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  • Am I feeding my toddler enough?

    I am new at this baby thing so bear with me please if this is a stupid question. I would love insight from other 18 mo girl has finally arrived home from foster care (her father passed away and we were finally able to bring her home from that awful place). She has only been home for 4 days and I am trying to figure out a feeding/snacking schedule for a kid. This is what I have been doing so far


    Bowl of oatmeal with half banana and cup of milk at 8:30-39 am (she falls asleep at approx 11:45-noon for 1 hour and 1/2)


    Pb&J sandwich and other banana half with a cup of apple juice seriously diluted with water between 1-2

    Snack of Teddy Graham's or Goldfish at 5:30 with a cup of water


    Mac n Cheese and side of mixed veggies or broccoli at 7:30 pm

    Bath and then put to bed by 8:30

    This is a sample schedule with a LOT OF WATER mixed with apple juice or plain water thru the day. She might get an additional snack if we step out for frozen yogurt or something. She actually wants to eat quite often and I don't want to deprive her but I also don't want to over feed her. Is this too little or enough? What does your toddler eat daily?

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  • Changing a child's name?

    We have just been made legal guardians. The baby is in a foster home now and will be placed with my husband and I in a week or so. The baby is a family member only a year of age. Her father (my cousin) passed away, and her mother is in jail but has never been a part of the baby's life. We have already been told that we will be asked to adopt as soon as the mothers parental rights are terminated. The baby currently has a really bad name...and I mean really bad! Her name is Tazer!!! I don't want her growing up with this name. Can I change her name as soon as she gets here in a few days or do I have to wait for adoption?

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  • Is it tacky to have a baby shower for an almost 2 year old?

    Technically, we are not yet in the adoption process but we will be adopting her as soon as the mothers rights have been terminated. The baby is actually a family member who is currently in foster care. My husband and I have gone through the process (home study, background investigation, etc) in order to get her out of foster care but currently, it's only considered "relative placement". Her bio mom is in jail and has never been a part of the baby's life and her father, my cousin, has recently passed away. I am certain that we will have the baby in our home permanently and very soon. My family keeps telling me to have a "baby shower" to get some of the things that she will need. We have already purchased most of the big ticket items (furnishings for her new room, car seat) but what else will we need? Maybe clothing, swim pampers, shoes, etc. would it be weird to allow them to throw a shower in this case?

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  • How many visits need to be done for the completion of an adoption home study...?

    And what does this process entail? I have a dog...will that be a problem?

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  • How long does it take to get the baby back home with her family?

    This is a spin off of a question asked a month ago. My little cousin is in Foster care because her father passed away. He had sole custody of her and one day while they were in a store, he went into cardiac arrest. She ended up being taken by the system on that day, back in March of this year. He died but was resuscitated but needed to have therapy and a full time nurse. He was unable to get the baby back but a few days after the cardiac arrest, I expressed interest in getting the baby until he gets better. Last month, my cousin ended up dying. I have been trying to get her back home with family since March and still nothing. The baby is only 1 y/o and I am devastated that she is still in Foster care. We are only waiting on the home study and background investigation to be completed in order to bring her home and we still have not heard from anyone regarding this. I have called, harassed, written everyone I can think of but to no avail! Her current Foster mom is fighting to keep her and has tried to put a stop to our visitations. We have to travel 5 hours each way to visit the baby and we are only given two hours each visit. What can we do? Please help me figure out who to contact, who to write, who to call to bring her home! They are taking their sweet time because it is not a priority to them. Please tell me how I can have this process expedited and bring our baby cousin home?

  • Now that he's deceased what happens?

    My cousin has abused alcohol and drugs for most of his life. A few months ago he went into cardiac arrest and died but was resuscitated. Since then, he has still been abusing alcohol and has recently started using his prescription meds in an abusive way. Problem is, he has a 1 year old daughter who went into foster care after his heart attack and I have been trying to foster her until he was able to get his life together but the process has been long and strenuous. Well at 1 oclock this morning, he was crossing the street (no doubt he was doing drugs or drinking) and was killed. My family is in mourning right now but I am so concerned about the baby. Will the process to get her out of foster care be faster now? He had custody of her because her mother abandoned her and her mother is now in prison.

