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  • I am 20 weeks pregnant. Something that looked like an alergic reaction on my stomach, turned into a bruise?

    It came out yesterday on the left sid of my stomach. I though that I either ate something that did not agree with me and have had an alergic reaction (it was red and a little bump), however, when I woke up this morning, I had a HUGE dark blue/purple bruise. I didn't hit my self, not that I remember.

    Could this be stretch marks? I mean, the bad ones, which are RED? Coult it be because my stomach is streching? I know that our bodies go through major changes when we are pregnant, and having alergic reactions to foods I was previously ok with has happened before....

    I am jst curious if someone else has expereinecd this before. This came out yesterday afternoon around 4h pm. I did have an utlrasound that morning around 8:45h so I doubt that it was the gel they use. If it was the gel, wouldn't something show sooner then 4h pm?

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  • I am looking to re-orient my career... Need Ideas... Have you got any? Need serious answers only!!!?

    I am currently in accounting and I am getting fed up of it, also can't stand being closed up in an office surrounding any more...

    I am a people person, and I can't explain how fullfield I feel when I help a person out.....It's like drugs.... I am looking to do something that where at the end of the day I feel like I've made a difference.....

    I need suggestions....I was thinking about a paramedic, but I am sure that there are so many other options out there....

    Thanks! It's greatly appreciated!

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  • Looking for nice places in Vermon to Spend a weekend with Hubby????

    Usually we would go away somewhere south, however, as we are trying to save our money to buy a house, We would like to spend a long week-end somewhere in Vermont. We are from Montreal and I've been to Vermont once and thought it was just beautiful. Specifically around the time we would like to go, wich would be in October...Can you please let me know what are some romantic places we can go? We like nature, so if we are somewhat in the mountains, it would be great, but we are open to other suggestions. Also, It would be good if there are any shopping areas around and places to visit..... Thanks to ALL !

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