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  • Moving Files From My Phone...?

    To my memory card?

    Last night, I -finally- bought a memory card for my phone, but I can't figure out how to transfer all of the files from my phone over to the card.

    Or at least the music and pictures...

    And how to make the card the default.


    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • How do I stop my hamster from...?

    My hamster absolutely will NOT stop chewing on the bars of her cage! She has plenty of items inside for her to chew on...

    At least five or six different things, randomly spread out through the cage.

    Any ideas as to how I can prevent her from doing that?

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  • Teddy Bear Hamster Help?! D:?

    So...I don't rightly know if my female teddy bear hamster is prego...

    And if she is, for how long she has been so.

    She's still incredibly active, but she is HUGE.

    Probably close to three times the size of the male.

    I was wondering if that's normal when the female gets prego or if I just have an abnomaly chunky teddy bear hamster.




    If she is prego, how do I know for how long she has been so and how to get ready for her?


    Also, would it be better to put her in a separate cage?

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  • Hairstyles?

    I have really long, thick hair...

    As in, I can sit on it and it's 3+ foot long...

    No joke.

    I'm hoping someone here knows of a site where I can go to find easy(ish) hairstyles for my hair.

    I searched it, but all the sites I found define long as right below the shoulders and the styles won't work.


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  • Animation Program?

    Does anyone know where I can find an animation program for, well, free?


    I've used the trial of Jasc Animation 3, and I must say that I loved that.


    But yeah...

    Just wondering.


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  • Drivers...?

    Okay, so I'm trying to find a driver for a Hewlett-Packard web cam...

    I can't remember the model, but it looks SIMILAR (notice I said similar) to this one.

    I was wondering, actually more like hoping that maybe someone on here'd know where I could find the driver?

    I've been looking online for over an hour and I've about had it...





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  • Erm...I got a bit of an odd question...?

    I have these...awesome pants...that I would LOVE to wear to a 4th of July thing that I'm going to...but they're a bit tight in the upper leg/thigh reigon...and like...they're not stretch jeans...another reason why I want to wear them so much...anyways...I was wonderin if like there was some way to lose some weight in the next 2 or 3 days...expecially there? Or like...a way to make my legs smaller?

    And don't even say that I'm superficial or anything like that...

    I figure that there's not...but I've always learnt that there's no prolem in asking...

    So like...advice?


    And don't be mean...I don't wanna hear it.

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  • There's a knot on my wrist...?

    I have this knot where my right hand meets my right wrist. It hurts somethin terrible when anything touches it. What might be the cause? And how to either get rid of it or help it?

    I would really appreicate helpful answers here...


    10 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • My hermit crab...?

    I recently got a hermit crab from a pet store near by. The first day and a half that I had him, he was full of energy and loved to run around. Last night he pinched me (hard) for no apparent reason, and he's hid under a rock since then. What's wrong?

    And what do I do to help him?

    Also, I was wondering what could I put in his house to make him feel more at home? Right now, I don't have the biggest house for him, but it's big enough for one hermit crab...later on when I get more, I will increase the size...anyways...right now he has some sand, a few rocks to climb on, his food, some water, a sponge, and some wood...what else can I do to make him happy? I would really appreicate some help...and general tips to take care of him...

    Please and thank you


    (And Hermie)

    5 AnswersFish1 decade ago
  • Civics paper help -- historical event?

    I have to write a story for my civics class over a historical American event. I have to make it funny, but I don't know what event to use. I was going to use the Salem Witch Trials, but that didn't work out so well...I couldn't figure out how to make it funny...=( I need suggestions for ideas that I can use. And no, I'm not trying to get out of my work, remember, I still have to WRITE the paper, just needin a topic...please and thanks.

    If you want to IM me about it --

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  • Linkin Park?

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get an ENTIRE listing of their songs??? I got some songs that I was told is Linkin Park, and I know that like 3 of them are, but the others I'm not so sure...they're newer songs...can someone pleaseeeeeeeeee help me???

    Please and thanks

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  • About the movie 300...?

    Is it true that Davey Havok (lead singer of AFI and Blaqk Audio) is in the movie 300? On the blog on the Blaqk Audio MySpace page he said that he is..."cinema to be far less violent and nationalistically charged but 300 did look pretty. It also seems to be the consensus that I did a good job playing the role of the Persian God King which makes me feel good. Though we only shot a few months I did work hard and was pretty happy with my performance even if they did make me wear those horrid surface piercings" I checked the cast, and he's not mentoned anywhere...and Xerses (or howe'er you spell it) is played by someone Please?

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Can someone please help me with this poetry?

    I need to figure out what poetic devices are being used in certain poems. And I dont understand what all there are and its confusing me. Can someone please help me out? If need be, you can IM me and Ill IM you a copy of the poem(s) and you can help me. Please Id really appreicate it. Its for an assignment due Tuesday and Ive been working on it for quite a while now, but I just cnat figure it out. My grade depends on this. And no, Im not some slacker whos trying to take the easy way out. I really am stuck. Please help me.

    My e-mail is -- Preferrably you IM me rather than IM.

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  • Poetry help?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have a poetry notebook due and I need 10 poems for it. Any suggestions? I dont want confusing stuff...cause I gotta explain what I think it means...I know, stupid eh? But please help me? It can be anything depressing, lol, that I can work with. Or some love poems. Please and thank you!

    ~~The Sharpie Fairy~~

    1 AnswerOther - Education1 decade ago
  • Concerning AFI's MTV performance....?

    Can anyone tell me the 2 songs that AFI performed at MTV's New Years Party thing this year? Im really curious as to what the first one was, Id never heard it before. If you can help me, please and thank you!

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  • English help?

    Tomorrow I have a BIG english makeup test...I didnt do so well on my last one - no one did. And I just dont seem to understand it. Its over noun clauses, adverb clauses, adjective clauses, relative pronouns, all that stuff. Can someone PLEASE help me? Im not looking for answers, just help and like hints to remember it.

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  • MySpace help?

    How do I change my backgound image? I know the one I want, and I got the code for it -- least the site I got it from says itll work. Now how do I get it on? I went to the FAQ section, and that was no help. Please help me? Im confused...thanks in advance!

    5 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • I need to find...?

    I need to find a site where I can find the obituaries for some of my family. I have the names and some of the birthdates, while on the others, I only have the death date. Can you please help me by giving me a site where I can find these and not have to pay? I really appreicate it --- Please and thank you!

    5 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago
  • Song writing hints? Please?

    Okay...well..Im a writer kinda...but I cant seem to write songs. I can write poems and stories...just not songs. And (not tryin to sound all full of myself or anything) Ive been told that some of the poems were good and Ive won about 3 awards in the past years or so without even trying. Im tryin to write some songs for a friend of mine for a project we're workin on and I need some ideas...Can you help me? Just like...writing something like that? Id really appreicate it.

    Thanks In Advance

    The Sharpie Fairy

    3 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • I need a topic...?

    Okay...I have a speech paper due like...tomorrow. I would of had it done already but i cant think of a topic!!! It has to be an informative paper and school presentable. I have to be able to find info for the topic in encyclopedias, online, magazines, books, whatever way I can find it....sad thing is...I can only have one online resourse (I need to have 5) unless...its an online can you help me? I usually have this kinda thing done...but Im stuck and cant think of a youre reading this and have a topic idea for me...please let me know...

    Appropriate Topics i paper...

    If you prefer, you can IM me...Ill be on messenger for a while (its zalecyn)(figure you know...just sayin)

    4 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago