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  • How ****** up is this ?

    So, there are a lot of things to say.

    First, I have a really bad sleep schedule. I stay awake for 24+ hours a day (a day for me is from when I get up and until when I get asleep, e.g. I get up at 12 AM on Monday and stay awake until 3 AM on Tuesday).

    Everyday I drink 1,5 Litres of Monster Energy instead of water, smoke around 16 - 20 cigarettes and just stay on the PC or play guitar.

    What would you suggest ? Cut the monster ? Lower the cigarettes ? Anything would be helpful. Thanks!

  • 16 year old smoker and Monster Energy Drink user?

    A year and a half ago I was lifting weights and lived an active life ... Until I started smoking , by the summer I was smoking HEAVY (I dont know how to explain it more accurate) , I was spending 2-4 hours in hookah bars but at that time I was still really active . When 2019 came I was still going at hookah bars and etc. 2-3 months later I got my own hookah and started smoking at home ( this meant I had to pay for tobacco ) and I didnt smoke for more than 2-3 hours a day 4 days a week . When it got to October I bought 2 kilograms of tobacco ( I'm still smoking the first kilo ) Since then I have been smoking 4-7 hours a day , even 3 or 4 days God knows how I got to a 9 hour session but in the middle of November I lower it back to around 2-3 hours a day ... How did this affect my health and would it affect my exercising and weight lifting ? ( Oh and yeah , I forgot to mention that I am drinking a monster a day , some days I go up to 2-3 Monsters and I feel like if I dont get a Monster I feel liike total ****)

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  • Smoking shisha (hookah) for 5-7 hours a day?

    I am 16 and I am smoking hookah every day for like 5-7 hours a day , staying all night playing games on the PC and I am wondering if this is REALLY harmful ... BTW I keep the window open if this changes something .

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care12 months ago
  • Attachment image


    So I tagged a person with a non-existing name on a photo in a page that the admin has to SEE THE TAG...

    Long story short ... I was screwing around with a friend and I tagged a student with a name that doesnt exist on FB and the teacher is the admin of the group ... she doesnt like me and she has to approve the tag can You tell me how and is it possible to remove a tag with a non existing name ??!? 

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  • Deodorant on my hair band - is it bad ?

    So I just showered I got anything ready ... but I sprayed Deodorant (STR8 Protect Xtreme) on my hair band , would it be bad to use the band on my hair or should I wash it ?

    2 AnswersHair1 year ago
  • Does this damage my speakers or subwoofer ?

    I got the Razer Leviathan 5.1 and on the second day I left it on for like 5 hours or less and did this 2 more days , for like 2 hours it left unused but ON and can this damage anything ??

    EXAMPLE: I get it on 01.03 I start it at 4 am and leave it on for like 7 hours , the PC turns of at like in the first 3 hours and the speakers and the subwoofer are left ON for smth like 4 more hours , thats repeating in the next 2 days , does this damage anytthing ??

  • Which phone is best to pick (Time , price , quality , comparison etc. )?

    So my phone broke (or someone did it) and I'm in search of new phone , I'm a Razer fan (most of my things are Razer) and the razer phone seems good and all but in my country Razer Phone is 500$ and Razer Phone 2 is 900$ what are the better parts in 2nd generation phone and are they worth it ( because I have to get some more money for it ) or samsung s10 its in the 600 $ variety ??

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Is it safe to touch the etherney cable wores and etc?

    So I took the cable off the pc (the other plug was still in the modem) and I took the top off and started fixing the wires (Green, Brown, White, Green and White, yello and maby other) they are with maby Cooper inside. So can this action cause anything to me... And the outer cable covered the wires and i took a knife and cut it so the wires could get exposed so I can put the in the top and plug it back

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware2 years ago
  • Are my headphones and the cable OK?

    I have Razer Thresher (Console Designed Headphones with 1 port/jack) and the cable is too short like the PC is >1foot away of me and the cable is almost taut and aways i turn arround (cuz always someone passes behind me , the living room is behind me) and the cable gets taut till the end and the headphones draw me back and whenever I sit on the PC I just make the nerveous check if everything is ok (like pushing the cable to get it not ripped , pushing the speakers and etc ) so can the cable get fcked up and when it gets that tight the headphones draw me back does the headphones tqake any damage (the speaker and the whole construction) ?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons2 years ago
  • Is it bad for my graphics card and my PC ?

    I just got my new PC (1060 6gb asus , case Segotep lux II) from a well known site and i started it and all the fans blinked and started up but then 2 of them stopped and didnt even start, Me and my friends tried to fix it and we oppened it up and checked if they are plugged correctly , my friend started wiggling his hand to try to pull the fans' wires and then the wires got out and his hand hit the graphics card case(not really hard like the poweer needed to clap with your hands) ( the thing with the fans ) and i am worried , there are no problems with the pc it gets 200 + fps on fortnite on epic-high settings but im still worried do you have andswers ??

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  • What makes my fingers shake?

    I was playing a game when i did a "tick" like i blinked and turned my eyes if you get what i mean and i suddenly shot a rocket in the game while i was doing the tock and now my hands are shacking and my feed a littlw when im flexing them what can it be im 14 and idk if its Parkinson ...

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • my computer has malwares and trojan - gen , pls help mee!!!?

    I tried to clean , remove , auto-clean , move in a cell and clean these things with Avast Antivirus but it didnt help , so if u can pls tell me antivirus which will help and clean the viruses , or how to remove them PLS PLS PLS!!!

    3 AnswersSecurity4 years ago