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  • Recipes for someone who doesn t eat vegetables?

    My fiancee doesn t like most vegetables, pretty much the only ones he will eat are potatoes and corn. I m not really trying to change his tastes and convert him into a big veggie eater, rather looking for things I can cook that adhere to his limited palate or can be adapted. I d like to have more than a small handful of meals on rotation so I can stop making the same thing every other day lol

    Thanks in advance

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes5 years ago
  • Can I start taking my birth control at a different time of day?

    I just started taking the mini pill on Monday night, but I d like to start taking it a few hours earlier in the day. Can I just start taking it at the new time or is there a certain way I should do it in order for it to be uncompromised?


    4 AnswersMedicine5 years ago
  • At what point in your pregnancy did you get stretch marks?

    I m just over 36 weeks, and I don t have any stretch marks on my tummy yet but I did develop some very small ones on the undersides of my breasts right around six months. I ve been moisturizing my skin with a mixture of coconut and vitamin e oils daily, which I know many sources suggest that does nothing to prevent stretch marks but I figure it can t hurt either. I know every pregnancy is different, but I m just curious to know what other people s experiences have been. So if you got stretch marks, about when did they begin to appear? Thanks!

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  • Good middle name to go with Seraphine?

    My love came up with the name Seraphine for our little girl which I adore. But he's tasked me with coming up with her middle name and I am stumped! I think I'd like a longer middle name to go with it, possibly ending in -a or -ia but I am definitely open to suggestions! I'm due Jan 4 so I have a little time to come up with something, but not much. Last name will be Ellis so it should flow nicely


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  • Showing all pms symptoms, but no period yet?

    My breasts are swollen and sore, I'm having menstrual cramps, emotional and fatigued for about a week now but my period has still not started. I was supposed to start on the first, so the cramps are what I'm most confused about. Normally I have them a day or two before I start but I'm going on 8 days of cramps and have not started bleeding yet. My period has been up to 12 days late before without pregnancy, but is cramping around the time you're supposed to start an early symptom of such? What's going on here?

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  • Love songs with piano and strong female vocals?

    I'm looking for songs similar to these

    Captivated - Lady Gaga

    Gravity - Sara Bareilles

    although more in the style of the former


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  • Weird question but I've nobody else to ask?

    As a big middle finger to no shave November I've shaved my little triangle muff, going completely bald down there for the first time in years.

    My question is, should I send a photo to hubby while he's at work or keep it a surprise until he sees it for himself?? He's never seen me completely bare. Which would garner the best reaction? The photo creates anticipation, but I think it might be really sexy if he has no idea until we're getting down to business...

    Sorry if this is TMI hahaha

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  • Why does this happen, jumbled text messages?

    Whenever I send my bf a long text, it gets mixed with pieces of other long texts that I've sent him in the past. It all comes in as one message, just with part of the message I ACTUALLY sent and parts of other messages that I've sent to him a long time ago. This only happens when I send him a long text with multiple parts, it doesn't happen with anybody else who texts him or with anybody else who I text, and the messages I receive from him are always fine. Why does this happen? It's happened with both my old phone and the new phone I just got.

    I have Verizon and he has tmobile, if it matters.

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • Should I mix mango and lemonade koolaid?

    I have never had mango koolaid, but my dad has one packet of mango flavor and one packet of lemonade flavor. Each packet makes 2 quarts, and I have a 4 quart pitcher. Do you think it would be good to mix them together for mango lemonade?

    3 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks7 years ago
  • Where to go in California/San Diego?

    My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a little vacation to California, and right now we're thinking about going to San Diego. We want to go to some beautiful nature-y places where there aren't a whole ton of people. So far we're thinking La Jolla cove, Point Loma, and Coronado beach. What are some other beautiful places near San Diego?

    Also, if there are other places in California that are more beautiful that you think we should go to instead of San Diego where are they?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    3 AnswersSan Diego7 years ago
  • Temperature drop in my pregnant husky?

    My dog is approximately 3 days away from the 9 week mark, and I've started taking her temp once a day looking for the temperature drop so I know when she is going to start having her puppies. My question is, how long does the temperature stay in the 98° range? Is it just for a short time, something that can easily be missed if I don't take her temperature at the right time? Or once it drops does it stay that way until she gives birth?

    Before any of you start criticizing me for not fixing my dogs, just DON'T. Don't waste your time or mine, please. We are getting our female spayed after this litter, but even if we weren't, it is not anyone's business what I choose to do with my huskies or the reasons therein.

    Thank you for your answers!

    1 AnswerDogs7 years ago
  • What percentage should be taken out in state income tax?

    I'm a 19yr old single female, I live in Arizona, and my employer had us choose what percentage of state income tax we wanted withheld from each check. I originally chose 3.5% but I was looking at my paystub, and I felt like $7 per week didn't seem like enough being taken out. So I changed it tonight to 5.1% which is the highest option it offered. So now, it will be approximately $50/month in state income tax (I will only make approximately $16k/year)

    I'm just wondering what the right percentage of state income tax would be for me.


    2 AnswersUnited States7 years ago
  • Which of these two Halloween costumes are sluttier?

    My boyfriend doesn't like the Halloween costume I want for this year, because he thinks it's too slutty.

    He doesn't have a problem with me wearing short strapless dresses any other day of the year..

