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  • late period. pregnancy or menopause?

    My cycle has always been very regular. Now I am 7 days late. took a HPT at 2 days after i missed my period, and it was negative. the test was about 2 years old, but the line to show the test worked was fine. I am 40 years old with infertility issues. Have had flu like symptoms on day 3 &4 after missed period. could i still be pregnant or is it menopause?

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  • how long till normal cycles AFTER clomid?

    I was on clomid for 3 months without results(100 mg). now this is my first month after use, and am waiting on my cycle to start additional fertility testing. My cycle was always 25 days before taking the clomid. I am currently on day 29 of my cycle with af nowhere in sight. took a hpt and it was a very definate neg. How long will it take for my cycles to return to normal? Or will they ever go back to normal? Any answers appreciated.

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  • Any success stories within 3 months on clomid?

    We have been ttc for about 6 years. I recently went to my ob/gyn and he put me on 100 mg clomid. He gave me a higher dose, and only gave me 3 months to conceive before ivf due to my age (I am 37). I just finished my first round and I had an LH surge so I think I ovulated. I don't feel any different, and had no side effects. I didn't have any known fertility problem, and my cycle length is extremely regular (25 days, LH surge on day 11), I just never seem to conceive.

    Anyone in the same situation have any luck conceiving with clomid?

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  • opposites attract, or birds of a feather?

    I am curious as to what others opinions are. A few months back, I met a fellow online (yea I know, not the best place to meet men). We have been writing back and forth since then every day. I usually date men who are a lot like me. This guy isn't. He is my total and complete opposite. We are both fairly open minded people who are willing to try new things, but he is a strong type A personality, and I am not. I have found that getting to know him has been so much fun, as every experience he has had has been totally different than me. So my question is, can the whole "opposites attract" thing work in the long run? He had recently been talking of meeting in person, and possibly becoming more than friends. Can it possibly work? What is your opinion on it?

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  • Crohn's Disease information please?

    Here is my problem. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I am having problems getting it under control. I have read everything I can find online about the disease, and have taken every medication prescribed by my doctor, exactly as ordered. I eat constantly, and drink 3 ensures a day. Everything I eat is chosen for its nutritional value. I am still losing weight. I have lost approximately 40 lbs since the beginning of the flare up, and continue to lose between 2-3 lbs per week. I have now found that I have lost an additional 2 1/2 lbs over the past 24 hours. I cannot increase my sugar intake due to hypoglycemia. I am fortunate that I could afford the weight loss, but it is now becoming a concern. Does anyone familiar with this disease have ANY suggestions about how to get the disease under control, or how to stop the weight loss? I figure my caloric intake is about 4000 calories a day, and I cannot possibly eat any additional food. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  • men only please?

    My male friend and I have always had a relaxed dating relationship. Lately he has become more posessive. He has also attempted intimacy without protection, and has begun talking about children. He recently took me to one of his friends houses and insisted on showing me their 8 month old daughter. He has also expressed concern to several of my friends when other men talk to me. Is he falling in love? Or getting attached? We agreed in the beginning to a casual dating relationship. Is he trying to change it? I am so confused. He has a very busy schedual, and I only see him once or twice a week. He use to call me a few times a week, but now hes calling me or texting me at least every other day. Whats up with him????

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