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  • Dog developed severe separation anxiety...HELP PLEASE?

    My 10 y/o yorkie has just recently, over the last month, developed what I consider severe separation anxiety. She has always had free reign of our home until recently when we purchased a brand new leather sofa. She is not allowed on the couch and destroyed our last sofa with stains and vomit because of her sensitive tummy. We purchased the new sofa and paid a very pretty penny for it. I also purchased an expensive wooden pet gate (it had to be special order because of the wide space I was blocking) in order to corden her off away from the sofa. Before the fence arrived she had already scratched the new sofa in several place jumping on and off of it when we were away. On the second day of using the fence she nearly scratched and chewed her way thru one of the wooden bars! We decided to put her in the bathroom and she has scratched the paint from the entire bottom of the bathroom door. Ysterday, I had to leave home and I reluctantly put her in the bathroom again only to come home and find the bathroom door more damaged but even more, she had deficated and smeared it all over the tile! This is a first as she has been house trained for several years! I am at my wits end and have ordered a product called L-Theanine for calming her but would like to use this as a last resort. Anyone else experienced and solved this issue without medicating your dog? Please help?

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  • Would you gain weight for him/her?

    My sister got married a few years ago to a "large" man. He weighs over 300lbs and he cooks most of their meals because he cooks really well. When they met my sister weighed around 160lbs at 5ft 4. Over the past few years, with all the cooking he does, she gained 15 lbs and has been VERY unhappy with her appearance. She didn't like her previous weight before they got married and now she's just downright unhappy. Lately, she has signed up for a gym membership and has began eating meals separate from what he cooks which are lighter in fats etc. Since she joined the gym and began dieting, she has been losing weight and is almost back to 160. Well he is not happy with her weight loss and told her that he does not like skinny women and he is no longer physically attracted to her. He told her that she is being unfair by losing weight because she knew that he does not like thin women and he told her when they met that she was too skinny for him. She was also diagnosed with hypertension but he doesn't care much about health issues. He wants to eat what he likes without any concern and wants his wife to do the same and feels she should gain the weight back. Would you gain it back for your marriage?

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  • How much of a tip would you have left?

    Me and a girlfriend stayed at a 5 star resort. We had separate rooms and she allowed housekeeping in everyday but I couldn't because the hotel was pet friendly so I brought my dog. Although housekeeping didn't come in, I left a $20 tip at the end of the stay. Also, at the pool, we ordered lunch and drinks and my check totaled $38. I left a $10 tip on that check. On our last night in town and after we checked out of the hotel, we went to dinner and I tipped $12 on a $43 check and my friend said to me that she had had enough and that I am a horrible tipper. Really, I tipped more than 20% and the only good service was at the pool. I'm not rich, I saved up for that trip. Was I really a bad tipper? Everyplace else we ate was fast food or room service (which I also left similar tips).

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  • She's dying. What type of gift to give her for Christmas?

    My mother in law was diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer which has already metastasized. The doctor told us she may not make it another six months. My husband and I live 11 hours away from where she lives and we are going to be with her for Christmas. We are both very saddened by this but we want to make this Christmas a memorable one for everyone and as "happy" as possible under the circumstances. WHat type of gift could be given to her as this will undoubtedly be our last holiday together? We are both at a loss here and have no idea what we can do for her. Any creative ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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  • I have an incredibly serious fear of big cockroaches and I live in South Florida near the Everglades...?

    I have lived in my current home for 7 years and I surprisingly have not had many problems with bugs in my home. Usually during the rainy season, there will be a few cockroaches that come up through the drain in the first floor bathroom so I avoid that bathroom altogether because it's small and I may seriously injure myself in such a small space if I see a cockroach in there. I don't know where this fear comes from but it is more along the lines of a PHOBIA! My question is how do I avoid them getting into my home through the drain. A few minutes ago I saw one crawling on the floor outside of the bathroom and I nearly lost my mind. I do not have any bug spray so I sprayed it to death with Febreze!!!! I need to know if there is anything I can put down the drain to keep them from even coming up? Is there a home product that I can use? A tablet or something?

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  • Could it be possible that my own sister is jealous of me?