    Last year I wore this indian costume

    It's just the cropped tube top, and short shorts with a fringe on the bottom, and he was perfectly fine with that.

    This is the costume I want this year. Basically the only skin showing would be my upper back and a sliver of my thighs that isn't covered by the tutu or the stockings.

    So, in your opinion, which costume is more slutty?

    4 AnswersHalloween7 years ago
  • Why is my dog acting like this?

    Lately, my one year old husky has been acting really depressed. She just lays in her bed most of the day and doesn't want to go outside or be in the livingroom with us. She just wants to be by herself in our room all day. I try to love on her and play with her all the time and give her special treats but nothing really seems to make her happy. Usually when I come home she's waiting at the door and she jumps up and gives me kisses but lately she just stays in the room. Today I tried to make her come out of the room and she got aggressive and started fighting with one of my other male huskies, and when another got too close she turned on him too. Why is she acting like this? Thanks for any info.

    3 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • No bones in a woman's hand/arm, is that really what I saw?

    A woman came into my store tonight, and it appeared as though she had no bones in her hand, or maybe her entire arm but she was wearing long sleeves so I could only see her hand and part of her wrist. But that arm didn't quite fill its sleeve like the other one. Her hand just hung limply at her side, and a couple of times she held it in her other hand behind her back and her fingers and wrist bent in a way that shouldn't have been possible. That hand was smaller, and just didn't seem solid. Like it was just skin and muscles there. Is this a real thing? If so, what is this condition? I'm incredibly curious.

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases7 years ago
  • How much should I get paid to pet/house sit?

    I'm going to be home/pet sitting for three or four days for a friend of an old friend of my mother. I will be living in and taking care of their two dogs and a pet rabbit. The problem is neither I nor my old friend want to be the one to offer up a number for compensation, as I don't want to ask for too much and he is afraid to offer too little. What would be a reasonable amount to be paid per day? The lady said she would pay me $10/day, but my friend says he isn't going to let her pay me (and I kind of thought that was a little low?)

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    6 AnswersEtiquette7 years ago
  • Puppy seems sluggish/ill after shots?

    I have a 4mo husky puppy, who just got his final set of puppy shots, as well as his rabies vaccine on Wednesday. I got him at 11 weeks, and he'd already had his first two sets, I got his 3rd set at 14 weeks and the vet wanted to do an additional set to be sure he had enough (he tore up the records the previous owner had given me..)

    ANYWAY, he's been a lot more sluggish and lazy since he got the shots on Wednesday. He had a bout of diarrhea, and isn't as playful as he usually is. He's still got an appetite (he always eats as though he's starved; voraciously) but just seems ill. Is this normal? I'm worried about my boy. We have two other huskies and they never had any negative reaction to shots.

    I intend to call the vet on Monday, but I'm just looking for a little peace of mind until then.

    Thank you for any answers you may have!

    3 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • Pain in new calf tattoo, what's normal?

    I just got my second tattoo on Wednesday, this time on the back of my left calf. The first was a large peacock spanning from midway down my upper right arm, over my shoulder and onto my shoulder blade. I thought this was going to be a much easier tattoo, but it was BY FAR worse than any part of my other tattoo. The outline was absolutely horrible and I almost stopped, but pushed through it and finished it, which only took about an hour. (My peacock was approximately 9 hours total.) The initial tattooing was horrible, and it's sore to the touch and swollen which isn't unusual. What I'm not used to, is the periodical throbbing pain in the tattoo. It's alleviated when I lift my leg up, but it happens pretty often. Lasts for a few seconds then goes away, then comes back. My tattoo artist is incredible, and I don't think he would have done anything wrong. I just want to know if it's normal or whatever. I wash it three or four times a day and use aquaphor (has worked incredibly for me thus far, so I'm sticking by it!)

    Thanks for your answers!

    1 AnswerTattoos8 years ago
  • My boyfriend was masturbating to pictures of other girls, what would you do?

    I was looking at a picture my boyfriend's friend sent him of a tornado, and when I hit back it changed to a picture of a girl exposing her breasts. When I asked him about it, he eventually confessed that he was going on a tumblr site of girls showing their boobs and that he was masturbating to them. He and I have been together for more than three years, he has countless naked pictures of me and sees me naked all the time. I have terrible self esteem problems and he knows this, but he always tells me that everything about me is perfect and that he thinks I'm the sexiest girl he's ever seen. Yet here he is getting off over looking at these random girls? I would be less hurt I think if it was typical porn, portraying sex. I've even gone down on him to lesbian porn before. But it was just random every day girls with their **** out. I just feel like I'm not good enough and that he has to seek sexual gratification elsewhere. I'm feel so betrayed, and heartbroken. It tears me up.

    What would you do? I'm not going to break up with him over it, but idk. I also sorta feel like I never want him to see me naked again haha... Help, advice? Opinions? I hate feeling like this.

    9 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • What is a good tree for the front of my house?

    My boyfriend and I are moving into our house towards the end of June, and I'd like to plant a nice shade tree in the front. We live in southern arizona, so it would have to be a hardy tree that can stand the heat. I don't want it to be overly huge, probably around 15-20 ft high would work best, with a trunk size not larger than 1-2 ft. Flowering is a plus, but not a necessity. I just want a big, beautiful tree that's not going to overpower my home and the other gardening I want to do! Thanks for your answers!

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape8 years ago