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  • Esterilizar con Microondas. Bueno o Malo?

    Hace poco, nacio mi segundo hijo, y recibimos como regalo un esterilizador para Microondas, con toda la literatura que existe, sobre lo bueno o malo que es usar un microondas, me podrian decir si es bueno o malo esterilizar con microondas y porque?

    2 AnswersMedicina1 decade ago
  • From PST Files MySQL?

    The MS Outlook database to save the mails is very frustrating some times, I want to develop a tool to use SQL as database for Outllok, any one has any Ideas on how to do this?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Are we connected to God? Life Energy? the Force?

    One time I have a dream, I was meditating, on past life, and asking why I have not recall any of them, but just small pictures of what can be called past lifes. Not much just a fraction.

    So I receive some revelation, we are all connected, to the universe, our souls or energy is mixed with all other beings, and when we past away, at the beginning we remember our individuallity, but with the time we get mixed with all that energy, so one person other than myself, could receive a portion of my experience, that will help him and the universe to grow up.

    I never hear anything like it, so I just want to hear (read) your opinions.

    7 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago