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  • Can 4 month old swallow solid without choking?

    My boyfriend dropped a bead on my babys play blanket i put down... I later found it but he said it wasn't sitting there very Long but it scared me that she could of seen it picked it up and out it in her it blended with the blanket n we always are watching her ...she's not by herself very long ....I guess I'm looking for more of peace of mind that age could she see it good enough let along pick a small object up and make it to her mouth !?? If so could she swallow it without

    Choking consider she's never eaten anything besides breast milk? I need positive feedback I'm a first time mom and I worry about EVERYTHING!!

    2 AnswersNewborn & Baby8 years ago
  • I had 2 beers 2 hours later I drove you think I was ok?

    Drank two beers after I ate and waited almost 2 hours think

    I was ok to drive?

    7 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits8 years ago
  • Ocd post pardom is this normal ?

    I have post pardom and keep on being super paranoid about driving with my LO like if I'm scared that I'm close to the line I'll back off but I'll go back close to prove tO myself I wasn't that close or I hadn't gone over it ....then I get even more paranoid that I could've went over the line that time I usually check around me but sometimes 2nd guess to if I did check around me...anyone else feel this way or done this I need to get over the guilt and paranoid but can't And I'm breastfeeding so can't be on any meds please some reassuring words I putting myself in more danger by doing this or is something like this normal

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby8 years ago
  • When should u start my period after pregnancy?

    I breastfeed and haven't started my period's been 5 months!!! What the heck? I've always used protection....but I guess accidents happen but don't recall any accidents .... Is this normal or do I need to invest in a pregnancy test:/

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • I drank 2 months after having baby?

    I went out 2 months after I had my baby it was my girlfriends bday and my intention was not to get too drunk but it was my first time

    Out since ive had her and she was with her daddy for the night....when I got home I dnt really remember :( but I had picked her up :( and carried her from her bed to the couch (which her bed was next to the couch) after that tho I changed her diaper on the couch and her into her pjs on the couch being careful then my boyfriend laid her down .... She's 5 months now and I'm still feeling guilty I've had some post pardon so I feel guilty and can't really shake the feelings of guilt for really anything! Please give me some feedback.... Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't mean to drink too much and Im not a bad mother I'm all about my daughter but I need help

    4 AnswersNewborn & Baby8 years ago