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  • Does DBAN erase SSDs?

    It says on their website that it does not, however when I attempted it on my SSD (DoD Short), it ran for approx. 8 hours and told me it was a success.

    So does it ACTUALLY work, or does DBAN just say it doesn't so that you purchase their upgraded software?

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    What PC would you recommend for me?

    I'm looking for something that handles Windows 10 and can preform at a high speed, dual screen and can handle multiple tasks at a time without freezing every few seconds.

    I'm not really a gamer although I do sometimes play some of the modern game releases on occasion.

    Basically I just want a modern PC.

    I don't mind spending extra cash if its worth the price but I also don't want to get ripped off

    I attached a snip of my current computer Specs if you can give me some advice.

    Motherboard: ASUS A68HM-K

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  • What Graphics Card do I need (or would you recommend)?

    I know I posted this question earlier, but I thought I should provide updated information.

    Basically I'm not a gamer, I just need a dual screen option for business use, so a cheap graphics card would be fine

    However computers aren't my forte and I have no idea which type to buy and I also don't want to get ripped off.

    Can you help please?

    Motherboard: ASUS A68HM-KThis motherboard already has a VGA and DVI port, however the DVI port does not detect a different screen (even with adapter)The company I bought it from said I need a graphics card to have a dual screen?

    Is this true or are they ripping me off into buying more of their products?

    Alternatively it may just be the DVI port is broken?Please help

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  • How much do you really know about the Nazi ideology?

    Basically I like to educate myself on controversial subjects, so I've read Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto and other writing by political extremists, and from what I gather the Nazis actually achieved a whole lot more than people give them credit for.

    (I know this question will spark controversy, but don't you think its unfair that we only teach one side of history because we are afraid of offending people - I mean you don't have to agree with then, but c'mon) 

    For example I can see both the good an bad traits in people like Hitler or Lenin, do you agree when Napoleon said, "History is nothing more than a set of lies that have been agreed upon"?

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  • What Graphics Card do I need (or would you recommend)?

    Basically I'm not a gamer, I just need a dual screen option for business use, so a cheap graphics card would be fine

    However computers aren't my forte and I have no idea which type to buy and I also don't want to get ripped off.

    Can you help please?

    Motherboard: ASUS A68HM-K

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  • Politically, how open minded are you?

    Today almost everybody is a political fanatic, however has any of you ever sat down and reviewed your opponents opinion from their perspective?

    Recently I have started reading controversial books; books by Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx so I can understand their beliefs from their own perspective.

    I will study ideologies that go against my beliefs in order to expand my knowledge in case I overlook something.

    For example study socialism from a socialist perspective, or conservatism from a conservative perspective.

    Today many scientific studies are taboo just because their research isn't very "politically correct".

    Marcus Aurelius once said, "A wise man can entertain an idea without having to accept it".

    So would you take an hour of your day to study your opponents idea from their perspective (assuming they have intelligent reasons for having that belief and not emotional ones)?

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  • Who build the pyramids?

    Obviously the Egyptians, however I mean does anybody know the ethnic roots of those who actually build them?

    For example we know that the Arabs in Egypt today are not the same as those who build the pyramids, just as we know that the Italians living in Rome are not quite the same as the ancient Romans.

    I'm just curious is all.

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  • Do you think its disgraceful that ethnic studies are considered taboo?

    I see some years ago Nobel Prize winner, Professor James Watson, was let go of his position at university because his scientific findings were too "controversial".

    I mean lets address the pink elephant in the room.

    We all know that each race is different (both in appearance and in genetics)

    So why do all these liberals keep blocking science, hindering the advancement of mankind?

    I mean we study the different traits in various animals, dogs, horses, cattle etc.

    Why not in people?

    Especially knowing that each ethnic group has different volumes of Neanderthal DNA

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  • Why do so many Christians argue and contradict each other?

    I see them wanting to recruit new members, but they can't even get along with other Christians from different churches.

    Some Christians believe in the trinity, some don't.

    Some believe in hell, some don't.

    Some follow that practices of the Catholic Church, some are Protestant, Pentecostal, Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons etc

    I see Christians following idiots like Benny Hinn (The prosperity gospel), and others doing the opposite trying to live poor like Jesus did.

    My point being, Christians tend to form a culture of their own and them look for scriptures to support their already established belief.

