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  • anyone from Seoul?? is Coex is good hotel to stay?

    shopping & i afraid of cold....dun wanna go outdoor much. is there really a hugh mall attached w/ the intercon coex hotel??? convenience?? good local restaurant aside?

    5 AnswersKorea1 decade ago
  • choosing hotel in Seoul / anyone help?

    my company gave me 3 hotels to choose.....the Coex / Shilla / JW Marriott in Seoul. which one newer? which one better & more convenience?? explain in details plz??? thanks!!

    4 AnswersKorea1 decade ago
  • Holiday Inn Darling Harbour / good?

    hi, i m flying to SYD end of Apr. may i know what's the weather like by that time? autumn time? temp.?

    n i've picked the holidayy inn darling harbour. is it a nice convenience htl?

    2 AnswersSydney1 decade ago