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  • How do I stop "critical updates" trying to install Conduit's Search Protect?

    I have Windows 8.1, and I keep on getting these windows upon start up which say: "Warning - Important Software Update" and then proceed to ask me to install the malware program known as Search Protect from Conduit. Every time I hit "decline", the same warning will eventually show up later. How do I stop these?

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  • Every time I try to upload a picture to Facebook from Chrome I get an error. How do I fix this?

    When click the picture button in the "Update Status" box, the box where the picture should be displayed simply says "Error" and then fades. The very same pictures can be uploaded on Explorer and Firefox, just not Chrome.

    I believe the problem is related to Adobe Flash, but I've tried toying around with my Flash settings in Chrome via chrome://pluggins, but nothing seems to work. Any advice on how I could fix this?

    I tried to post an image of what this looks like but it seems that Yahoo Answers uses a similar uploading system to Chrome and I couldn't upload ANY images to it either.

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  • Who won the debate: Bill Nye or Ken Ham?

    I personally think Bill Nye did better, but I am rather biased because I am an atheist and had already been convinced far more so in evolution than creationism.

    Thus, I would like to spread it out to everyone else, creationists, theists, believers in evolution, and non-theists alike. Who won?

    Don't just judge their arguments based on who you think is right, but overall who you think preformed better and brought up more interesting points in the debate. You don't necessarily have to agree with them.

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  • Does the existence of God need to be disproven?

    Before the answers come in, please do not get angry over anything, I am simply trying to examine a point. This examines the concept of existence being confirmed through evidence rather than faith, and the faith concept is not something I wish to touch on.

    The traditional argument goes like this: "God cannot be proven, but God can also not be disproven."

    I see a problem with this logic, as it suggests that things can be disproven before proof has been established for them. It's the idea that something can be reasoned with if principles for it have not yet been established.

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

    I have just invented a creature called the Jiopomer. It has the face of a hippo, the legs of a cheetah, the tail of a donkey, and the torso of an ostrich. Such a creature sounds ridiculous, and proof for is does not exist, but neither does disproof.

    The obviously fictional Jiopomer cannot be proven or disproven just as God cannot be proven or disproven. Does that mean that we must accept both as being in a state of practical limbo, or should we simply affirm that something which has not yet been proven does not need to be disproven?

    Once again, I am trying to bring up the question of practical evidence of a God, and not whether Goid is confirmed via faith.

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  • To all who believe in a greater power: Does this belief comfort you or scare you? Why?

    Personally, I am an atheist but I can curious as the mindset of the faithful and am trying to encourage open discussion without turning things into a flame war.

    Personally, I would feel discomforted would there be a greater power because it would mean that I am constantly being watched and judged by standards other than my own on everything that I do or even think.

    However, I can see how others might be comforted by the idea of something to watch over the world and make it good and send them to a pleasurable afterlife following their deaths.

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  • How can I dedicate more video memory?

    I have a laptop with the Nvidia Geforce 635M on it. When I check its settings on the Nvidia control panel, it says that the graphics card has 4095MB total available graphics memory, however there is only 2047MB dedicated video memory. Is there a possible way to dedicate more in order to get better performance out of my graphics card?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons7 years ago
  • I am beginning to think of myself as apart from the human race. Is this a bad thing?

    Honestly, I don't feel bad or depressed, it's simply how I think. I constantly imagine myself as being on a different level of thought from those around me who are simply "ordinary" humans. This may be a result of me feeling mental isolation from being ahead of my age group in terms of thought, but I still find a select group of friends to be like me, different yet more comparable to humans. I constantly see all of these dumb thing online, and in the news, and in school, and just constantly wonder how it is that people can be so stupid. For me it lies in the favoring of religion over science, the lack of care given to things that matter and instead giving that care to meaningless things. Gullibility, black and white ideals, random prejudice, etc. It just constantly makes me think that since I am rational in my thinking, I am different from the rest of the human race in a different way. I find myself to be one of the few people I know who are honestly indifferent to the opinions of others, yet people still admire me for reasons unknown. This doesn't mean I don't help people; I enjoy helping people, but am not willing to change for them. It isn't as if I don't understand people, either; on the contrary, I constantly find people easy to read, I can constantly tell their reasons behind doing what they do or saying what they say, and I can usually guess a person's ideals, thoughts and nature correctly after barely knowing them. I also can't help but feel I am treated like an idiot by far too many people. It isn't as if they treat me as I am unintelligent, in fact, many of them often admit my intellect. It's just that they treat me as if I have a mental illness and can not understand how to be social. This is confusing to me as I am an extrovert (mbti test scored ENTJ), although just barely, and I usually understand the subject better than the person explaining it. I often find myself frustrated at just how slow and incompetent my teachers make my lessons, despite the fact that I am supposed to be in one of the best public school systems in the US. Don't think of me as arrogant for writing this; I know that I know nothing in comparison with all there is to know, and that I am an idiot when put against the universe (and multiverse), but I still find myself completely separate from the rest of my species. Any advise?

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  • I feel guilt towards inanimate objects. Is there something wrong with me?

    It happens often when I replace a possession I have had for a long time. For example, today I replaced my hat but feel I need the old one in my room and in sight and feel guilty about not wearing it anymore. I have trouble getting rid of things occasionally, though I am not a hoarder and am usually able to discard such things. I still sleep with stuffed animals on my bed despite the fact that I am 14 now because I don't want to betray them and I refuse to give my Pokmeon cards to my brother since they feel special and after having worked so hard to collect them I don't want to get rid of them. When something of mine breaks I feel upset, sometimes to the extent as if a far distant relative of mine had passed away. Is this normal? Do I have some sort of problem?

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  • Which is better, AMD Radeon HD 6550 (2 GB) or GeForce GT 425M (2 GB)?

    I am looking into a better graphics card for my HP Touchsmart 610-1250xt. I contacted HP asking if it was possible to upgrade the graphics card for this computer, and they gave me a list of compatible cards. These were the top two. I will be using this computer for gaming as well as video and image editing. Which should I buy?

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  • Advice for Red and Bloody Knuckles?

    My knuckles have become red, rough and have bled a bit. Does anyone know how I can treat them?

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  • Far Cry 3 Worth the Buy?

    I just ordered the game for $55 and am wondering if I made a smart choice.

    7 AnswersNewborn & Baby8 years ago