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  • i'm dying my hair... pick the best color option?

    okay. so i'm fairly dark skinned (half carriben, half white), have dark brown eyes, and black hair with natural dark red/mahogany highlights. I really want to dye my hair this summer, and although my parents wont be pleased, they wont really get that mad, so I could do pretty much anything. Right now, i dyed a small streak above my right ear silver-ish,iceblue-ish, and it looks really good. I cant decide if i want to dye my whole bottom layer silver or not, i know it sounds really weird, but it's actually really cool looking, and unlike the other people my age (btw, i'm 15), It doesnt really make me look like an old lady because it has some blue tint to make it a little different. So, i think i'm going to either dye my entire bottom layer silveryblue OR i might dye my whole head a light brunette-ish color, with bright (blue,hot pink, orange.. something bright) bangs (i have thick straight across bangs which i'm going to wisp at the ends), which would you go with? and any other suggestions?

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  • I need a song for school?

    there is a musical talent show at my school in december, and I already signed up. I am a pretty good (don't mean to b rude, but i've been to all-state, and i was ranked 3rd for my age group) singer,a lower soprano, and i was wondering if anyone had heard any good songs that aren't that popular.

    I have an okay voice range - i have about the same range as colbie calliet - i can sing all of her songs comfortably. Please SUGGEST SONGS!! ok - here are the 'rules'

    - im only in 8th grade, so no obscenity (if it's just one word, then ill just edit it)

    - it has to be APPROPRIATE! (case in point - britney spears is not allowed)

    - i like love songs, and maybe one of those?

    - i have to sing it solo, and i will either play piano/guitar along, of get the instramental versions

    <- here are a couple of songs i like, and also which one do you like best out of these?

    --- droplets, colbie calliet

    --- fallin for you - calliet, again

    --- breathe - taylor swift

    --- fall to pieces - avril lavigne

    --- MOST jojo songs - too little, too late - leave - without 'cha


    p.s. - any more ?'s or suggestions - email me -

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  • Help! 13 yr old crude diet?

    i am 13 yrs old, and i weigh 114 lbs. i am 5'3'', and i want an extreme diet of about 8-900 calories a day. I am NOT ana! I am vegaterian, and i would like it if ppl could give me meal ideas, e.g - 10 baby carrots, a 1/2 cup of milk, and a bottle of water. PLEASE NO HATERS! oh, and I don't like eggs by themselves. email me too @ -

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  • HELP!!! Halloween Coustume for 8th grader?

    I am in 8th grade, and my friend's bar mitsvah is on halloween this year, and there is a dance from 9 to 12 and you have to wear a coustume. I want to do something really fun, cool , and NOT SLUTTY! and i has to be reasonably priced. Any suggestions? I was thinking about a fallen angel - like a long lace dress and black stuff, or a dead girl (not quite sure how to do that, though) If you have some suggestions PLEASE answer!! THANKS!!

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  • I need Horse Shownames?

    I already have bought the horse, and here is a pic -

    he is a sweet connemara x arab x TB,

    i also just bought this one at an auction


    a sweet clydesdale x arab mare

    and I event at Prelim+ so it has to be catchy, and i would also love to hear what your horse's shownames.nicknames are.

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