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  • Results of fouling in 8-ball pool?

    I recently got a pool table and I was wondering about the rules of 8-ball.

    typically the rule is if you scratch or foul the ball is put behind the head string and cant hit a ball also behind the head string unless it first crosses the head string. this is how I grew up playing.

    I looked into it and it says on wpa-pool website that foul results in "ball in hand" and you can thus put the ball anywhere but then it says "in some games placement of the cue ball may be restricted to the area behind the head string" and doesnt specify which game types!

    So when do you have to place the ball behind the head string? Do you ever(besides breaking)? I cant seem to find an answer anywhere! Thanks!

    Also any other rule misconceptions that tend to be true with beginners would be nice. Thanks

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  • Is there a way to jailbreak my Ipod Touch without messing it up? (Full-proof)?

    I had a third gen a long time ago and I jail broke it with my brother. Can't remember which way I did it. Anyway, all I remember is apps started crashing for no reason and my whole iPod started crashing for no reason. All the functionalities of it were very laggy and therefore not really that useful. Ultimately it just made it worse. I lost that one. So now I am waiting for my 32 gig to arrive and want to know if I should jailbreak it. i would not have even thought about it if my friend didn't keep showing me the impressive features of his jailbroken IPhone. So now I just think maybe I messed up somewhere along the way. What is the best way to not only jail break it but also make sure that the things I download to it do more good than harm? Also what are the draw backs? I heard it takes up a lot of memory and processing, etc.

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  • Who do I start?

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  • Where should I go to college?

    Hey, I'm 17 heading into my senior year. I often get asked "where do you want to go to college?" and my answer has always bee Berkeley. Obviously, there is a high possibility of that not happening. I'm not exactly sure what my accumulative GPA is weighted, but my last 2 semesters I got a 4.25 and 4.41 and my SAT scores don't exactly match at 1980. So, with the possibility of getting denied from Berkeley in mind I need to know how to decide where to go to college. I was born in Berkeley, my father went there, and have always been a huge fan of their football program, so going to Berkeley was always the goal. I just don't know what criteria to use to determine where I should go if not Berkeley aside from solely academic rankings that I find online. Any suggestions on how to find a college that will keep me happy?

  • Learn New Chess Openings?

    Alright so just to be clear I am not asking for opening recommendations. I just want to know what you do as a 1300 who wants to know an opening better. I am currently trying to change my opening as white and I find it hard to find the theory behind moves. I look at master games and databases but it doesn't do me any good because often I question their moves. YouTube can be helpful but sometimes is just doesn't really help that much depending on the opening I am looking at. Furthermore, I don't want to just memorize lines, I want to know the reasons behind the moves so I can replicate because I think it is the best move and not cause I remember someone else saying it is the best move, if that makes sense. So where can I go to get a brief knowledge behind the plan and purpose of particular openings so I might find one that I like?

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  • Why are women typically smaller and weaker than men?

    Alright I am bot talking about why men biologically are stronger and larger. I am mainly looking at the evolutionary side to this question. Why would it possibly be advantageous for the existence of a species to have half of the population, in general, less able to hunt, defend themselves, etc.

    Any thoughts? Because I am stumped.

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  • Moto X storage space?

    So I am, finally, looking in to getting a smart phone. I was really intrigued by the Moto X. Love the way it looks, how customizable it is and everyone seems to have a good opinion on it. My only problem was music. Currently I have an I-pod touch(8 gigs) and a small little pantech phone. I did not have enough space on my I-pod for my music, so I bought an 16 gig SD for my pantech and it has worked well so far. But with my pantech quickly becoming useless, I want a way to hold all my music in one location. Obviously, having a phone, an I touch and another phone for music is out of the question. So is there enough storage on the Moto X to hold no more than 6-7 gigs of music.

    Also, it is my understanding that there is some sort of free 50 gig cloud system with google. If someone could explain that to me, that would be fantastic.

    Also, not a huge app junkie. Right now on my I-pod I have just a few basic ones, but I really would like the space to have a good dozen or so apps, even if they are mainly superfluous.

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  • How to raplace Jamaal Charles week 17?

    I have quite a few RBs. Vereen, Rashad Jennings, Reggie Bush, DeMarco Murray, and Jamaal Charles. I just wen to pick up Knile Davis and maybe might go for Joique Bell. I am up 38 points so I just want some safe consistent players. What do you think is my best option to play in a 2 RB standard league. I would probably like to play an RB at flex cause my WR are Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Andre Caldwell, and Gregg Jennings who I am trying to trade out for Cordarrelle Patterson. Really the only viable starts there are-Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson (Had welker before injury). anyway, what's your recommendation for a combination of this group with my rock Jamaal Charles being benched and Bush possibly losing his P.T. to Bell

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  • How do you feel about Nate Burleson?

    Alright so I have done some planning in advance for my fantasy league, and I have decided that I want Jordan Reed (TE) so that I can play him over Tony Gonzalez when Gonzalez meets the niners week 16 when Reed plays Dallas.

    The only problem is, I don't have enough space on my roster. My first thought was Burleson as I have Wes Welker, Andre Johnson, and Brandon Marshall. Unfortunately, neither Johnson nor Welker have very good match-ups that week, unlike Burleson who plays a bad Philadelphia secondary, with most of the coverage being put on Johnson.

    So my question is, should I drop Burleson now and pick up Reed while I still can, only to sit on the bench for a few weeks


    should I keep Burleson, play him week 14, or not, and drop Ravens D/ST after week 14, who I won't need anymore, and hope Reed still remains?

    P.S. Andre Johnson's matchup isn't so bad, agaionst the Jaguars. But Burleson has a great matchup, so the difference is big and this is for a spot in the finals

    3 AnswersFantasy Sports7 years ago
  • Can I learn turkish march?

    I have just been playing piano for 2 months now, in my piano class at school, an hour a day. I just learn The Entertainer, took about a week. I really love "Turkish March" and want to learn it desperately, but I would prefer to work my way up. So am I making normal progression or am I biting off a bit more than I can chew?

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  • How can I watch live Serie A?

    I have become a big Napoli fan. This is troublesome because I live in California and it is hard to watch their games LIVE. I've tried online and it doesn't work well for me. I guess my laptop sucks. I have DirecTV. If you know of anything PLEASE TELL ME! Or a better way to watch online...

    2 AnswersItalian Football (Soccer)7 years ago
  • Bands like the Squirrel Nut Zippers?

    I really love this band... but I am not really sure what genre of music they are and I don't really know any bands like them. Any help please. And genre would be nice as well.

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  • Should I start Roddy White week 2?

    Here is my team: (*=currently starting)

    Qb:Russel Wilson

    Matt Schaub*

    Rb:Ray Rice*

    Alfred Morris*

    DeMarco Murray*

    Le'Veon Bell

    Felix Jones

    Wr:Golden Tate*

    Santana Moss*

    Doug Baldwin*

    Danny Amendola

    Riley Cooper

    Sidney Rice

    Roddy White

    Te:Owen Daniels*

    Brandon Pettigrew

    D:Cowboys D*


    K:Garrett Hartley*

    Worth it? He really burned me last week. Any other suggestions?

    1 AnswerEtiquette7 years ago
  • Owen Daniels and Santana Moss for Steve Smith?

    I want a better receiver. There are 3 spots and I have Amendola, Roddy White, Golden Tate, Santana Moss, and Sidney Rice. My backup for Daniels is Pettigrew. Think I could get a better reciever for that value?

    3 AnswersFantasy Sports7 years ago
  • Who should I start between my recievers?

    Well I have 5 receivers who I think are very able (I'm in a 12 team)


    Roddy White

    Sidney Rice

    Golden Tate

    Santana Moss

    My QB is Russell Wilson. I have 3 receiving spots. The flex is taken by Demarco Murray. Obviously I expect to start Amendola and Roddy White. They are just a class above the rest. But between Sidney Rice, Tate and Moss I don't know who to start. It's a PPR and punt return and kick off return yards count. Also, would it be worth it to drop Amendola or White so I might rack up tons of points for pretty much every completed pass the Hawks get

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports7 years ago
  • How do you know if a player is good?

    Alright so transfer season is on the way, and I am pretty new to football(soccer). I am hearing alot of news about this player is going here or this player is coming here and I just don't know what to make of it. To be honest, I usually just check out Fifa ratings. Other than that, if it is a striker let's say, I can just kind of compare goals to shots and where how high they are for the division, and even this is a very imperfect way of judging a player. Not to mention defenders and midfielders. I find myself with a large lack of statistics required to adequately compare players. So do I just take Fifa's, or other ratings, words for it, or is there a way that you determine the ability of a player?

    4 AnswersOther - Soccer7 years ago
  • How to get to know your chess opening better?

    Hey I am pretty... inconsistent chess player. I have a "" account, and there I am ranked 1310. I usually fluctuate around 1300. Unfortunately, my opening theory is pretty weak. as black I typically play "The French Defense", and white I have pretty limited knowledge. but I would very much like to get better at my french. I was wondering if a full book on the matter would be excessive. How should I go about perfecting my French?

    5 AnswersBoard Games8 years ago
  • Not enough sleep before a track meet?

    I have pretty poor sleeping habits, if you could call it that. Its more like I am just bad at sleeping but I need alot of it to function. If go to bed past 11 and wake up at seven, Ilose all ability to pay attention. Unfortunately, I also wake up quite a bit in the middle of the night, especially with nights before track meets. So I am not asking if there is a way to stop it, I just want to know if there is anything I can do to counteract my sleep deprivation so it won't affect my race so much

    1 AnswerRunning8 years ago
  • Ultmate or Track& Field/Cross Country?

    I am a pretty good runner. Last year I ran as a freshman an run sub 5 (4:58) for my 1600. I am a pretty important part of my team, My parents like having a successful son and maybe scholarships and I like running and like being good at it. On the other hand I have Ultimate. I have very little knowledge of it. I have played it in school multiple times and with friends. I LOVE IT! My favorite sport I think. Fast paced. Lots of fast running and receiving. I am alright at it. I don't have much to gauge it on though.

    So, should my parents permit, I am considering ditching cross country for Ultimate. I am a less accomplished Cross Country runner. This year a s a Sophmore and a rookie, I ran 5th over all in Varsity for my league. It is a very easy league. The other top four were all from my school. The problem is that it really takes away from my times in track if I don't do Cross Country.

    Any Thoughts?

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