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i am a laid back girl who loves to have fun.... i love to snow board ...i also love to party listen, to music and hang with my friends......i have 4 dogs and 2 sisters... i also play volleyball,soccer,lacrosse,basketball,and tennis

  • how do i know?

    well there is this kid richie and i like him a lot and i dream about him every night, think about him all the time.hes all i think about. when im in class i cant help but stare at him and he says hi to me everyday and smiles and stares, starts to talk to me out of no where. do i love him i dont know but i am jus wondering bc he is all i can think about and talk about for that matter. how can i tell that he likes me 2 or if he jus wants to be friends for now? i wanna know and i dont dare to tell him i like him yet bc i cant exactly trust him with that stuff yet bc over the summer my friend and i wrote him a fun litttle note and sent it to his house through mail. and ya know wat he did. he went showed his friend the notes and im not sure if any one else read them but thats half the reason why i dont know if i should tell him but he will nevr know if i dont tell him but i cant take rejection from him i like him to much to do that . so wat should i do i jus need some sugestions thnx..

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  • any one got tips for loosing wieght?

    i am in 8th grade and i way 161 i wanna lose weight i would like to weigh 105 so how do i lose weight with out diet pills in a way that it wont take so long to lose

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  • why are guys so hard to understand?

    ok me and my bffe wrote a letter to a boy over the summer one from the both of us and we were jus being nice and i thought i could trust him bc he is a really nice guy and then he goes and shows or tells one of his friends about it .....wat am i to do with him do i talk to him or wat

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  • any jesse mcartney fans?

    if ya know his yahoo messenger name pls send it to me

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  • wat should i do i nead some advice?

    i asked this boy out and he said no but he flirts with me so bad .does he like me or not how can i tell

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