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I am an Army wife and mother of two young boys. My family lives near Nashville but we are still Texans at heart. I am a Future Director with Mary Kay and love it! I have previous experience as a nonprofit Executive Director as well as PR, marketing, etc. But, this is the best job I've ever had. If you want more information on the opportunity, please email me! I offer 1st time customers 25% off on the entire order, so please visit my website: Have a great day!

  • Where can I find design ideas for a tattoo?

    I want a small tattoo on my ring finger and another one on my lower back (probably on one side, below my waistline). I just don't know what designs I would like. I want something that means something to me. I am VERY happily married and want something on my ring finger having to do with being married or love, etc. On my lower back I am not sure at all. I do know I don't want just a flower or just a heart or something. I want something of significance. Any ideas on what to do or wear I can look online for designs?

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  • Where can I find an inexpensive or free website for my business?

    I currently sell for a large cosmetics/skincare company and am provided with an excellent website for product viewing, company info and shopping. However, I cannot change any of the website content. I am interested in starting a website that would show my current promotions, discounts, sales, and other information. I want to link it to my company-provided website for shopping (it accepts all credit cards so I wouldn't want to ignore it!). I have a lot of professional experience with website layout and design, so I am not concerned with inputting the content. Ideas please on good places to start for cheap or free websites. Input from other 'ThinkPink' girls would be great, too. Thanks!

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  • I already sell cosmetics/skincare, but want to sell something else?

    Ideas please! I sell a skincare/cosmetics brand already, and love it, but would like to sell another item that is not similar. I was thinking about pampered chef? I am good with sales and enjoy it, so working hard won't be an issue. I would also like to hear about things that didn't work or were a scam. Please be polite!

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  • How do I advertise my sale??

    For the month of January, I am having a sale that involves up to 50% discounts. I want to reach new customers with this sale, but don't really know the best way to advertise. I sell Mary Kay. I live in Tennessee and can't do much newspaper advertising (Mary Kay is very strict on types of advertising you can do). Any ideas would be great!!!

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