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  • Colonoscopy with severe problems with sedation. Is sedation necessary?

    I'm trying to decide if I need sedation with a Colonoscopy in light of the problems I had with Versed and Valium. One procedure I had Propofol which work fine, except afterwards the doctor told me that he had to stop the Valium and Versed because I almost stopped breathing and became unresponsive. I had a headache after the Propofol wore off but I'm not sure what caused that. Before that I never has just sedation. I had various medical procedures without any sedation, including wisdom teeth removal, and Barium Enemas, so I'm used to discomfort and pain if it doesn't last long.

    Given that must I endure the same risk of sedation for a Colonoscopy or could I deal with the discomfort and cramping knowing that the procedure will be successful and there will be no complications from the drugs?

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  • How painful is a colonoscopy without sedation?

    Background: I didn't scream or yell at all when my appendix burst, about a 7 on the pain scale, and in fact that was not the worst painful medical procedure ever. I am used to painful medical procedures like donating double red cells.

    I got a colonoscopy about 20 years ago and don't remember a thing due to the Versed. I was groggy for at least the full day of the procedure. I hated that feeling and I felt cheated.

    I really want to see my colon from the inside and remember it. I think it would be awesome! Will I be able a gastro to allow me to do this?

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  • Visiting Belfast as a mixed religion couple, is that safe?

    We want to visit Belfast. We are Americans. I am Catholic and my wife is Anglican but we refuse to talk about religion or local politics with strangers. Will it be safe for us to visit Belfast? Will we have to tell authorities or other people about religion or be forced to take sides? All we want to do is see Belfast, meet the people of Belfast, and mind our own business.

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  • Tree is attacking the house but wife says wait for a winter that never comes! Why do I have to wait?

    I have a tree near the house was a little overgrown this winter, if you can call it a winter, and now the tree threatens to take out the mounted CATV connection and grow on the roof. My wife says I have to wait to cut it in the winter, but the reason the tree is growing so fast is that we haven't have bitter cold weather since 2010 and thus no real winter. The tree is constantly budding, even through the so-called Winter. Will it hurt the tree to trim only the 2 branches causing the problem since it will likely not be subject to a harsh winter.

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  • We want to work and study in Edinburgh, UK; how do we do this?

    We are Americans. My wife wants to study at the University of Edinburgh. I want to work in IT and/or teaching IT in Edinburgh. How does she get a student visa and I get a work visa in the UK? Also how do I find a job in Edinburgh, which I heard is difficult?

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