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  • I love him, he loves me, but we cant be together... how can I deal with the pain?


    I have a guy who Loved me truly, madly and deeply, & I'm in love with him in just the same way. But our social situation makes it impossible for us to be together, so he broke up with me. He explained to me why we have to let this go, but...

    I still love him and he still loves me. I would be the happiest woman in the world if we could be together, and he would be the happiest guy... but it cannot be... he's right when he explained that our social situation doesn't allow us to be together... I understand... and accept that we can never be...

    but the pain is just unbearable... I know this is just as painful for him as it is for me... Even now I'm crying so much that I can barely read what I;m typing here... I loved him with all my heart, and all my soul... and he was my first love ... he never hurt me in any way... he wants me to have a good life... even if it is without him... he gave me the love I was dreaming to have all my life... he is also a guy i have to work with at work... every single day... how do you get over a love like that...

    please help...

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  • how do you create a bird with flappable wings and realistic feathers in 3d max?

    If you know a specific website tutorial where I can learn, that would also be alright.... :-) Thank you

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  • Hey guys, do you think this is true?

    I am single, and OK with that. I asked a friend what it was like to have a boyfriend. She said that its the worst yet most important part of a girls life. She said that guys are all egotistical, hate women who have minds of their own, And want to be babysitted by the girls (=maidservants) they love, And they vehemently want domination over women. But, she said, A girl needs a guy, without one her life is incomplete. How can that be?

    I am confused. If guys are that bad, I'm definitely happy with my incomplete life! (besides, I've never felt that I absolutely need a guy in my life) But is this true? Are guys really that bad?

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  • Need help with ebay?

    1. how can I use ebay to sell stuff (say sarees) every now and then? do I need to do it regularly?

    2. Do I need to have an online credit card to use ebay?

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  • Know any websites to watch ballet?

    i need to see classical ballet clips

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  • what do I do to check whether my e-mail account is up and running?question?

    I set up an email account through a connection wizard. Its the first time I got an email account.But a little while later, when I tried to sign into it I was denied access. The reason they told was that either I had entered my information wrong (but I typed in the correct information) or that someone else had already tried to use it. they say that my account is delayed for some time

    How long do you think will the delay last? I need my email account but I'm not even sure that it is up and running, A website told me that it had sent me an email. Is that a sure way of knowing that my account exists?

    many many many thanks if you will help me with this burning question.

    -Thank you

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