    My oldest sister is seemingly jealous of me. I have over-looked certain things for years refusing to believe that this could be the case but certain things are hard to ignore. For example, many years ago, without mentioning it to my family, I randomly decided to cut off all of my hair and then 2 days later, my oldest sister went out and got the same exact cut. When I got married six years ago my father and I were having our traditional father-daughter wedding dance and as soon as the music ended, she ran up to the dance floor and demanded the DJ to play another song and said aloud, "I wanna dance with MY daddy too!" Most of the guest at the wedding looked on in shock but I ignored it because I expect this type of thing from my sister. Well the other night, we were going out dancing and drinking on a girls night out. She has often mentioned to me that she always feels she has to "step up her game" whenever she is going out with me. I don't like this vibe i'm getting as if I am upstaging her. I always look the same when we go out. I typically wear jeans, a tank top, and a nice pair of comfy shoes. I don't wear lots of make-up (just light eye-shadow, mascara and gloss) and my hair cut has been the same boring cut i've worn for years. Nothing extravagant about me but she always pouts and jokingly gets angry that i'm going to be the prettiest girl in the place! Last night, we were at the supermarket getting a few things so that we can have a sisters movie night at home. Well while we were in the store, she was noticing all the good looking guys and trying to get their attention. She was looking really pretty in her jeans and top. Her hair was flawless. I, on the other hand had my hair pulled back into a very messy ponytail (we had been out on the boat and my hair had gotten wet and puffy) and I was wearing on oversized t-shirt and tights and was looking horrible! As we were leaving the store she started having a conversation with a gentleman while I stood to the side waiting for her. They exchanged numbers and we went home to enjoy our evening. Well this morning she called me and stated, "The guy hasn't called me yet but truthfully, I think he was more interested in you!" She told me that while she stood talking to him, he kept looking at me and then she kind of abruptly ended the call. I felt horrible! I never noticed this guy looking at me and I don't like feeling as if my sister is jealous of me but i'm beginning to feel it's true. Truthfully, when I was a teen, she stole several of my boyfriends, I never got mad at her about it because I wasn't sexually active and she was so she was more enticing than I was. She even attempted to come on to my husband (before we got married) and he told me about it. I have never mentioned to her that I know about all my ex's that she has slept with ( I found out thru my other sister or some of the guys told me after we became friends that my sister came on to them). I don't know how to handle this at all. I love my oldest sister dearly and ever since my baby sister died 3 years ago, we are trying to develop a tighter bond but we can't if she is always showing signs of jealousy. I don't know what to do?

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  • Same sex co-worker is obsessed with me...?

    I am a heterosexual, married female who is not at all attracted to the same sex. I have a good friend who is also married. She cheats very often with other men behind her husbands back. She has also made comments every now and then about how she is attracted to women. I don't judge her at all and I try not to get too involved in her personal life. Well over the past few weeks, we have had to work closely together on a project at work and it seems she was trying to get extra close to me and "mistakenly" brush her body against mine. The other day, another (male) co-worker confided in her that he thought that I was beautiful and she came back to me and told me and laughed it off but later that male co-worker came and told me that she told him that he could forget about me because I belong to her. Then on the same day, she made very vulgar comments about my female anatomy and what she would like to "do to me" and she also told me that she wanted to take me away from my husband. Mind you, I have been taking offense to it the entire time and telling her to stop with the sexual girl-on-girl comments and that I am completely straight. Today, she saw me walking and talking with another female co-worker and then later called and asked me why I was walking with her. She yelled and cursed at me telling me that I belonged to her and that she doesn't want me walking with any other male or female co-workers because it makes her jealous. I have hung out with this friend several times on weekends and she has never made me feel this threatened before. Now I am feeling like she is totally obsessed with me. She even leaves comments on my FaceBook wall telling me she loves me! I've had to delete them several times! I don't know what to do because recently, she was a really good friend that I enjoyed hanging out with and now she's acting like a psychopathic stalker! I want us to just be friends again without all the drama. Is it too far gone?

  • Weird question but...?

    I'm a bit perplexed and can't find answers. I don't grow armpit hair and I have no underarm odor even when I perspire. Is this a health concern? My husband always marvels at this and jokingly says I'm weird. Is this abnormal or is anyone else like this? Should I see a doctor? Could this cause problems in the future?

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  • The other day, I posted that my dog seems very needy lately...?

