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  • Question on nickname?

    I am trying to come up with a nickname that can be used for Sienna. We call her Cece, but do you think Cece/Sisi is a viable name that she could go by while in school?

    Do you think 'Shae' is too far off for Sienna?

    I am considering calling her by her middle name of Kate?

    (Please don't respond if your going to give me an off the wall answer.)

    Thanks :)

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  • Please tell me which name you like better?

    Sienna or Kate? Last name is McCarty..


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  • Do you like William Beckett from TAI?

    What do you think of him? If you don't know who is his, The Academy Is is an awesome band he is in!

    Please share if you know his address, or any thoughts you may like to share on William Beckett!!

    Thx ~ Callie

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  • Question on nickname for Sienna?

    I have 2 daughters: Callista who goes by Callie 100% of the time, and Sienna. We call her Cece usually. Do you think as she gets in school, that this is a viable name for her to go by or too babyish? If so, how would you spell it?

    2nd part to my question, do you think Sienna is more commonly used by one race than another?

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  • Question on the name Sienna?

    My daughter is 2 and her name is Sienna Kate. I often call her Sisi Kate or Sienna Kate. I am starting to wonder if 'Kate' might be a better name for her to go by regularly. Her siblings are Callie and Chase and I think that may go better also?

    I wonder if I should give her the choice when she starts school if she'd like to be called Kate or Sienna or how to approach it?

    Please don't respond if you're going to brass, just looking for an opinoin.

    Thanks :)

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  • Is it wrong for Grandma to cry in front of child?

    We used to live in Las Vegas but moved back to Midwest to avoid crime and find better education/values, about a year ago.. My inlaws still live there and my 9 year old daughter has a close relationship with my MIL. She recently went to visit her and had a blast, swimming, shopping, seeing her old friends. etc.

    Well, my MIL was crying her eyes out in front of my daughter on the day she was leaving (today) because she misses her. Then, my daughter calls me crying and angrily asking why am I forcing her to live in IL when she hates it and loves Vegas.

    Is it wrong for Grandma to be crying when child is leaving? I feel like it only makes it worse and it is almost like brain-washing since the Grandma would love for us to move back.

    I'm really upset because I feel like it turns my daughter against me.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Anyone worked for Bella Pictures as consultant?

    I have an interview with Bella Pictures as a Wedding Photography Consultant. Has anyone worked for them in this position and how did you like the job/income ??

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  • How much do funeral sales couselors earn?

    I am interested in the Funeral & Cemetery business.. I have seen job postings for SCI and Carriage. Do you know how much these counselors/sales positions average for income$$, and also how much a sales manager would earn?? I really have no clue of a range.

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  • Does anybody have Partick Stump's #?

    I love the band Fall Out Boy and my dream is to talk to or meet one of those guys . . . So if someone knows it please tell.

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  • Are webkinz better than neo pets?

    My daughter says that she wants 3 webkinz for her b-day and some neo pets too. I only have enough money to buy one or the other. What should I do?

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  • White antique cabinets with oak floor?

    We may be buying a home that has medium brown oak floors, with some auburn/reddish tones in it. The kitchen cabinets are this same color, and I think it's a little too much brown wood with the combo of the floor.. So I'm considering doing all white antique cabinets in the kitchen.

    Do you think this white cabinetry would look good with a brownish-red oak floor ?

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  • Purchasing new house with oak trim. Help!?

    We are thinking of buying a new house that has all oak trim. Even though this is a pricey trim, I am very on the fence about it. It looks great, but I don't know if I will run into trouble decorating.

    Opinions on white vs. oak??

    Does anyone know how much it runs to replace trim?

    I don't know if it's too daunting a task that we ought to find another house with white trim.

    2ndly, what do you think of the looks of oak doors with all white trim (if we just kept the doors as is).. ?

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  • Do you like the name Skylar?

    What comes to mind when you hear this name?

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  • I need ideas for my daughter's 8th birthday party?

    This is my daughter's 1st home-party, and I am clueless what to do with these girls! There will be 4-8 girls who are 7/8 yrs old. Besides food, movies, and twister..what are some other party ideas??

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  • Suggestions for boy names...?

    Hi there, I have been agonizing over trying to find the perfect boy name, and especially one that will go with our daughter Sienna.

    Chase has been at the top of our list.. though we'd love to hear additional suggestions, or do you think that Sienna and Chase is the right sibset?

    TIA :)

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  • Question on Autumn...?

    I really like this name. However, our last name is McCarty. Do you think "Autumn McCarty" blends too much when said aloud? Since it's ends with an M sound, and begins with an M, I thought it may mush together?

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  • River or Chase?

    Hi, we're expecting a boy and I really like both these names. Our daughter's name is Sienna. Please tell me which do you like better and why?

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  • When will the Stardust be leveled?

    Anyone know when exactly, or a date?

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  • Painting while preggers?

    I am interested in either painting my house or hiring someone. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to inhale the fumes of paint? Has anyone painted while prego?

    4 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Can you sleep on your stomach when pregnant?

    I am 5 months and am most comfortable when sleeping on my stomach. Is this safe?? Has anyone gotten any advice about this from their doctor?

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