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Originally from the Philippines. Have a BS degree in Mathematics & BSBA Accounting. Worked as an Accountant here in the USA. Have 2 children & now living with my son. I'm retired now, I enjoy gardening (big garden in my yard) and learning how to keep our body healthy (I know a # of proper diet plans & effective physical exercise). There's a need to make some money. So, we are creating a website, It's for garden stuff & a complete health system. Joined the 7 days ago and I'm now in Level 2. I'm excited to share my accumulated knowledge of 66 years. However, I'm very busy. I've a big garden to work on and a big website to do the necessary work. Now, I'm looking for partner companies to promote our website, and then we reciprocally promote their websites in ours. Willing to do whatever it takes. I'm thankful to for allowing us to help one another. Thanks again!