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  • Should I use "of" or "with"?

    Which sentence is grammatically correct:

    "I have a familiarity of the patrons."

    "I have a familiarity with the patrons."

    Or are they both correct? If you have an online link explaining the rule, that would be helpful as well.

    Thank you

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  • How do I keep insects from coming in my house?

    It's summer, and I have a problem with various bugs creeping in. i think they are coming through my ill-fitting screens.

    I'd like to keep them from coming into the house. However, I have both indoor and outdoor cats so I don't want to leave poison lying around. Besides, it's much nicer just to repel the insects rather than killing them.

    Is there anything I can place around the windows that won't harm the cats and preferably won't kill the bugs, but will keep them from coming inside?

    They seem to be mostly flying beetles, usually brown or black. I'd love to keep out mosquitoes and other creepy-crawlies too.

    Thank you!

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  • How can I keep my cats' water from freezing?

    I take care of several outdoor cats. I keep their food and water on my porch. It's starting to get cold outside and their water has been turning to ice. Is there anything I can put in the water to keep it from freezing that won't harm the cats? Is there some kind of product that I'm unaware of? Or am I stuck changing their water several times a day for the rest of the winter?

    Also, is it okay if the water is warm (not hot)? Will it hurt them at all?

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