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  • Why all the Hate of Adolf Hitler when the founders of the USA believed in the same principals and freedoms?

    So why all the hate about Hitler when the founders of the United States believed in and fought for the same freedoms that many Nazis gave their lives to try and bring to the whole world. The founders of the United States wanted to help bring in the New World Order of freedom and enlightenment. The pyramid symbol on the dollar bill symbolizes Satan's unfinished work on Humanity. The all seeing eye is the third eye or 6th chakra when opened and activated people have a much greater awareness of spirituality. The United States was going to be the New Atlantis or a land of great freedom and advancement. Washington DC is laid out in certain symbols that have power. Now Adolf Hitler also followed Satan and His Demons and fought to bring freedom and the natural order back to the world. Had he won and stomped out Jewish Degeneracy this world would be a Utopian paradise by now and all diseases would be curable and some of us would be immortal. Hitler was an Amazing and wonderful human being he is immortal right now. All white Aryans will have to burn a Bible when he returns and those that refuse to leave the Abrahamic religions behind will be separated into reeducation camps. Really if your Jewish and on here I want you to know Adolf Hitler along with the Founders of the United States live on and they will return to earth someday and make themselves known. The Holocost is Holocrap so let's cut the crap and work on a better world. Seig Heil

    see for more info.

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  • Why didn't the founders of the United States of America do more about the Jewish problem?

    Why didn't the founders do more about the Jewish problem. This is as good of time as ever to ask this but I have wondered for awhile. I know they were aware of it at least cause I have seen at least a couple quotes of course the Jews try to claim are discredited. Was that impossible in their time to do anything about or something. I personally think it's great the way they set up this country (I live in the USA) but it is not great what this country has turned into. I have just wondered about this ever since I learned the truth about Hitler and he openly tried to make people aware of the Jewish Problem. Why didn't our founders seem to try that. Or did they and it is covered up.

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  • Do you think you American Christians are the True Patriots?

    Well let me tell you something!!! Christianity is the same as Communism!!! It has no place in your life if you are a true American Patriot!!! Tell me Are you!! Or do you sympathize with China and North Korea? If you are a true patriot it is blood and soul above all NOT Jew on a stick then everything else! You can either be a patriot or a communist which one are you?

    You have to choose God or Country there is no God AND country. Will you renounce your ties to Christianity and be a true American Patriot. Will renounce liberalism Pedophillia Race Mixing Heroin and Cocaine use and drug addicted prostitutes.

    Ok now that you have listened to me visit for more info on how Christianity and Communism is the same sheite just a different liberal degenerate toilet. Yes Christianity is why we have all the things I asked you to renounce.

    Thanks and Satan Bless America

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  • Does Applebee's have security cameras in the dining area?

    I suspect a waitress stole 20 dollars while I was in the restroom. Is there anything I can do about this. Should I call and complain if there are no cameras I can't prove anything. This happened in the Applebee's in Lansing Michigan.

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  • Communism is basically the same as Mainstream religion it's just the state enforces it?

    So this is why I hope Atheists and Pagans and those of the more free religions can not be swayed and distracted by a few issues the Democrats try to put on the Table. The fact is Trump is doing a great job for our country and other Republicans are standing up for our freedoms in important ways as well. How is Communism similar to the whole God of the Bible thing. At literally every single talking point you will find the Bible in agreement with Communism. Who authored the Bible Jews. Who authored Communism Jews. Who do we never trust if we know what is good for us a Jew. Who owns almost all the liberal groups the liberal media and the Democrap party Jews. Ok you see my point. We must stand up and fight for American freedom and Patriotism and the White race above all not some Jew crucified on a cross and not a classless society controlled by the state. It's the same sheite different toilet.

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  • Jews are not white?

    They seek the extermination of all whites and the White and Jew are the exact polar opposite in everything if you notice. Jews don't have a culture they parasitize off everyone else.



    Thanks for Listening and have a nice day 😊

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  • Do we need to start sending some of the migrants home?

    I think we can make fair fair and look at the contributions of certain people if they never had a Job and commit crimes it's home they go (this is the majority of the migrants and illegals) if they did something good they can stay. This will plummit the crime rates in all cities and send the problem back to the countries trying to send it her and ensure a secure future for our white children while not being based on Racial discrimination.

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  • If you are White the Jews want you and your family dead or in a Gulag being worked to death and tortured in the worst possible ways?

    This is the truth Wake up America please read all of the proof is all here. Thank you Hitler for all you did for the world RIP

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  • I am going to tell everyone on here exactly what happened to planet Earth and why we are in the mess we are in?

