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  • which shelters in cincinnati have or house train dogs?

    i love dogs, and i owned a couple before but was never able to house break my dogs, this was 5 years ago,

    now i moved into this brand new house, i want to get a dog from the shelter because i want to help, but most shelters dont house break the dogs

    i know one shelter that house breaks dogs, which is circle tail but the selection is very limited.

    i live in cincinnati and am willing to travel up to dayton or xenia if there is such a shelter that house breaks pets, that would save my day :

    so again my question is ::

    are there any shelters in cincinnati that house trains dogs?(as part of their service in spaying and such)

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  • girls...whats ur best advice to make my sweet private spot ;) smell great without irritation?

    i dont have senstive skin, but i use the bath and body works on my private spots lotions, and such, along with feminine hygene products, but it doesnt last more than 8 or 9 hours & i want it to feel fresh all day in case the occasion comes ;) i wonder if there is something that will last all day long? what enhances great scent in private spots without it being ioverpowering?

    8 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • how can i release sexual stress without cheating on my partner?

    my boyfriend doesnt approach me as much as i need him to, i tried masterbation, it didnt work. i dont know how to get this stress and tension out without hurting him or me, i feel like am bottling up things really bad, & my self esteem is in the toilet :(

    i cant approach him ,we just end up fighting & i would feel cheap after that. what do i do?

    should i try to release that stress? or it will go away like a sexual cycle or ovulating or such?

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  • how do i decrease my libido?

    i have been with my boyfriend for a year,& our libidos dont match mine is higher than his. i dont want to cheat on him, masterbation is not fulfilling, am stressed out & angry.i dont want to force him,we talked about it & he knows this is the only aspect in which we dont match.

    how can i encourage him to want sex more with out sounding like am encouraging a baby to learn how to walk!?

    or how do i decrease my libido?

    i dont want to break up with him. HELP :(

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  • as americans & new citizens applying for naturalization are we NOT allowed to have dual citizenship anymore?

    i heard that our government has changed the law and that if u are an elegible alien resident with a green card, and u apply for your american citizenship and all goes fine, in the process u have to give up your original citizenship, doesnt matter which country u are from, hence cancelling dual citizenships... it this really true?

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  • is heterosexual anal sex evil?how do i disprove this to my honey?

    i am sort of a maverick, and i think my boyfriend is not all that comfy with anal sex although i dont have a problem with it. it seems that he was raised very conservatively, and he mentioned that before. is there a way to make him more open to that?

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  • how do i increase my boyfriend's low libido?

    i have been with my boyfriend for a year and we lack privacy because of room mates and such, i generally have a higher libido, and he seems to have great self control, he didnt have sex for 3 consecutive years because he was too busy working, no he's not a workaholic, and we talked about our sexual aspect and it seems to be going in circles. he gives up on sex too easy, and he doesnt ask for it. i know he's being respective,but he's not all that demanding either. he was physically abused as a childcould this be the reason? help... it's depressing me!

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