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  • Why do you really think people cheat?

    I have cheated on all my serious boyfriends. I am ashamed to say that. But I have. I haven't had the greatest relationships but I've really tried at them all. I have other issues as to why I think I do it. I was abandoned by my father twice in my life. When I was little and when I was about 10 when he adpoted a daughter. It was like I never exsisted. And I still don't to this day 17 years later. I feel like I do it because I have this urge to hurt the man before he gets a chance to hurt me. ****** up I know but I really don't know....and I think it's to get the attention that I feel I need and am not getting from them. But I know one thing....all the people that think once a cheater always a cheater....I WILL prove you all VERY wrong. I've learned a lesson that I will carry with me and strive to make myself better from it.

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  • How do I fix a 3-year relationship filled with lies, betrayal, infidelity, pain & arguing?

    We know we still love each other very much even after everything that has happened. We want to fix it but how? How can you fix that? Is it even possible? Please if you know how GOD please tell me!

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  • Ok, I would love to see who remembers this show besides me and my husband!?

    Get was on TV Land for a long time. I grew up watching it on Nick at Nite and used to get in trouble staying up late just to watch it! I'm so excited now that they have the first season out on DVD now FINALLY!!!!

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  • I am looking for a specific picture from House, M.D. Does anyone know where I can get it?

    I'm looking for the one where he's close up and it's a white background with all the pill bottles behind him. I LOVE that picture and want to set it as my desktop but can't seem to find one big enough. Please help!!!

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  • What if I can't be found to be subpeonaed? Will they go to another state to subpeona me? Please help.?

    I live in AZ and am looking at getting subpeonaed for a case where I am a witness but do not and will not testify. Will they go to another state to serve me? Or can they? And how hard will they try if they do? Please, serious answers only. This is not a laughing matter to me at all. Thanks.

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  • I need help. Someone close to me is in jail for something they didn't do. How do I get him out?

    He's in jail for sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with the intent to kill. None of it is true. We've tried to tell the police this but they won't listen. His trial starts in March sometime. The person that accused him even told the police that she was lying and they still won't let him out. What is wrong with this picture!? They want to keep an innocent man in jail to eat moldy food and get sick all the time and have to worry about his own safety. He doesn't get hot showers or even warm ones. It is absolutely inhumane how they are treated. They are humans not animals. I wouldn't even treat a dog that bad. And you don't realize how bad they are treated until someone you love is in there. It's an outrage! We all just want him out. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to give them to me. They are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • If you have a D.V. criminal record, will it prevent you from going to nursing school?

    I live in AZ right now but am thinking of moving to CA in a few months. I just wanted to know if my record would affect me getting into nursing school since it is my dream. I've also thought about becoming a Criminologist as well. I just don't want to waste time pursuing something that I love to find out that I won't be able to do it. If anyone knows anything please let me know! Thanks!

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  • How can you be in love with one person but have strong feelings for another one?

    I know without a doubt that I am in love with this person because we are getting married and everything but I do have very strong feelings for someone else. What should I do? I always follow my heart but my heart is failing me this time.

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