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  • What chance do you give the following teams to win a playoff game this season?





    Only one will even make the playoffs (the 49ers are currently 0-4 and the rest of the division just sucks monkey balls, for lack of a better phrase, despite each of them being 2-2), but which teams (if any) have a chance of winning a home game against a Wild Card?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • What's more surprising?

    Hurricanes - 4

    Wild - 3

    The Wild scored 3 goals and still lost the game. Which half of that is more surprising?

    2 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Thoughts on Whosyomomma?

    He sent Michael Silver a text message regarding the wild finish to the Bengals-Broncos game.

    "Of course I saw that they sorry *** lost ... Haven't seen it yet, but I heard bout it, good teams create luck bad teams lose."

    I, for one, thought it was funny. Of course, I don't really have love for the Bengals, but that's not what this question is about.

    1 AnswerFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • If Carlito "spits in the face of those who don't want to be cool"...?

    Why didn't he interrupt Freddie Prinze, Jr. before Randy Orton's glorious back/neck breaker and spit in Freddie's face?

    4 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Which MLB team has the most jerks on its active roster, and how many jerks does that team have?

    Additional Question: Which MLB team has the biggest jerk on its 25-man roster, and what makes him such a big jerk?

    For those of you who may be wondering why I would ask, it's after 3 A.M. here, and thoughts like this randomly enter my mind.

    10 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Top 10 Most Disliked Sports Figures?

    I put this question in the Basketball section because that sport is responsible for the highest percentage of sports figures on the list.

    Basketball - 40%

    Football - 30%

    Baseball - 20%

    Tennis - 10%

    11 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Megaman X Trivia (10 questions)?

    1. True or False. The Shotgun Ice is the best weapon to use against the spider in the first Sigma stage.

    2. Which weapon is the most important in getting through the second Sigma stage in Megaman X? (for a better chance at Best Answer, explain why this weapon is so valuable in this particular stage)

    3. Who are the X-Hunters?

    4. True or False. It's possible to defeat Agile in 1 hit at the North Pole. (for a better chance at Best Answer, explain how this is or is not possible)

    5. When fighting against Zero, what weapon is best to use?

    6. In Megaman X3, which chip is best to install in X's system? (for a better chance at Best Answer, explain where this chip is found)

    7. Regardless of whether you've destroyed Bit and/or Byte in the 8 Maverick stages, which special weapon (not the Z-Saber) is effective against either possible boss of the first Doppler stage?

    8. How do you give X the ability to use the Z-Saber in Megaman X3?

    9. Which of X's special weapons is best to use against the General of the Repliforce?

    10. Who created Zero?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Eric Young and Jimmy Rave?

    Will they become the new TNA Tag Team Champions before or at Destination X? Your reasons for your answer are every bit as important as the answer itself, so please add them.

    5 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Could the Main Event Mafia come to an end at Destination X?

    To my knowledge, Kevin Nash still has that staph infection, Sting and Kurt Angle are at each other's throats in a situation that is beyond repair, Scott Steiner could become the victim of a Samoa Joe attack at any time, and Booker T has to worry about possibly losing his TNA Legends Championship to A.J. Styles.

    11 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • If you could create an All-Jerk baseball team, what would be your lineup?

    3 OF required (LF, CF, and RF preferred)

    1-9 batting order required

    DH optional (if you choose not to add a DH, at least 1 pitcher is required)

    5-man rotation optional (but preferred)

    CP optional (but preferred)

    Computer permitting, I'll post mine at some point before the weekend.

    10 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Who do you want to win the Elimination Chamber matches at No Way Out?

    RAW already has their 6 competitors: John Cena (champion), Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Mike Knox, and Kane.

    SmackDown still has 2 open spots to accompany Edge, Undertaker, Triple H, and Big Show, so if none of them are working for you, feel free to add a SmackDown superstar of your choosing.

    12 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers have won Super Bowl XLIII?

    Wouldn't this be a good time for Sean McHugh to purchase a lottery ticket?

    2 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Oddest Playoff Scenario?

    It would clearly take some divine intervention, but how funny would it be if this scenario became reality?

    3 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Is Eric Young right or wrong?

    "The Cubs can't come back. They're done."

    I think he's right, and I'm hoping for a sweep.

    Your thoughts and opinions?

    7 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Best "Damn" Heat ever?

    If you saw the most recent Heat, which match did you enjoy best?

    If you didn't see it, which match are you most looking forward to seeing on

    Cody Rhodes vs. K.C. James

    Ron Simmons vs. Johnny Parisi

    Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. The Highlanders

    I won't spoil results for those of you who haven't seen the matches, but I will say it felt good to see Ron Simmons in action for the first time since that battle royal earlier this year.


    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Two questions about No Surrender title matches (see Additional Details)?

    1. If you could make Kurt Angle lose one TNA title, which one would it be?

    2. If you could make Kurt Angle keep one TNA title, which one would it be?

    I'll share my choices in a comment when I select the Best Answer.

    4 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Who had the worse time in the 20-Man Battle Royal, MVP or Matt Hardy?

    MVP tried to "play hero" and attack The Great Khali, only to get clocked by a big right hand that actually had me laughing until he fell into the corner. A few minutes later, he walked into a Side Effect by Matt Hardy. Not too long afterward, Matt eliminated him.

    Later in the Battle Royal, Matt tried attacking Khali from behind, only to receive a similar big right hand. Less than 10 seconds after Khali's first strike, he eliminated Matt with a big boot to the head.

    Personally, I think MVP's night was worse. Your thoughts?

    5 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Michael Cole's Worst Line Ever?

    I heard a horrible line out of his mouth during last night's SmackDown after JBL referred to The Great Khali as "Mr. Singh". Apparently Cole didn't pay enough attention to the fact that The Great Khali's name is Dalip Singh, so in his reply, he called JBL "Mr. Journalist".

    I'm sure that, in SmackDown's history, Cole has come up with worse lines. I'm looking for a horribly-wrong line and the storyline to which it was related. Thanks in advance.

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Batista vs. The Great Khali at the Great American Bash?

    With the exception of Batista's match at WrestleMania 23, I have never wanted to see him beaten worse in his WWE career.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    14 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago