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  • Excuses for leaving school early?

    So me and my friend want to hang out after school, it finished at 4:20 but you have to stay another hour for no reason. You can only leave if you have a valid reason. What are some good ‘valid’ reasons that we could use that would be convincing enough for both of us to have to go at the same time? Thanks :)

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  • help with hamster name?

    I recently got a male Syrian hamster which is 9 weeks old, and I m not sure what to call him. he is a very dark brown and looks a bit like a mole. I am considering naming him mole but I wanted to hear some other suggestions or variations of the name mole beforehand. thanks

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  • Really scared hamster?

    Hi guys,

    I recently got my new hamster and I was wondering if anyone had some tips. My hamster is a five week old Syrian female and she is super scared whenever I even come close to the cage she runs and hides. I want to tame her so I wanted to know if anyone had any tips on how to get her to be a little less scared. Thanks

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  • my hamster attacked and latched onto my thumb :(?

    I was trying to teach my hamster to come to me when called and when he came up to me I would give him treat. I went to my room and let him play in my hands and did the same thing, I gave him a treat and started putting him in his cage when he bit down really hard on my thumb piercing the skin and wouldn't let go. how could I prevent this from happening again? and how could I teach him not to bite?

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  • I need help with my Syrian hamster?

    my hamster has a dry dark brown patch on his bum and im not sure what it is. I have tried looking on hamster forums and searching it up but nothing comes up. I can't take him to a vet, so that isn't an option. does anyone have a clue on what this could be?

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  • When can you call a hamster tame?

    I see all these videos on how to tame your hamster but when can you call the taming process done? I just want to know some opinions on what a tame hamster is. I have a 4 month old male Syrian hamster, who is happy to be held, doesn't bite, and can be held on his back for health checks, although really squirmy. he is very energetic so he can be stroked but would rather run in my hands.

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  • Attachment image

    new hamster bottle?

    I recently got my hamster a new water bottle but it is different to the one before, will he learn how to use it?

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  • Hamster standing on hind legs?

    Just a question, when my hamster stands on his back legs does it mean that he wants to be picked up? Is this true? Btw when I put my hands in after he does this he happily climbs up

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  • What to do WHEN a hamster bites you?

    Hi everyone, I’ve looked everywhere to find out what to do WHEN a hamster bites you but all I get is how to prevent it like ‘wash your hands’, ‘don’t touch it when it’s sleepy’ etc. What I really want to know is how to react! Do I put my hamster down? Keep playing? Do I leave it alone? Do I carry on like I left off? Please help me I really want to know how to react when it happens! Thank yyyyoooouuuuuu

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  • How to stop being scared of my hamster?

    I have a three month old Syrian hamster, I’ve had him for a few weeks now and I can pick him up, play with him, let him run in my hands etc. But he always wants to bite my thumbs and I don’t understand how to teach him not to, he doesn’t seem to want to bite anything else except for my thumbs and sometimes my fingers, also what do I do when he does bite? Is there a certain way to teach him that he shouldn’t do it instead of just blowing on his face?

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  • Is there a certain thing hamsters do before biting?

    Sometimes when I play with my hamster he stops running over my hands and will stop and sniff my thumb, when this happens I put him straight back in his cage in case he bites me. Is this the right thing to do? And is sniffing a warning sign before they bite? Thank you

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  • my hamster keeps biting its cage and I've tried everything!?

    I have a three month old Syrian hamster who is a big bar chewer. I have looked everywhere for answers and have tried olive oil, lemon juice, chew toys on the bars and nothing works. I know that your supposed to get a tank but we just bought this barred cage, and I don't want a bin cage and glass tanks are much too expensive. the cage is a good size 50cm x 80cm and yes he has chew toys. please help I really want him to stop doing it.

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  • my hamster has bitten me and I m scared?

    I have a 3 month old Syrian hamster who is really friendly, I ve had him for about a week but since day one he has loved being handled. a few days ago he bit me and drew blood, but was fine afterwards. he bit me again today and drew blood. its really strange because he will stand on his back paws in the cage begging to be picked up and will follow my hands around urging me to pick him up but when I do I m scared he will bite me because he keeps sniffing my hand.

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