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  • Advice and expectations for studying abroad in Ireland?

    I plan on studying abroad in Ireland during my Spring semester of '10. I'm extremely excited to go. What advice do you have for me? What should I expect while I stay in Ireland, and what sites and places do you recommend I visit?

    1 AnswerStudying Abroad1 decade ago
  • Is there more than one type or definition of freedom?

    What does freedom mean to you and how do you define it? Can there be freedom of and freedom from? For example, freedom of speech and freedom from harassment.

    12 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • College help?

    I'm seriously thinking about majoring in biology when i get to college.. i want to do genetic research, forensic science, or biomedical engineering... I'm seriously thinking about going to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York... has anybody gone there or is gong there and can you tell me if you like the college and your experience? or if you major in biology or any related sciences, what college you would recommend... i need to make a list of colleges to visit this summer.. I've been doing tons of research but it is nice to get some primary sources.. thanks

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  • Can someone help me on my project for english about pride & prejudice?

    For English we had to pick a character and do a character assessment on him or her... i have Mr. Darcy.. this is what we have to do

    List the character traits you associate with your character. search the text for specific references that support the traits you have listed

    Did your character or your perception of your character chage from the beginning of the book to the end of the book? or did your first assessment of the character remain static?

    if you were a director, what type of actor would you choose to play this role? what would be the most important aspects of this character to capture on the stage?

    any ideas? this project is due wednesday 11/15/06

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  • if you could choose how you were going to die how would you go...?

    also.. if you could choose, how would you want the universe and all life would end?

    31 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • how long do your wait until you contact the guy your interested in?

    this guy i like and i exchanged information like email and stuff because i wanted to keep in touch from summer camp... do you wait for him to contact you first or do i make the first move.... someone told me that you should wait a week and if he doesnt then i should... should i do that or no and if so do i wait a week from when we exchanged info or from when i last saw him....? he also doesnt know i like him even thought i have left subtle hints and sometimes it looks like he catches them and sometimes it doesnt.... what to do? advice please!!!?

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  • i've just met this guy about 2 months ago and i'm interested in him but he is from another town how do i....?

    get him to notice me... we've had a few conversations before. we met at a tennis clinic so there isn't alot of time to talk to him when we're on the court. the only thing is we have about a week left of the clinic and then i'll never see him again or talk to him again unless i get his screen name or number but even then you can't' just ask for can you? i don't know what to do? should i just forget about him? should i go for it but how? i'm very inexperienced with guys and i'm normally shy near them it was just recently when i'm starting to be more confident in myself but i just don't want to be embaressed and rejected. help me please!

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