    You can say ,"You follow the teaching of the Bible", but what does that mean when the Bible has been forever changing throughout history. (and before you say "No it hasn't", run a google search first)

    Why do you expect other people to join your faith when you can't even get your own house in order?

    (The same applied to Islam as well I suppose)...

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  • Do you seem to encounter an increasing number of "Keyboard Warriors" on answers Yahoo?

    I don't get it, I notice that when somebody asks a simple question (myself included), I get a response from anonymous profiles (possibly linked to one person who is still a virgin) w

    ith insults and sarcasm.

    I don't quite understand these people, is it the only way they know how to assert themselves?

    Because I find that these online trolls or, "keyboard warriors" tend to be quite cowardly in real life (Even in situations that aren't particularly intimidation in a confrontational sense)

    I was just curious to see if other users have noticed the trend.

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  • Are Total Liabilities on a balance sheet a summary of a companies TOTAL debt?

    Basically I am reading through the Intelligent Investor and it says you should find a companies TOTAL debt, but I'm not sure how to go about this

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    How to calculate a companies expected annual growth rate?

    Basically I have been using this time in lock down to study the stock-market by readings books like "The Intelligent Investor" and "How to Own the World".

    I've come across a formula by Benjamin Graham for assessing a company:

    Value = Current (Normal) Earnings x (8.5+2 x Expected Annual Growth Rate)

    Would somebody be able to break this down for me please?

    Investing3 months ago
  • Why do religious people cherry pick their beliefs?

    I'm not religious, I just hate ignorance of facts.

    I keep hearing about how God loves the sinner and hates the sin (which is actually a phrase coined by Gandhi and not Christ)

    I also see Muslims preach the peaceful verses of their Quran, while ignoring the torture and butchery put forward by Muhammad in their other scriptures in the Hadith.

    I find that with religious people, they adopt a culture which pleases them and afterwards look for scriptures to reinforce that culture they have already come to terms with.

    One example is Hosea 9:15:

    All their wickedness is in Gilgal: for there I hated them: for the wickedness of their doings I will drive them out of mine house, I will love them no more: all their princes are revolters.

    (Note when you assess it in its original Hebrew text the word "hate" means to either "detest or loath", not to "love less")

    If you really seek the truth as you say you do, why do you never leave your comfort zone and study the many scriptures out there other than the bible (You know in the new testament Jesus himself quotes certain scriptures which have then been removed from the bible for various reasons)

    I mean is religion a belief for you or a coping mechanism?

    Note: I expect to get dead-end answers here such as "Just follow the Bible, its approved by God", but maybe I'll get lucky and find a religious person who actually applied logic to their faith.

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  • How could I find the credit rating of a company? Where is the information? And do I have to pay for it?

    I'm trying to educate myself about the stock market while studying accounting and I'm trying to find reliable companies to assess, however where can I find there credit score, and do I have to pay for this?

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  • Is Lucifer the real God?

    When you think about it god made Adam and Eve, intending them to be ignorant who's only purpose was to worship him and pander to his ego. Lucifer made them aware of their surroundings, giving them knowledge, awareness and choice (without asking for anything in return).

    While if you don't worship god you are doomed to burn and suffer for eternity, where as Lucifer was willing to sacrifice his status and even himself to uphold what he believed to be the highest virtues.

    I mean, don't you ever apply common sense when reading the bible?

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  • How to calculate the annual growth rate of a stable company?

    Basically I am studying accounting and the stock market, but there seems to be lots of jargon and overlap regarding the matter. Is there a template or formula I can use to estimate the annual growth of a company (assuming its financial statement are stable)

    I keep hearing formulas like CAGR and AAGR etc.

    Could somebody give me some guidance on whats the best way to predict future growth?

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  • Can the Net Profit Margin go above 100%?

    Basically I may have found a US company who's Net Margin is 255%, but this makes me suspicious and I wonder is it possible for the Net Profit Margin to go above 100%?

    Basically their Net Income is :$114.973 / $44.914 (Revenue) x100 = 255.98%

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  • Is there a math based program to narrow down figures to a specific number?

    Basically I am bombarded by multiple figures on a spreadsheet and all these figures equate to one number (15122).

    So instead of spending ages on a calculator finding out which figures apply and don't, is there a software based program that will do this for me?

    1 AnswerMathematics7 months ago