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  • When buying a House with no clear title?

    What does it mean when a house does not come with a "Clear Title", and there is "No Diligence"

    So far all we can find is that the house is unincorporated land and does not belong to a specific city.

    My daughter would like to purchase a home in a planned but not completed community, but it does not come with a clear title and has no diligence. The agent does not seem to know what this means and is trying to get my daughter to purchase an old fixer upper half the size instead.

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  • Neurological Question?

    I had my 1st MRI ever done on my brain, and had to pick up the results with the actual xrays, and the radiologist report states:

    encephalomalacic volume loss in left peripheral posterior parietal region extending anterior to the parietal lobe. Atypical Atrophy and development in the Left Parietal Region. seen in 9 separate frames.

    Could some one please explain in non-medical terms what this means so I am sure I understand what is wrong?

    Yes I will take the xrays to a Neurologist to have them explained in person, I just want to make sure I do understand what is being said.

    Thank you.

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  • Neurological Disorder?

    What neurologically would cause a bodies organs to stop functioning?

    I have had 4 TIA's in the last 2 years, my kidneys, lungs, heart and even skin are all stopping function. Seeing a disease specialist today, he stated that there is nothing wrong with my immune system, that it was abnormally strong and high and that my brain was misfiring and causing all these failures.

    I have been sick and unable to function for almost 2 years now, and warn out exhausted.

    I will be making an appointment with a neurologist Monday, but at this point have no idea what to expect.

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