    AND, I took her to the vet this morning and she got a clean bill of health. I'm still worried though because on top of her being needy, she also has really strange eating habits right now. For a few days i've noticed that she refuses to eat from her bowl. It's a stainless steel food and water bowl set and she has been eating from it for about a year now. She will drink water from the water dish without a problem but she won't eat from the food dish. For the past few days she sniffs the food and cries as if she wants to eat it but she refuses. I have washed the bowl several times but she still won't budge! If I grab a handful of kibble and sit on the floor, she eats every drop from my hand as if she has never eaten before. I find this behavior so strange (read previous post) because even though I have been traveling for years on my same work schedule, she acts as if this is new to her. I just walked in from work (local work, i was home with her 8 hours ago) tonight and I noticed that she hasn't touched her food so I grabbed a handful and sat on the floor to let her eat from my hand and sure enough, she demolished the food as if she was starving!! If she is really THAT hungry, why won't she eat from the bowl. Its perfectly clean..?

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  • My dog seems very "needy" lately...?

    She is an 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier and although she is kind of spoiled, she has never been needy to this extreme. I travel a lot with my job which she should be used to and recently I returned home from a 15 day trip. She was home all the while with my husband. The day I returned home, I came in exhausted. I played with her for about an hour and then I ate and she and I took a long nap together on the sofa. That was about 5 days ago and now she is stuck to me like glue. If I go to the kitchen, she follows. When I sit on the sofa, she jumps on the rear part of the sofa and rests herself on my shoulder and scratches at my hand forcing me to rub her. It wouldn't seem so weird if she weren't doing the same thing to my husband. He has been home with her everyday and she is acting the same way with him. She stares in our faces all day. Jumps in our laps and if we put her on the floor, she jumps right back onto our lap. Why is she behaving this way suddenly. Our routines have been the same for years and my travel hasn't been any more frequent than usual. She is not in heat and I am not pregnant, BTW. What could cause this sudden change?

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  • I have an issue with my neighbor...?

    My neighbor is obsessed with cutting her own lawn although she has a husband, he does not cut the grass. The problem is that our front yards connect and there is no fence to separate our yards. My husband is meticulous about our lawn and every part of our yard looks absolutely green and gorgeous...except for the part that connects with her yard. She always cuts the grass super low (basically butchers it) and then she feels the need to cut our entire lawn on the left side of our house (thinking she's doing us a favor). It looks HORRIBLE! It's brown and has no shape. It's just flat and not very manicured. Also, everytime she cuts (which seems to be twice a week) she never cleans the excess grass off the sidewalk and our driveway. She leaves grass shavings everywhere! My husband gets so angry and wants to say something to her but I told him not to because it's inappropriate for a man to address another man's wife. Well now she's going thru a divorce and her husband hasn't been around for my husband to talk to him. I feel it's my place to address her but what should I say without offending her and bumping heads with my neighbor (i don't want any bad blood) but I don't know how to nicely say don't cut our lawn and clean up after yourself. What do I say?

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  • Who makes a really great BRA?

    I have worn Victorias Secret bras for several years but lately I've been unhappy with them. I have a Biofit that won't stay on my shoulders, a Secret Embrace that the clasp won't stay in hook. The 100 way bra that is just a mess! I need bras that are longer lasting and comfy and don't leave dark marks from underwires. Please help me. Real answers only please.

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  • Who makes a really great BRA?

    I have worn Victorias Secret bras for several years but lately I've been unhappy with them. I have a Biofit that won't stay on my shoulders, a Secret Embrace that the clasp won't stay in hook. The 100 way bra that is just a mess! I need bras that are longer lasting and comfy and don't leave dark marks from underwires. Please help me. Real answers only please.

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  • Dog watching for a friend. I have a dog of my own and...?

    My dog is house broken. The dog I'm sitting for is also housebroken but he is not spayed/neutered and he keeps "marking his territory" all over my home. He puts his leg up and so he's peeing on furniture, walls, my dogs toys and whenever I try to get him outside to do his business, he growls aggressively at me. If he does go out, he won't go to the grass but instead pees on the house, my Jacuzzi cover, my patio furniture! I only have him till Sunday and its too hot here to put him outdoors. I don't know what to do as a temporary resolution. Can anyone help?

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