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  • Tiana McIntosh u out ther?

    lol hey Ti! Wats up i couldnt find u in the sports thing so i tried this! add me :-)

    ♥ kal

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  • Waldorf School students!?

    i go 2 a waldorf school in oly, WA n i wanna c how many other waldorf kids r on here!

    if u dont no wat a waldorf school is, look it up!

    p.s. lol i just found out jennifer aniston went 2 waldorf :-D

    ♥ thx

    4 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • especially GUYS! help!?

    k well my ex n i only went out 4 about 6 months but we wer the first, kiss, first date, first gf/bf 4 each other. we'd known each other 4 about 6 years b4 tht and wer in a VERY small class (seriously, thers only 15 ppl in my grade uhg) anyway we broke up, idk, a few months ago i thnk. i was actually rly glad he broke up with me cuz i didnt wanna hurt his ego lol (id been hinting i wanted 2 brake up 4 a week or 2 n i was about 2 do it myself) wen we broke up we agrred 2 be friends. so after we broke up @ 1st he just ignored me and wuldnt even say 'hey' or pass me a pencil. it didnt bother me that much except 4 having 2 get up and get my own pencil or ask som1 els. then he started insulting me 4 no reason. then he flirted like CRAZY with my best friend, then he started insulting me AND flirting with my friends. once again, it didnt rly affect me except that he was distracting my friend so SHE wuldnt pass me a damn pencil either. now, he insults me, flirts with my friend a little then takes my stuff, passes me notes in class, calls me a slut cuz a latta other guys hav asked me out, insults the other guys, n then gives me pencils 4 no reason n then takes it b4 i can use it. IM SO CONFUSED! wats up with him?

    o n next year he's moving 2 canada and i'll probobly never see him again (im half way 2 saying 'thank god') shuld i bother trying 2 be nice and be friends with him? nothing he did affected me except him flirting with me again cuz im still attracted 2 him physically (cant help it he's hot even tho he's an ***)

    wat shuld i do???? thx guys, ♥ i rly want ur oppinions!

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  • when was the 'shot heard round the world' and where?

    thx a bunch i need this 4 skool n i keep finding different dates!

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  • Obama or McCain????????? (poll)?

    who do u want 2 b president? whether your old enough 2 vote or not.

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  • can anyone name this song?

    this song says:

    "so u think u a gangsta

    cuz u did time

    well ill tell u gangsta

    dont cross tha line!"

    i dont know who its by or the name but i really want to find it! does anyone know wat its called?

    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • What cool foods can you make for a Halloween party?

    Im having a halloween party and i wanna make some scary foods my friends will like. does anyone have any ideas?

    p.s. i don't want anything that's supposed to look like poop. :) thx!

    4 AnswersHalloween1 decade ago
  • what creepy foods can u make 4 halloween?

    i wanna make food 4 my halloween party, but i havnt thought of very much yet. i don't want 2 hav 2 blindfold them, i just want some snacks. anyone hav any good ideas? ...also, i dont want anything thats supposed 2 look like poop.


    1 AnswerHalloween1 decade ago
  • Who sings superbad, not the movie, the song?

    I'm looking for a song and I'm pretty sure the name is super bad, but when i look it up i just get a bunch of links to the movie! its really annoying! so maybe the song has a different name or something. does anyone know it?

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