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  • How can I get car insurance?

    I called one company and in order to get it I need my mother’s ID number but she is refusing to give it to me. Another place told me that if I were to go on someone else’s claim the car would have to be in their name to do it but it’s in my name. I really need this car to get to school and to work so I need to find a way around this.

    5 AnswersInsurance & Registration1 year ago
  • What should I name my school club?

    For some background:

    At my school we have a book club though they aren’t actively meeting and is poorly run. When I asked if I could take charge because I love the idea I was denied.

    I want to make my own book club with my own ideas implemented but our school doesn’t allow two of the same club. So, if anyone has any ideas, what are some other names that I could give it?

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors2 years ago
  • What is this type of bug?

    Every so often I find these small brown spiders in my room during the night and when you scare them they curl up into a ball. I have a window AC so I’ve always just assumed that’s where they’re getting in at. Anyways I want to know what they are (also because I’m pretty sure one just bit me).

    3 AnswersOther - Environment2 years ago
  • How do I get rid of tooth pain?

    I've been having these toothaces for awhile now but recently they have gotten worse. I've been to the dentist multiple time and each time they brushed it off as having sensitive teeth. I know that it's not that though because I get sever toothaces that last for hours. I've tried flushing my mouth with salt water and even used oral-gel and took some pain meds. None work all that well. The pain is in my back teeth and one of them even has a filling, but the doc said nothing was wrong with it.

    2 AnswersDental4 years ago
  • i have really bad pain in my teeth, how do i make it stop?

    sometimes i will get theses very unberible pains in my back teeth in my mouth. i have seen my dentist about it but he says it probably because i grind my teeth. I have tried a mouth gaurd , but they are uncofterable and dont help anyways.(sorry im not good at spelling)

    2 AnswersDental5 years ago
  • How old is grey?

    In the movie snowpiercer there is a character named Grey, and I wanted to know his age.

    1 AnswerMovies5 years ago
  • good free texting and calling apps?

    I've been trying to find an app for atleast 15 minutes now and everytime I find one they send a verification code to my cell phone which is turned off I need an app where it doesn't do that

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • Would it be ok if you just mix conditioner in with shampoo then put it in your hair?

    My hair is dyed and i know putting shampoo in fades the color. I would like to keep it in as long as possible.

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • I want to dye my tips purple, will i have to bleach it first?

    I have dirty blond hair.

    2 AnswersHair6 years ago