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  • How can I make my facebook name JT, instead of Jt?

    Yeah because my name really is JT not Jt and that's what it says on my birth certificate. Facebook won't let me have it as JT, is there any way I can make it JT instead of Jt?

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  • My dog found a baby deer, it looks like the parents are gone?

    Okay so I was walking her through the woods like a I normally do and all of a sudden she runs off. I hear her barking ahead of me and run to see what she is doing, she is barking at a little baby dear. It could barely walk and looked completely helpless. There was no sign of its parents and it looked like it had been alone for awhile. But I didn't touch it just in case the parents did come back. We are going to check back again tomorrow to see if they did come back, if not we plan on taking it to a shelter ? Or something, I don't know. What do baby dears eat and if this is the case, where can we take it ?

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