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  • How hard is it really, to become a U.S. Citizen?

    I am engaged to a wonderful man who happens to be Canadian, I am from the U.S. and he plans to move here as soon as things are in order.

    I know a few people who have done this but I never seem to get the same answer, I hear its very expensive, if this is true does anyone have an average on the price?

    I have looked into a few sites online and from what i gather it -seems- to be easier to apply for U.S. citizenship after marriage. Although I recently heard a story of a man who just now after 10 years, is receiving his citizenship, how is that possible, he entered as a college student possibly got a green card? (he has been married for 5 years out of those 10 to someone in the U.S.

    I apologize ahead of time if this is confusing just looking for some FACTUAL answers on the prices, the time it takes to receive citizenship, and if possible, the exact steps to take to get there.

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  • looking for this song title?

    oneee..youre like a dream come truee

    twoo..just want to be with youu

    three..oh girl its plain to see that youre the only one for mee andd

    four..repeat steps one through 3

    five..make you fall in love with mee

    thats all the lyrics i can remember to it..any guesses?

    (first one with correct answer gets best answer..etc..)

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  • how much would it cost...please help!?

    How much would it cost to get a flight From Denver's airport (Denver international airport) too Albany,NY (Albany international airport)?

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  • A movie....really bad

    This is the description a friend gave me he's been looking for this movie:

    These people buy these like mole things off this group of people and give them to their children and stuff. And their children take them in their hand and they sort of disappear and then they transform into creatures

    I know its a bad description but does anyone have a clue what the movie is called?

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  • Need names of band/singers?

    Hey can someone type up a short list of popular bands from 1-3 years ago? thanks in advance

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  • need name of song please?

    I don't really have much for you all to go on but i think the song starts out "when god made you he broke the mold, yea" lol thats all i remember i think it's a popular song from last year..any idea's?

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  • ok kind of a weird quesion..?

    Hey I have to do a paper for my English class and my paper is on cellphones so does anyone by any chance happen to know how many different types of cellphones verizon has?

    thanks so much!

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  • Why.........???

    why on all the wight loss things, do people say drink lots or water...but then they say the first thing you lose when you exercise IS water? wouldn't you want to stop drinking AS much? I mean i know you need water to keep yourself hydrated....but it just doesn't make sense.

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  • Please tell me the FASTEST way too lose 20 pounds!?

    Hey I'm a 16 year old girl and I always used to be 120 now I'm 134. I am not overweight and I can fit into most size small shirts, don't worry I'm not one of those people who will starve themselves if they get over a certain weight....the weight isn't really what matters. I've always wanted to have abs but could never get them and theres other area's that would just look better minus a couple of pounds, so can anyone suggest the FASTEST (yes I'm stressing fast..I'm not patient srry =P) way to lose 10-20lbs and to SEE my abs????


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  • what is the name of this singer?? plz help!!!?

    Hey...I have this song that i heard on the radio that i really REALLY like. A guys sings it he has kind of a weird name...i'm sorry i dont know the name of the guy or the song but it just came out a little while ago....the guy can hit these really high notes...does anyone know who I'm talking about?

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