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  • Is this monologue any good?


    I close my eyes and imagine his bronze hair, green piercing eyes, his lickable lips and his body…oh, dear God, his body. I need him beyond anything else… and I just knew. He was my soulmate and He is mine.

    His voice alone gives shiver down my spine.

    And you know the best part is? He is MINE.

    When Mama and I finally cornered him as he was heading for his car, Mama drugged him. Oh, my Mama agrees with me. Mama agrees with everything I want. And I want him. BECAUSE HE IS MINE. (beat and smiles) He looked so peaceful as he slept in my arms. And when he finally woke up, we were already in our wedding garments.

    BUT he tried to run away. Oh my sweet, oh my angel…he tried to run away. But why?

    WHY would he do that? ANSWER ME!

    HE IS MINE and mine alone! He should’ve known that when I killed his freaking dog for making too much noise. I even added his precious dog’s blood for the dead roses I sent for him.

    BUT what did he do? He changed his phone number when all I wanted was to hear his voice. I always called twenty times a day…but so what? He was mine. I had every right to do that. I sent him letters, flowers, gifts, my love. But his whore of an assistant threw it all out.

    I finished her off first. Like I do with everything that gets in my way.

    Doesn’t he know he’s mine and mine alone?! That If I can’t have him no one can?

    I said to him, as he was still struggling with the shackles, on what was entirely true: HE IS MINE.

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  • how to insert sim in a nokia n98 tv mobile?

    it's made in china... manual is in chinese characters... we can't find the sim slot

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  • Where can I watch this anime?

    Where can I watch Special A anime for free?

    I've tried but they don't have it?

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  • I need a good surname?

    I need you're help. I'm writing a story and I'm really hoping to find the perfect surname for my main protagonist. His first name is Cayden...


    sweet, intelligent, witty, quick-tempered, friendly and sometimes, kind of clumsy and he's funny when he wants to be. He's ironic and sarcastic.


    Will choose the best answer. Thanks guys!

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  • In the Book thief, Rudy only won 3 medals purposely, why did he?

    I was reading The Book Thief but I didn't understand that and The Jewish Fist fighter- Max, seems to know the reason but I'm too oblivious. Can you please explain? Why did Rudy purposely lost the fourth race?

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