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  • Oil spill in the gulf can't be stopped?

    Why can't you just set off some explosives to collapse the well? Maybe conventional explosives don't provide enough force but it seems like 1 or more nuclear devices would? I mean.. we have so many WMDs.. why not put them to some GOOD use? Why is the military not handling this?

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  • One thing I don't get in the new Star Trek movie?

    Okay, so I've watched the DVD like 20 times now. Obsessive, I know. But there is one part of the movie that I just can't understand. When Kirk's escape pod lands on Delta Vega and he finds Spock hanging out in the ice cave, they have a little chat and Spock tells Kirk that he needs to get back to the Enterprise. So they walk to the Federation outpost, and Scotty and a little green alien guy appear to be the only people at this particular facility. They never explain exactly what the purpose of the outpost is, just the fact that Scotty suspects he was assigned there as punishment, basically implying that there were some sort of questionable 'official orders' placing him there and requiring him to stay there. So why is it that after Spock (basically) sets up the transport, Scotty beams WITH Kirk to the Enterprise? I mean.. other than the obvious answers such as 'he didn't like it there on the icy planet' or 'he was really hungry'. Wouldn't he basically be abandoning his post? Wouldn't he then get in trouble for that by Starfleet? Its not like they wouldn't find out. It just seems strange and out-of-place to me that he would make such a bold and deliberate decision to invite himself along to the Enterprise without even asking anybody or anything. Maybe its just me..

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  • What's the deal with Amanda Knox?

    She's awfully smiley and happy looking for a girl who's on trial for murder?!

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  • Nikon D80 battery meter incorrect reading?

    I just bought a brand new Nikon D80 DSLR about a week ago. It came with a Nikon EN-EL3e battery and the Nikon MH-18a quick charger. I also have another (generic) battery that I purchased off eBay. I charged both batteries before they were put in the camera. I waited until the charge light stopped blinking on the charger which is supposed to mean that they are charged. And then I left them on the charger until they were cool to the touch (I read this was the best procedure). When I put them in the camera, one battery read 54% on the in-camera battery meter menu and the other battery read 52%.

    I used the camera and ran both batteries down to around 10%. Then I charged both batteries again. Now the generic battery reads 74% and the Nikon battery reads 53%.

    Any idea why 2 different brand new, fully charged batteries would not read 100% (or close to it)? I was thinking maybe they need to be charged a few more times to become "worn in"? Has anbody else experienced this problem?

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  • I ran over a rabbit. What should I do?

    It ran out in front of me and I hit it with my car before I could stop or avoid it. I don't have a gun or anything, so I went back with a shovel but it was already dead. I moved it out of the road and into the ditch. I feel really bad for the bunny. What can I do to feel better? I told it that I was sorry and that I didn't mean to hit it.

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  • Going on vacation... what should I store my medication in?

    We're going on vacation for 5 days and 4 nights and we're going to be doing a lot of travelling around (riding in a car) going to different places. I have several different medications that I must take with me and I am worried about them sitting in a bag in a hot car for too long and getting ruined. What can I put them in to keep them dark, cool, and dry (which I assume is the best way to keep most meds)?

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  • What do you think of my web site?

    No, its not spam or porn. Please check it out:

    I'd like to get some feedback on what I could improve, etc?

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  • What type of web site should I make?

    I am going to design 5 new web sites to put on the internet. I am curious what content people would like to see on them. I don't think I'm smart enough to set up a forum or anything like that, so they would mostly just be informational sites about certain topics with pictures, text, and maybe some animations / diagrams, etc . So what would you like to see me build a site about?

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  • Can police do whatever they want (#2)?

    Okay, so last night I'm driving along... I see this county police car come speeding up from behind going at least 65+ MPH in a 45 MPH zone, he cuts over into the left lane about 10 ft. from my rear bumper, cuts back into the right lane about 20 ft. in front of me, then slams on his brakes and makes a right hand turn (all with ZERO turn signals). THEN... he goes down that road to the right maybe... 500 yards, pulls a U-turn in the middle of the road, comes back up the road and turns right (again no signals of any kind). So now he's behind me again in the right lane and of course he gets over into the left lane again (with no signal) and then must have just floored it because he got up to like 70+ MPH easy. And so as he's speeding off, I flash my bright lights at him for about 2 seconds and then he flips on his red and blue lights for about 2 seconds and then back off, which seemed to me almost to say "I can do whatever I want". Don't the police have to obey normal traffic laws?

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  • Can police do whatever they want?

    Okay, so I deliver the local newspaper 3 nights a week. I say "nights" because its usually 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM in the morning and dark out when I work. An unfortunate side effect to this is that I often get pulled over by the local law enforcement basically because I am the only car on the road and they have nothing else to do. I have never commited any traffic violations while delivering the newspapers, but it is almost guaranteed that if I see a police car, I'm getting pulled over for some BS reason. Once they see that I am delivering newspapers, they say "okay, have a nice night", but my point is how can they just pull me over repeatedly when I'm not doing anything wrong?

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