    People who meditate and are spiritually aware very well may realize this cause they see what is going on with their own eyes but the goyim cattle who don't meditate at all may not realize this. Much of what you are told is lies many years ago our planet was a paradise our creator God's we're here and we were about to achieve immortality. Well some of the God's decided that they were Jealous of Satans creation humanity. So there was a revolt the Nordics that sided against humanity teamed up with the Reptillians and their Bio Robot slaves the greys and they attacked us. The God's we're outnumbered and over powered and forced to flee if they were to survive. So basically what happened is these reptillians put a barrior up or fake material only reality imposed over the earthly reality some who are psychic sense this and closed off all our chakras cutting us off from the spiritual. This only material dimension is not the way that earth works. Then the Reptillians set up a thoughtform of curses against humanity and created the Jewish race giving these Jews the keys to the thoughtform and the Torah. The Jews are part reptillians part human and we're programmed to be infiltraters and destroyers of civilization

    If you want to elevate yourself then please visit there is even reverse Torah Rituals on there that on an energetic level erase these curses against humanity and leave the Jews powerless slowly. If you want the truth please listen to what I am saying thanks.

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  • The free market is at fault for promoting suffering at home and around the world?

    Chinese people suffer because we choose and have the choice to buy cheap poorly made goods. Capitalism in itself does not promote freedom for the Chinese people. Buying Chinese made products makes you an accessory to child labor torture and rape. The free market also is at fault for college being nearly unaffordable for many Americans. The free market is at fault for buisnesses being able to pay far lower than what labor is worth making the pig CEOs fat and rich while the poor black men starve on the street and have to resort to crime to survive.

    Thus the free market is racist. Minorities are badly effected more so than anyone else.

    The free market is sexist since it allows women to be paid much less for the same work as a man.

    The free market is oppressive since it allows apartment managers to charge way more than market value.

    The free market is transphobic and homophobic enough said.

    Stand up and speak out make your voice heard.

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  • Will you be antiestablishment and non Conformist this election and vote for freedom?

    If you want to be cool then vote Trump send a big middle finger to the establishment man and send a message for peace love and most importantly freedom. Bring back the rebel within you this year feel like a kid in a candy box again and like check the box for trump and all the other Republicans on there then afterwards maybe spit at the establishment in your mind and go celebrate the victory you helped create.

    We know you can do it Trump Makes us cool fcuk the system power to the people.

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  • Why do so many catholic priests die of mysterious HIV like diseases?

    Do you think it's punishment for the rape of children. Thoughts?

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  • Protest for Democracy and Freedom World Wide?

    The Jews will soon be done for brothers and sisters. Let freedom and democracy reign world wide. Throw the Jew down the well so my people can be FREE!!!! Join the revolution brothers and sisters they can't stop freedom.

    We demand freedom!!! Down with the Jew media occupy Wallstreet.

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  • These same Jews that are screaming Antisemitism about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib?

    We're the same ones Hitler warned us about!!!!

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  • Spiritually speaking does anyone here still shop at wallfart and if so what ethical drivel do you use to try to justify it?

    It seems they are not ethical in any of the religions and they support communism and slave labor they do not have loyalty to the United States of America or our flag. Shopping here shames the sacrifices our military has made to keep this country free and our ancestors

    What ethical drivel do you teach your own mind to try and justify shopping here?

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  • To tell the truth about the Nazis?

    To tell the truth I thought Adolf Hitler was cool. I will follow the next person who wants a free and deep society free of all the abrahamic Corruption. If you want the truth ask Bael or Asteroth or any of the other God's. I stand with the God's and the system they want no matter what anyone thinks or does. I stand by freedom and will fight for freedom till the end of my life or till I meet another Satanist/Pagan who wants to advance with me. Power to the People and make love not war peace love and freedom and protest being told what to do. Seek freedom seek a deep society where you can be yourself I hope you all live to see the beautiful world we create.

    Hail Satan Hail Freedom

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  • Only Conformists vote for or support Democrats?

    Don't be co dependent. Your friends all say how Trump is like so uncool or racist or lame. Well then vote for trump. Trump makes us cool before its the in thing to do. It is cool to go against the Jews in the media. It is cool to rebel against the enemy system against the mainstream religions and against mainstream thinking. So please vote Trump. If you want to be a normie then vote Democrap. Your no better than a stupid normie Conformist if you do that.

    Be 2 cool 4 skool vote 4 Trump in da 2020 man!!!!

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  • Proof of Spirituality in a Scientific sense?

    Materialism does not explain everything in life.

    This is proof of something more to life.

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