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  • Which of the two 13' Macbook Pro option is better?

    Which of the two is better overall?

    A pre-configured base model 13' Macbook Pro (2.3 GHz i5, with 500GB HDD, and 8GB of RAM)? Or the next level, stock 13' Macbook Pro (2.7 Ghz i7, with 500GB HDD, and 4GB of RAM)? The preconfigured one is priced at $1449, while the next level 13' stock MBP is $1499. So that's a 50$ difference.

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  • Do you think she likes me (or could somehow, possibly love me too?)?

    I've known this girl for quite sometime, and to be honest, I quickly fell in love with her because of her easy-going, carefree, and fun-to-be-with personality (not to mention, she being cute too). The thing is, she's committed to her boyfriend of 4 years. We continued to be as friends, we talked for hours over the phone, frequently shared some text messages, until sometime later, I finally confessed my feelings for her.

    Things didn't change between us. She thanked me for being honest, and decided not too avoid me after my confession. We continued to be friends with me falling deeper for her as time flies by. Even before my confession, I already did a lot of stuff like surprising her most of the time. We were friends, and yet, I do things as if I'm courting her (which is true btw... I just didn't tell her that I'm actually courting her).

    We really enjoyed each other's company... until somewhere in between, she told me that I was the only guy that does those things to her. She also told me that I was her best guy friend. She also sent me a text message asking me why am I loving her that much, and of all the girls in the world, why she. I was persistent. I continued to love her even if she has a boyfriend. I hold her hand most of time, hug her, and there was also a time that I kissed her. She said she's just being casual when I hold her hand and hug her (I don't buy that crap btw.)

    To complicate things a little more, her bestfriend likes me... and the bestfriend knows about my feelings for her.

    This really made me more persistent... I know that deep inside of her, she also has feelings for me. The signs are there and she keeps telling me that I'm a very special friend. Do you think she likes me (or could possibly love me too?)

    I'm having a strong gut feeling that she is. The problem is, she just can't show it to me, maybe because she is committed, and is also concerned with the feelings of her bestfriend.

    Btw, she told me she tells everything that I do to her boyfriend (which I doubt btw... she tells her boyfriend that I constantly hold her hand and hug her? And even one time, kissed her? I don't think so.)

    What do you think guys? Thanks to those who will give their opinion.

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  • The Perfect Graphic Design Laptop?

    I'm a full-time graphic designer and I'm having a hard time deciding which is the best laptop for my profession. Most of my friends keep telling me that I should go with a Mac (because according to them, the industry just calls for it), but the problem is, I really love the flexibility of a Windows OS to different kinds of third party design software.

    The major disadvantage of a PC is of course... viruses, while I hear rumors that Adobe Software such as Photoshop, Indesign, or Illustrator consumes more RAM on a Mac Platform.

    What should I get? If you think I should go with a PC, is there one out there that perfectly meets the "Graphic Design" requirement?

    Oh I almost forgot! I also do 3D modeling on the side - but it's not that necessary anyway.

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  • Where does the quarantined items go?

    If I uninstall a particular anti spyware or antivirus program with quarantined threats on its quarantined folder, where does the quarantined files go? Is it sent back to their original locations, or it goes away together with the software they were quarantined with?

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  • Are these virus or an OS problem?

    1. ctrl + alt + del doesn't work. It displays "Registry editing disabled by Administrator" even I'm the Administrator.

    2. Programs are malfunctioning. Everytime I open or install a program (e.g. an antivirus software) the installation window always disappear in the middle of the installation process. Some programs are still running, but is still hidden the background. I can't open the registry since its also disabled.

    3. Windows "Search" function is also disabled. Everytime i open the search utility, the window displays nothing but the white space and that annoying "search dog".

    One friend told me that this virus called "w32.blastclan.b" is the reason for #1. He also added that there are also other viruses that are affecting my system. Do you know what kind of virus is responsible for number 2 and 3?

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  • CD File Burning Problem?

    I always have this problem everytime I back-up my files by CD-burning it. However, out of the last 8 attempts, only 2 were successful "burns". I never changed the settings but I wonder what's making it fail. It really pisses me off, because I would like wait for 18-20 minutes for the CD to be "burned" then after the session, the CD would still be blank.

    Oh I almost forgot... I'm using Nero 6, and a built-in Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2312 DVD-RW drive on my Laptop

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  • Something's Eating my Hard Drive!!! Help!?

    My laptop's hard drive space is 40GB, and it's already on a critical level of under 5GB. I removed some unnecessary files already, but something somewhere is eating up my Hard Drive space! It's chunking out an average of 30-50 megabytes of memory a day, and I can't pinpoint where the scrap files are building up!

    I noticed suspicious, blurred transparent folders with random numbers as their label under the "WINDOWS" folder, but I can't erase those coz it might ruin the entire system.

    I'm confused, and it's getting on my nerves. I can't pinpoint which files are scrap, and those that are not.

    What do you think causes the continuous loss of my Hard Drive memory? And if you do, I need a solution FAST!


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  • I'm a graphic designer and I archive my files using yahoo mail...?

    I frequently archive and store my files on my Yahoo! Mail account other than my computer and my flash disk. Am I at risk of losing those files stored on my mail if ever?

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  • What is an "Acrolein Test"?

    What is an "Acrolein Test"? I heard this somewhere when I was watching this program on Discovery Channel. Just curious, hope you guys can answer. Thanks!

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  • Teaching her "Mature Love 101"?

    Me and my ex-girlfriend were together when she was still 14 and I was 16. After breaking up (it only lasted for 2 months), things are getting better again after 4 years. I'm 20 and she's 18. The problem is, she's still stuck to being "14 y/o". She still acts a little childish, tells exaggerated stories a lot, or in other words, she's still immature.

    The big question is, how can I bring her to the next level of having a relationship, the mature way, without pushing her too much. I mean, hey, she's 18 already and she's still conscious of the "kissing" and the "holding hands" stuff. C'mon...

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  • For smallville and non-smallville enthusiasts...?

    If the smallville series is over, would it still be a good idea if WB will still produce a new Superman series, with the same cast of smallville of course.

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  • Converting MS Visual Basic codes to MS Visual C++ codes?

    How can i convert MS visual basic codes to Visual c++ codes?

    I know that they have the same logic, but their syntax isn't. Can somebody tell me the equivalent c++ syntax in visual basic syntaxes?

    If you want, you may tell me a good resource site for my problem...

    I need help ASAP


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  • Help with this simple Turbo C++ problem URGENT!!!?

    I need the codes for this simple problem using Turbo C++. Thanks!

    "Create a program that will arrange numbers from 1 to 9 in an array of 3 rows and 4 columns. This is similar to a cell phone game called rotation:

    9 5 4

    1 3 2

    6 8 7

    Input 1st number to rotate: 9

    Input 2nd number to rotate: 5

    Input 3rd number to rotate: 3

    Input 4th number to rotate: 1

    Rotate how many times (1-3)? 1

    1 9 4

    3 5 2

    6 8 7

    Input 1st number to rotate: 5

    Input 2nd number to rotate: 2

    Input 3rd number to rotate: 7

    Input 4th number to rotate: 8

    Rotate how many times (1-3)? 3

    Press [Y/y] to continue? Y

    1 9 4

    3 2 7

    6 5 8

    Continue the process until the array would look like this:

    1 2 3

    4 5 6

    7 8 9

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  • How will you know if a girl/woman likes you?

    The female specie is a mystery to most men. How will you know if a girl/woman likes you? (Speaking in male's point of view of course...)

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