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  • Can some help me find a Twilight Fanfiction story I read and can't remember the author or title?

    The story goes like this:

    Bella, Rose and Alice are room mates in college. Rose gets pregnant by Emmett and that forces all of them to become involved with Emmetts friends, Edward and Jasper. Edward is an artist/pothead and Jasper is silly and fun. Edward is very funny and very chill/zen (he is a pothead afterall) Emmett and Rose go through ups and downs of being together or not. Edward and Bella start a relationship that quirky and fun. Jasper and Alice start seeing one another on the low so no one knows about it. In the end Rose and Emmett have the baby and live together. Edward and Bella move in together and so forth... Anyone? Can you link it if you know it, It's on Fanfiction somewhere, I just can't find it.

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  • Is there a website that you can post photos of your yourself in outfits and get advice?

    If there was that would be really helpful for me because I do well with the basics but I always need help accessorizing

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  • Is Vancouver the Hollywood of Canada?

    Just curious because it seems like a lot of actors and movies come out of that part of Canada.

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  • what is a large yellow pill that has a p with an arrow above it and an 043 below it.?

    Found this pill and was wondering what it was. to bad we can't add pictures. It's a fairly large pill, about a half an inch wide.

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  • Almond Bark?

    I have been givensome almond bark and I'm not sure what to do with it. Any good recipes? I haven't foudn anything great yet.

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  • Sewing question?

    My sewing machine keeps making big loops in the thread every few stitches. What do I do to fix it? What's the problem?

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  • How do I deal with a step daughter?

    I am 27 years old. My step-daughter is 18. It has been rough dealing with her. She has lived with us since she was 16 and when she first moved in she lied and drank and stayed out all the time. She learned quickly that these things did not fly around here. We grounded her for most of her crap and that was a culture shock for her because she hadn't been grounded since she was 7 years old.

    Her mother was more of a friend to her than a mother. She was a single mother basically and worked alot. I am not anything like that. I stay at home. I am very attentive and nosy. I always know what is going on in my home and I always know when she is lying.

    She didn't graduate on time because her mother allowed her to miss so much school and now she is my house another year while she finishes her Senior year which should have been done last year.

    My question is how do I curb this lying. I need more proof than intuition. Any suggestions?

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  • Puppy with a vaginal discharge.?

    I feel wrong even writing that. ANyhow, my new puppy is 3 months old and she has had this slimy discharge literally hanging from her nonie. I have to wipe it off with a tissue. What is this? Why does it keep coming back? It's happened like three times in two weeks. I tried to google it but all I got was stuff about being in heat and I think she is to young for that. HELP! My vet is not in town for another two weeks.

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  • Trying again. GEMINI MOM and Libra Daughter?

    Can anyone give me a reading of these two signs compatibility as mother and daughter? Mom's birthday is June 13, 1979 Hobbs, NM @ 7:04 am and the daughter is October 17, 2003 Elyria, OH @ 3:12 pm.

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  • Gemini Mom~Libra Daughter?

    Can anyone give me a reading of these two signs compatibility as mother and daughter? Mom's birthday is June 13, 1979 Hobbs, NM @ 7:04 am and the daughter is October 17, 2003 Elyria, OH @ 3:12 pm.


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  • Why have so many crimes been committed in April?

    I have noticed that many high profiled crimes have been committed in April or the people who have committed them have been executed in April. What is it about this month?

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