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  • What rap song that came out around 1985 that had church bells in the beginning?

    I think it was from a breakdancing movie but I can't remember which one.

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  • Should I be honest with my friend or say nothing at all?

    I have a very good friend I've know for over 20 years. We are both 33 and she has never had a serious BF. She started dating someone two months ago and said "HE IS THE ONE." I am happy for her...however...he has no stability in his life, no job, no license, no car, no future. She does well in her life and always has. She recently sent me an email telling me they were moving into together and wanted my reaction. Should I tell her the harsh truth (which she knows I always do) or should I simply say "Good luck"? Dating someone and moving too fast is fine. Dating someone and moving in with them with the high possibility of financially supporting him is another. I just don't want her hurt FINANCIALLY.

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  • Is forgiveness possible between old friends? No matter what happened...?

    I am 31, had 3 very good friends I've known since hs. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in Feb '07. I've been going thru chemo "cocktails". I explained to everyone in my life that I had cancer. However I have NEVER wanted yes...pity NO. To say that I downplay my symptoms is an understatement. I let people know what is going on in my life...but I keep it to a minimum as to not get them worried. And it helps ME to put a smile on. So the 3 of them got together and decided...I had made up having cancer for "attention." They called my parents and told them their "theory" under the guise of being "concerned." I was shocked. I mean STUNNED. I have since began speaking to 1 of them who apologized to me and said they were sorry and believed me. The other two never made ANY attempts at all but tell the one I do speak to "Will she speak to us?" I am not LIVID anymore but I don't feel I am the one that needs to start this process. I did nothing. Help? Anyone?

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  • What is there to do in Milwaukee, WI??

    I am staying in Milwaukee until Wednesday with a group of 10 people...we really need to find something to do off the beaten track. We have baseball games to attend but need other things to do. We are staying about 5 miles north of the downtown area. Any suggestions would be helpful...thanks!!

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  • When should you tell someone you are pregnant?

    This is pretty complicated...I am three months pregnant. Shortly after the baby was conceived I stopped all communication with the father-to-be for very good, legitimate reasons (not knowing I was pregnant). No kind of physical abuse but alot of emotional abuse. I had known him for a very long time beforehand. I have waited in telling him because I have had a miscarriage before and I wanted to make sure I was going to have the baby before contacting him. So far everything is just perfect with the pregnancy and now I am starting to think about when I should contact him. I have alot of feelings about HIM that won't go away...anger, hurt, disappointment and alot of emotional issues that I am in therapy for. I don't want to ever contact him but I do know that this is something that is beyond me and it is the only right answer for the child in this situation. Should I contact him asap or wait until after the baby is born? Serious answers only please. Thank you.

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  • Fly problem getting worse...HELP!?

    I have never had a fly problem in my life ever. A month ago our city was out of electricity for 5+ days so all the windows and doors were open. I have been fighting them ever since. I am a clean freak. No garbage sits around or anything like that. I do have animals though. So I clean the litter box once a day and my rabbit's cage TWICE a day. I have used fly swatters (the only sure method) and fly strips and fly motels. Nothing is working! And I'm going out of my mind. I'm obsessed with their annihilation. I think I've killed them all and then within a week there are 20 more!!! I just went away for a few days and came home and there are TONS of them. So I took my animals to another location, put off TWO "bombs" and now I am cleaning and notice three of them flying around AFTER the "bombs" were set off!! How can I get rid of them for good??!!?!?! They aren't your run of the mill house fly either. They are like gnats of some sort. "Baby flies" if anything. Thanks.

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  • Spike Lee's "Inside Man"...I'm confused! Help!?

    I have watched this movie now THREE times and I can't find an answer to this simple question (if you haven't seen it...leave this page now!). When it all unravels...they don't explain how Clive Owen's character even KNEW about the security deposit box with the "secret" document and the jewels. If the bank president opened it in 1948 as a good hiding place and was the only person who knew it was did Owen's character find out?? If Owen's just "researched" very still doesn't make sense because why didn't anyone else find out over the years! Did I miss it??

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  • Thoughts on the Theory of Attraction...?

    I remember when I was in undergrad we studied the Theory of Attraction. I know this is going to make me sound shallow but oh well. One tenet of the theory is that men are physically attracted to women that they feel are their "equal." Meaning...most couples are generally "equal" in level of attractiveness. I know that this doesn't apply to EVERYONE (because we all have examples of dorky men with models). But as I look at my own relationships and all relationships of people I seems to be very accurate. There are a few odd ones though. Men that are very attractive by anyone's standards but are with women that are clearly NOT attractive. Since men are more "visual" and rank physical attractiveness higher than women...what is the deal? You are probably thinking maybe I shouldn't try to base relationships on psychological theories? I just want to know what I am missing? Yes love is a factor...but INITIALLY it isn't. It is physical attractiveness and then grows from that

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  • How can someone find comfort from this quote?

    I always hear people telling others (and to me at times) "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was." Maybe I am looking at it wrong but I don't find it comforting at all! Maybe someone can provide insight that I'm overlooking.

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  • Is chronic fatigue normal at this point?

    I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am experiencing CHRONIC fatigue. I can barely keep my eyes open most of the day. I just want to sleep or at the very least lay down. I was feeling okay up until the results came back from my blood test and it seems like after that I felt all this so I thought it was psychosomatic or something? My ob-gyn told me that this is normal and everything is just fine...but it doesn't feel like it. I may be paranoid because I have had a miscarriage. Did anyone else feel like this, this early on??

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  • Is there a way a person can read a myspace blog that is restricted to friends only?

    I have a question. Recently someone had been reading my blog that I did not want to be reading it (I didn't know that if your name wasn't attached to it or your email it can still be searched). So I moved to MySpace where you can restrict access to your blog. Does anyone know is there a way to "get around this" feature? I just want to make sure that it is actually restricted. Thanks!

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  • What is the title of this children's book?

    I read a book as a child that I can't remember the title of. It has to be K-2 level...basic illustrations that resembled WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS (but only a little bit) and a few lines of text on each page. The main character I THINK was named MYRA (but I am really not that certain). She was VERY odd looking, pudgy, wearing a pink tutu. She was the only character in the book. In the book she goes through these adventures and dances around on each page. I know this sounds like a very odd book but I really can't remember much...only one page is VERY vivid. She is swaying into the shape of a tree and her hair becomes the branches. I KNOW it was popular in the 70s and 80s but I can't find any reference to it! Can anyone help???

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