now 20 dpo. I have irregular periods and I knew I ovulated Nov 14th because I had ovulation spotting and lots of cm so I def knew when I ovulated, and we BD that nite. I am now 20 dpo with sore gums (weird) sore bbs and some cramping. I also feel like I have a fever and my temp is always 98.0 or above. My periods are irregular but Iately I have been getn one every month I just never know what day its coming. I never have any symptoms that AF is coming at all maybe sore bbs but its rare. I'm just playing the waiting game. I have three boys and I was in high school when I got pregnant with them. So the only reason I knew I was preg with them is because I was throwing up all the time, and when I did find out I was like 2 months preg already. I just had a baby a year ago and that was with the help of Clomid. I got my bfp like 3 days before AF. Maybe I will get my bfp next week. I hear a lot of people getting their bfp 2 weeks after their missed period. I have been testing since 10 dpo and no luck. I felt different from 1 dpo painful bbs, cramping, hungry. At 11-14 dpo it seemed like all sypmtoms went away and they they come back with sore bbs and lil fatigue, and cramping (I don't cramp when I'm going to get my period.) So im waiting anybody in the same boat. If you did get a bfp around this time what were your symptoms????

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  • What day did you get your BFP and what were your symptoms?

    I would like to know all of your symptoms before you actually got a bfp! Did anyone get a late bfp??? What were your early pregnancy symptoms??

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  • Does anybody have any suggestions for starting a summer day camp?

    I want to quit my job cuz I just cant afford to send my kids to a summer day camp plus I have a new baby on the way and I would like to start my own camp for people who really cant afford camp either. Ill make it cheaper than what a huge daycare center would charge and plan fun activities for the kids. Im just a lil scared to quit my job. Of course im not gonna just quit im gonna make sure I have the kids and everything else. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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  • Can you get sick by using a gas stove as a heater?

    We dont have a heater in our house so we turn on the stove to warm our small house up. My thoart has been a lil scratchy and i was wondering if it was the stove thats causing it? When Im at work I dont have this problem but when I go home it gets scratchy. Anybody have any answers?

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  • Can somebody give me the recipe for CHEWY RED CANDY APPLES? Not the hard ones but Chewy?

    I went to a tent revival and a lady there made chewy red candy apples and they left me wanting more ever since HELP!lol!! I dont want the hard ones but chewy. Thanks.

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  • crazy irritability?

    I feel so crazy!!! I get crazy irritability when i hear loud noises like a kid crying or screaming, or when my husband flicks his toes together, or when my son crys, eats, drinks, smacks. I only buy plastic plates because if i have ceramic plates and the fork or spoon hits it it sets me off. Video game noise like from the video game controller irritates the crap out of me i wanna go crazy. It irritates me when people chew gum around me! Its crazy i feel crazy. My husband calls me crazy. I feel like i have some kind of disorder! Can someone help??????? Is there anybody else out there that is going through the same thing??? Or am i just weird?

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  • How do i make a website like myspace or careerbuilder or

    I want to start something like myspace or a job thing like careerbuilder. Can someone help?

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